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"Soft & Wet... When my bubbles pop, they take something away from you." - Josuke Higashikata (Higashikata Jōsuke, 東方 定助)


Soft & Wet, originally belonging to Josefumi Kujo, is the Stand of Josuke Higashikata, the main protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion.

Soft & Wet is a humanoid close-range Stand. It possesses enhanced strength, and is also capable of extremely rapid hand-to-hand combat. Soft & Wet's signature ability is to "steal something from [an object] and take it for itself, which works in conjunction with the bubbles. Soft & Wet can be extremely dangerous if used correctly. This Stand also has a shiny, Gold Soft & Wet.

This Stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a ~0.7% chance (A-Tier percentage) of obtaining it from a Stand Arrow. As for its shiny, there is a ~0.07% chance (S+ Tier percentage) of obtaining it.


Soft & Wet is a humanoid Stand of a streamlined, robotic form, and light in color. On the top of its head is a five-pointed star bound with a circle. Horns roughly two-thirds the width of its head grow from the region of the ears.

It has round eyes, shaped as slotted screw heads; vertically dividing very small, slight, round pupils. Its face has a thick gap running from the top of the forehead past the bottom of the chin. It has fine arms and legs, with dark, exposed ball-and-socket joints supported by short exterior cables.

As for its shiny, Gold Soft & Wet, its original white and purple color palette has been swapped out with a gold and green one instead, being streamlined with green lines over its limbs. On the top of its head is a five-pointed star bound with a circle and neon eyes.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
ORA Kicks
Soft & Wet unleashes a barrage of 21 kicks at a high speed dealing superior damage with every kick. This barrage is relatively short compared to other Stands. This locks opponents in place.
Superior Strength
5 damage per kick
6 seconds
Strong ORA Kick
Soft & Wet performs a back kick that does superior damage and high knockback. Ragdolls victims.
Superior Strength
42.5 damage
4 seconds
Plunder: Sight
Soft & Wet sends out a star-embedded bubble that steals the opponent's sight on contact and makes them completely blind for 8 seconds. When blinded, this leaves a chance to defeat them.
Moderate Damage
15 damage
19 seconds
Plunder: Moisture
Soft & Wet sends out a star-embedded bubble that on contact, steals the moisture within the opponent's body, which dehydrates them. This results in weakness, which slows the opponent down and reduces jump height.
Moderate Damage
15 damage
13 seconds
Soft & Wet: Bubble Trap
Soft & Wet sends out a Star-embedded bubble. When it hits, It traps and slightly raises the opponent, while also disabling their moveset. This effect lasts 10 seconds before being returned to normal.
Superior Damage
65 damage
30 seconds
Plunder: Friction
Soft & Wet sends out a large bubble that explodes after a short amount of time. The bubble removes the friction from the ground in a large area, making the ground slippery and making people in the area slide around. If the bubble contacts someone, it removes that person's friction as well, resulting in them being unable to stand up for a short amount of time. If you are near, you will trip, unless you are using Soft & Wet.
No Damage
45 seconds
Bubble Shield
Upon holding X, Soft & Wet moves closer to the user and creates a protective bubble around the user and the Stand. The blocking capability is comparable to Over Heaven Stands, and to balance it, you can only use it for 5 seconds at a time and it slows you down to a speed similar to Mr. President. Note: This block negates 95 percent of the damage.
No Damage
7 seconds
Bubble Glide
Upon pressing Z, Soft & Wet moves closer to the user and forms a bubble. The user now floats around with a speed boost, but can also move around in the air, effectively levitating due to the lower gravity. This can be cancelled by pressing Z a second time. You may use moves in this state.
No Damage
18.5 seconds

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge:

Soft & Wet, a close-medium range Stand, has a good amount of durability and a wide moveset. It can be used in a stealth ambush or a hand to hand 1v1. Your Z is something that can be good to use for speed or an escape. For example, Z to R or Z to E can make an easy hit, but with a long cool down. If you hit your F, that's an easy win. However, do notice that while your opponents are encased, you cannot hit them with your rush because you will miss completely. Your E and R are pretty strong if you want to escape safely; blocking fast while on the Bubble Glide. Not only can Soft & Wet be used as an excellent offense tool, but it can also be used as a Quick getaway by using Bubble Glide. It is a defensive tool as well, by using Bubble Shield and the Blinding Bubble, which could also be used as a getaway tool.


