A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"Actually, forget about what I said." - Sentient Menacing Dummy (Kankaku-tekina ikaku suru damī, 感覚的な威嚇するようなダミー)


The Sentient Menacing Dummy is an interactable NPC hanging around the park. It is seen sitting on one of the benches inside of the park.

It is able to talk to the player for a short amount of time with a relatively deep voice, and it cannot be attacked by the player (like other dummies). What it says may fluctuate from time to time.


Despite showing the ability to speak to the player, it does not have any cosmetic difference from its counterpart dummies.

Similar to the Menacing Dummy, it wears a Tin Pot and has a permanent cold stare. It has white skin, jet-black trousers, and a coal-like shade of black for its torso. 

Emanating from the center of it are several menacing particles (ゴゴゴゴ), identical to the particles used for when a player poses. 


You know, we change islands pretty often. Might've been better if we stayed in one place.
Well, not like it's a bad thing. this place is fine. I think I'll stay here. It's got a nice view.
Say, don't you find it weird how there are so many boxes here, but we haven't actually seen anyone?
Actually, forget about what I said.