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"The country? The skies? You can have them. I’m busy just protecting what’s right in front of me. I don’t know what’ll happen to me in the future, but if something has fallen at my feet, then the least I can do is pick it up." - Silver Soul (銀魂, Gintama)


[PASSIVE A] - White Demon

All attacks are not able to be mitigated or nullified by any abilities, with the exception of Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero.

[PASSIVE B] - Dexterous

Any players with this passive move much faster than others.

Q - Vertical Slam

The player jumps up into the air for a very brief amount of time, then brings their sword down onto the enemy for an incredibly powerful impact, which knocks anyone hit tumbling downward.

E - Forceful Kick

The player quickly draws back their sword and performs a strong kick with a superior amount of force, which launches any opponent into the air. This creates space for more attacks against the enemy.

R - Brutal Thrust

The player brings their wooden sword back and thrusts it into the stomach of the enemy, dealing an incredible amount of damage and knocking the target back with a large amount of force.

T - Demonic Grapple

The player readies their left arm, and then swings it at the target. The attack itself doesn't even deal any damage, but the trade-off is that the player grabs the first target hit and is able to carry them around. To drop a player manually, press T again while holding onto someone. This will throw the held target upward, rather than just letting them go. If you are attacked while holding someone/the held target is attacked, you will drop them. You are not able to attack while gripping someone, but you can still dash, albeit at a weaker strength.

Note: After 5 seconds, (if the player hasn't already chosen to do so themselves) they will drop the held opponent.

F - Soul Rend

The player kneels down, drawing back their sword. After a second passes, they jump up and dash forward with extreme haste. Anyone in a small radius of the player gets a death sign displayed on them, and after another second, they are presented with a large array of incredibly fast slashes, which overall deals a godly amount of damage.

Note: This attack is almost identical to Samurai's Petal Cleave, the only difference being that it deals double the damage.

Z - Dash

The player leaps forward in the direction they are facing. This dash is stronger than Samurai 's but has a slightly longer cooldown.


  • This spec is a reference to the protagonist of Gintama, Gintoki Sakata and the main weapon he uses throughout the series.
  • The original Silver Soul spec was incredibly different. It did not have a slam attack or a grab attack. Instead of a slam attack, it had a trip attack, which would when hit, stun the target(s) for about 3 seconds.
  • Forceful Kick and Brutal Thrust both have a 5-second cooldown, meaning that you can effectively reset your combo and perform it again. This can't be done consecutively though, as the cooldown of Demonic Grapple is too long to do so.
  • This has been removed from the Trello.