A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki


The sewers are an underground tunnel system located below Peaceful Park. Inside, the sewers contain the Secret Sewer Room and the Vampiric Minions's strong variant. It is accessible via two open manholes located around Peaceful Park.


The sewers mainly consist of tall, wide corridors that split off into other corridors in a maze-like fashion. The corridors' walls are decorated with yellow lights, graffiti, and pipes running from the walls to the floor, where some drain out sewer water. The floor of the sewers is shallowly filled with the sewer water and has small sidewalks on both sides. Rubble and barrels are commonly found along the sidewalks.

In the corridor closest to Gyro is a hallway that the strong Vampiric Minion can spawn in. On the opposite side of the sewers is a suspicious door; behind it is a deep pit that sewer water flows into. Behind the sewer waterfall is the Secret Sewer Room, although the door it is locked behind is glitched and can't be opened.