The Shiny Arrow is an item that can be purchased for £650 cash/lire in Tim's Pawn Shop.

When used, the player will hold it up and stab themselves with the Shiny Arrow if they have No Abilities/Standless. The player will then reset automatically, and receive any obtainable Shiny Stand in the game.


It has the appearance of a standard looking Arrow, with a red and white head and fancy engravings, and some feathers at the bottom.

Stand Arrows and Bizarre Arrows are similar in appearance, the only difference is that the Stand Arrow's head is all yellow and the Bizarre Arrows have a white and yellow head.


  • Can only be bought from Tim's Pawn Shop for ₤650.
  • Can only be used on Standless.
  • Can give any Shiny Stand in the game after using it.
  • Upon dying/resetting, you will lose your Shiny Arrow(s) unless stored in item storage.

Audio Gallery

Upon using the Shiny Arrow it will play this:


  • Added in version 3.0.3c/The Sandbox Update, along with the Bizarre Arrow.
  • The Shiny Arrow is the only Arrow variant that disappears/despawns from your inventory once you die.

Obtainable Stands

NOTE : You can't get stands such as The World Greatest High, Retro Star Platinum (Over Heaven) and Shiny Sword from this arrow.



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