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The Santana Room is a location you can visit by using  Santana. If you use Meat Invade as Santana on a player or boss, you'll get teleported to this room until the Meat Invade ends. Once in this room, you'll lose your face and will not be able to exit, unless you reset, or wait until the Meat Invade ends.

The Santana Room is a small box with red walls, most likely to look like the insides of a person.

An easy way to see the room is to use a rokakaka fruit during Meat invade, where you will catch a brief glimpse of the room and yourself in it.


  • There is no purpose of this location.
  • Only Santana is able to enter this room.
  • Upon entry of this room, you cannot exit without resetting, rejoining, or waiting until Meat Invade ends.
  • There is a glitch to stay in this room permanently if you are to use Meat Invade once the target dies.
    • Meanwhile you are in the room, for some reason your face disappears.


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