This Ability, Item or Feature Has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game as it has been deleted, and probably will not be added back into the game in the near future, as it has been removed from the game either partially or entirely.

"Keep Tom alive. For now." -Unknown enemy leader (Michi no teki rīdā, 未知の敵リーダー)


The Secret Room is part of the Teaser/Live event on ABD that was a crucial part of the whole background history for the Teaser. The most interesting part of this location is that Tom, the owner of Tom's Shack, is being kept captive without his familiar tin-pot.

In particular, The Secret Room looks very similar to a lab, but since Tom is kept captive, a lot of people reference this place as a "prison".


In appearance, the Secret Room has 1 large capsule with an orange substance inside it. It's chemical composition is unknown.

There're 4 small capsules on the sidewalls and they hold green substances. Moving to the other side. We see a bed where Tom is laying down while also being kept captive and above him, there's a big screen that is turned off.

Next to the big screen are 2 cameras that are recording the room to prevent raiders from getting inside.


  • This lab was only seen in a short cutscene, that Tom would appear on the screen and say "Help me..."
  • This place might be deleted when the event is over.
  • You cannot access the place anymore. You get teleported back to the island when you try glitching inside the room.


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