"Which one of you primitives awakened me?” - Santana (Santana, サンタナ)


Santana is the first Pillarman to appear in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. This spec can be obtained by using 2 Vampire Masks with a 16/17 chance (94.2%), the other 5.8% (1/17) being Kars.

Santana does not have a physical appearance in the game, only the player being able to use his abilities with his/her's own player model. However, the visual effects of the abilities will be shown when used.


Type of Ability Name Description
Regenerate 1.5% of your health, passively, deal 25% more damage to vampires, and receive 25% less damage from Hamon users.
All your offensive moves heal you if it hits the opponent. Doesn’t work on dummies.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
The user punches the target, dealing pitiful damage and dragging enemies towards you. This heals the user for 5 HP when hit.
Pitiful damage
9 damage and under


Pillar Man Rush
Perform a medium-speed rush (range is longer than with other specs), dealing devastating damage.
Devastating Strength
6 - 10 damage per punch
6 Seconds
Rib Blades
Release short-ranged rib blades from your chest and your back, both dealing great damage.
Great Damage
30 to 49 damage
7 Seconds
The user shakes their head. If you're using Meat Invade on someone, this will deal great damage and make you restore some HP.
Great Damage
30 to 49 damage
Hunting Mode/Meat Invade
Enter your ''hunting mode'', making your screen red, revealing players' locations (same effect as Heightened Senses), and increasing your movement speed. Once you touch someone while in this mode, you will enter their body.
No Damage
Heightened Senses
You hone your senses to temporarily track and identify every living thing around you, being able to see their names.
No Damage
21 Seconds
Pillar Dash
A dash similar to the vampire. Has little height.
No Damage
4 seconds
High Jump
The player jumps a great distance upwards, but only a little bit forwards.
No Damage
16 Seconds

Removed/Reworked Abilities:

B - Pillar Men Bloodsuck

A vampiric attack, similar to Vampire's Y move but is executed with both hands, giving a slightly bigger hitbox. May regenerate more than Vampire's Y.

F - Hunting Mode/Meat Invade (reworked)

You used to be teleported to a meat room, but now you just view the perspective of the player you entered, sometimes when you use this ability if someone timestops you will be in the meat room, but you can't get out unless you reset.


If you’re new at Santana, use this as a guide.

  • R + F + T
  • F + (Spam T)
  • R + F + T + T + T
  • Jump + Z + C
  • E + R and repeat Easy
  • E + R + F + T Easy (must be very close)
  • R + C + E Easy


  • Santana is either intentionally bad, WIP, or extremely hard to play, so making a strategy for it is difficult.
  • F may be useless on an offensive, but if there is a stand user (e.g. Star Platinum) nearby while you fight you can take a ride with him as he uses his Z to go away.
  • This spec's revamp is not complete yet, so it's getting more tweaks.
  • Note: If you use a Vampire Mask on Santana, you will end up with a vampire. Not Kars/Santana.
  • If you use Vampire Mask on Vampire, there is a 94.2% chance to get Santana. There is a 5.8% chance to get Kars.
  • Santana can not heal off dummies, this is intentional to prevent abuse.
  • As of 2/28/20, Santana has been finally acknowledged and is getting tweaks.
  • Santana is an American rock band, and the stage moniker of Carlos Santana, the legendary guitarist.
  • The Rib Blades ability has been changed in order to fire in all directions as of update 1.9.8g.
  • This is probably your second best bet for farming DIO and Dio Brando due to dealing more damage against vampires like Hamon and the consumption passive. However, using GER and Over Heavens are still one of the best choices.
  • Santana is a spec that's poorly developed due to its bugs which sometimes make you unable to use any moves.
  • Santana's ability, Rib Blades, it's said to have a maximum length of 132 cm and a maximum pressure of 825 kg/cm².
  • Meat Invade has finally been fixed. However. There's a bug that when you use Meat Invade against any NPC, they will not attack you, instead they will attack other players or attacking and running in a different direction if nobody (other than you) is currently present. The bug will wear off if you reset or killed.
  • There is a glitch that if you kill an NPC with and/or shortly after the use of Meat Invade, you will be transported to the previous map. The map is similar to the D4C dimension as you can't interact with any of the NPCs (except for The Potwagon Foundation Member, Guest, and nado). As of the transcription, the map is referred to as "Santana's Dimension".




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