A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki


The Secret Sewer Room is a hidden location that can be accessed via entering a password in a keypad located in the Sewers. The entrance to the room is located behind a waterfall in the Sewers.

The password to the keypad is: "12132019".


The keypad is a normal keyboard having the numbers 1 to 0, and the larger button in the bottom is the enter button.

If you enter the code wrong, the light in the left will turn red, if you enter the right code, it will turn light green and a high pitched noise can be heard.

Behind the door is an upward slope leading to the right. At the top of the slope is the door leading to Tim's Juice Shop.

Tim's Juice Shop

Tim's Juice, stylized Ti☰'s J䷊I?☰, is a sub-Location located in the same area; this location seems to be a bar. There used to be only one Worker in this place. There are shelves and 3 Tables + Seats. This is a reference to Tom's Juice, a location removed from one of the previous maps.


  • The code for this room is actually a date, 12-13-2019, this is the national day of the Horse, which means this could be a reference to SBR.
  • There is a vent that you can enter that leads to Train Station.
  • In version 2.0.7b, Tim's Juice Worker was moved to be outside of the shop, and in an unknown update, was moved to the Dummy Grass Island
  • Currently, the keypad is broken and doesn't react to any input given(You can brute force yourself in using king crimson)