"The sewers.. it smells disgusting, where did all the sewage come from anyway? There are no sewage pipes that lead down here..." - Explorer (Bōken-sha, 冒険者)


The Sewers was an area that was first added in update 1.9.7. Originally, It replaced the E-Shop place near the edge of the map. This was reworked in the 2.0.1 version, the map update. Finally, it received another rework in v2.0.2.

The sewers have many different sides and corners, with different designs of graffiti (shown in the gallery below) on the walls of the sewers.

After the 6/17 Invasion of the Void Walkers, a pair of gleaming red eyes appeared behind the darkness of a sewer grate. It's motives are currently unknown.

After the 17/07 update, the glowing eyes and the cutscene have been removed and there is a door with a code now, the code being 12132019 that unlocks it and presents a room with a message saying welcome to Tim's Juice and an empty room.

In the 9/10/2020 (MM/DD/YYYY) update, the sewers and Dio Brando's spawn is now much larger. There's a lot of rusty barrels and iron bars lying across the sewers. Some of the lights are now flashing constantly instead of appearing bright all the time like the old updates. The graffiti and the secret room are still there.

In the secret room, there is a vent that leads to a bigger room that resembles a train station, inside the train station there are vending machines, benches, and occasionally a train will pass by.


This area is a maze that has Vampiric Minion NPCs and Dio Brando (Boss) at the other side of the sewer when the player enters this location.


The Dio Brando boss has drops.

The Vampiric Minions have drops.

  • 15/20 chance of dropping a Water (heals 40 HP if used).
  • 4/20 chance of dropping a banknote.
  • 1/20 chance of dropping nothing.

Easter Eggs/Trivia:

  • On the maze follow-up of the sewers, you can see graffiti made by an unknown artist.
  • On the first day of Map Update, the sewers were unfinished. But, it was only in v2.0.2 that it got updated.
  • On the corner left of the sewers, near the red eyes, there is an unusable Vampire Mask laying there.
  • Right next to the fake Vampire Mask is a tin pot, lying under the sewer's water.
  • There's a locked door where you can put a password to enter. The code is: 12132019, referencing National Horse Day.


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