Soft & Wet has malleable uses in combat, you can easily be defensive and offensive in a battle at the same time using Z to gaining speed and H to cover the area while your other moves stay in cooldown. If you have enough mastery, you can win fights with a good amount of health left, like 78% or 98%. It's meant to wait for opponent actions like heavy punches or barrages just to counter it. A good aim is somewhat important for this Stand. (Projectiles are slow and its more effectively used at a close-medium range.) If you're bad at aiming, try playing a gun game. And yes, you can do Z - F. You can use it for combos, or use H to trip them and use F. T can be good for running away or an easy attack. Y can be good for an easy hit like it says. X is a very useful counterattack, as the X move has an over heaven block capacity, you can use X to make your foe's E or R move useless, then use your own attacks on them. The F move itself deals 65 damage, so if your R is still in cooldown, the F move can still kill most Stands that have red health in a 1v1.


  • Z + R + space (Makes you fly higher than ever)
  • H (Optional) + E + R + F + T + Y + E + R + T + E Very Hard
  • Z (if needed) + Y + E + R Basic and easy
  • R + F + Y Basic and Easy
  • H + Z + R + F + T Hard
  • Y + T + E + H + (wait) + F Medium
  • H + F + R + Y + T Medium
  • H + F + T + Y + E + R Medium
  • F + (Any Move) Easy
  • Z + X (land on any obstacle and jump) (press x twice) will make you fly higher.
  • Z + E(Optional) + R + (move forward to the person you kicked) + F (While they're ragdolled)
  • T + F + R Easy
  • Z(Optional) + Y/T + F + H + R Hard
  • Y + F + R Easy
  • Z + (Fly Up and get close to your opponent) + R (Use R Mid-Air, when you are directly above your opponent) +
  • H + F + T + R Easy (Remember that H will make your opponent completely stunned but they can roll/Stand jump, making an easy F hit, you may barrage after
  • Z (Forwards on the ground) + R + F + E
  • Z + R + F + E + R + T/Y Medium
  • E + (Spam H after E) (Allows user to move when using Plunder: Friction) Easy
  • Z + R + T + Y Medium
  • (but best combo if low) R+F+E+(click till cool down is over) Y+E+R Hard
  • T + R + Y + F + E Medium
  • R + Y + F + E + T + R Hard
  • R + E + R Easy
  • T + Y + R + Z + E 🔁 Medium

Pros and Cons


  • Good damage.
  • Good durability.
  • Good movement options.
  • Plenty of ranged options.
  • Good matchup against a lot of Stands.
  • Bubbles can hit players when you are right next to them, making them quite versatile.
  • Getting your F to hit can be an automatic win.
  • Godly block.


  • Slow startup on many moves.
  • Few melee attacks.
  • Short barrage.
  • Requires proper use of different bubbles to be used effectively.


Soft & Wet:

  • Voicelines: To play a voiceline, press N. S&W's voicelines are: "OK!", "When my bubbles pop, They take something away from you.'" and "Who are you?!".
  • The name "Soft & Wet" is a reference to the song Soft and Wet made by American songwriter Prince.
  • When you pose with Soft & Wet, small bubble particles appear around the Stand and the user.
  • If you use Bubble Glide and then any other attack, Soft & Wet defies all gravity and goes as high as it can until Bubble Glide is over.
  • Soft & Wet was featured in the Easter Egg Hunt as Soft & Scrambled.
  • Its punch and kick attacks feature a blue impact.
  • Soft & Wet's bubbles, for some reason, can damage NPCs.
  • You can still attack while using Bubble Glide.
  • Soft & Wet is the only Part 8 Stand in-game.

Gold Soft & Wet: