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"Which one of you primitives awakened me?" - Santana (Santana, サンタナ)


Santana is the first Pillarman antagonist featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, although he plays a very minor role. Just like its Vampire counterparts, Santana possesses superhuman strength and outstanding abilities in the game.

This spec can be obtained by using a Vampire Mask while having the Vampire Spec with a 15/18 (83.33%) chance. The Vampire spec can be obtainable by using the Vampire Mask on all abilities except for The World, Retro The World and Vampire.

Santana is often seen as very worthless due to the fact that players want to get Kars or Wamuu but not Santana.


Santana does not have a physical appearance in the game, only the player being able to use its abilities with the player's own model. However, the visual effects of the abilities will be shown when used.

The Rib Blades resemble eight tusk-like objects that protrude out of the user's torso. In the front, there are two smaller, central ribs and two aimed farther to the side. On the back are two large ribs. Although they are somewhat hard to see, there are two small ribs that appear out of the user's side.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
You can deal 25% more damage to vampires, and receive 25% less damage from Hamon users.
Passive B
All your offensive moves heal you and bring your opponent closer if they hit. The healing effect doesn't work on dummies.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Pillar Man Punch
The user punches the target, dealing pitiful damage and dragging enemies towards you. This heals the user for 5 HP when hit.
Pitiful damage
9 damage and under
Pillar Man Rush
The Santana User Performs a medium-speed rush of 40 punches, dealing superior damage. This barrage has the longest ranged out of all specs. Every punch heals 0.375 HP.
Superior Strength
4.85 damage per punch
6 Seconds
Rib Blades
Release short-ranged rib blades from your chest and your back, both dealing great damage. Missing with this move will usually prevent you from using any other moves, including Pillar Dash. This heals the user for 20 HP when hit.
Great Damage
40 damage
7 Seconds
The user shakes their head. If you're using Meat Invade on someone, this will deal great damage and make you restore some HP.
Great Damage
40 damage
Cursor on Target +
Hunting Mode
Enter your hunting mode, making your screen red, revealing players' locations (same effect as Heightened Senses), increasing your movement speed and jump height. You cannot use any other moves during Hunting Mode. Hunting Mode can be canceled by pressing F again.
  • Note: The player is required to be somewhat close to the enemy in order to activate Hunting Mode.
No Damage
32 Seconds
Touch someone while in Hunting Mode
Meat Invade
When Santana has touched their opponent during Hunting Mode, they will "invade" their bodies. This causes them to stay in the enemy's bodies for 15 seconds. After that, the user will leave dealing some damage.
Great Damage
40 damage
Heightened Senses
You hone your senses to temporarily track and identify every living thing around you, being able to see their names.
No Damage
10 Seconds
Pillar Dash
A dash similar to the vampire. Has little height.
No Damage
4 seconds
High Jump
The player jumps a great distance upwards, but only a little bit forwards.
No Damage
16 Seconds

Battle Strategies


If you're new at using Santana, use this as a guide.

  • R + F + T + Z
  • F + T
  • Jump + Z + C
  • E + R and repeat Easy
  • E + R + F + T Easy (must be very close)
  • R + C + E Easy

Pros and Cons:


  • Good at farming Dio Brando.
  • Great at self-healing.
  • Can find players easily.
  • Good Mobility.
  • Good damage.


  • No ranged attacks.
  • Lots of moves are bugged.
  • Lack of moves.
  • Some moves are useless for PVP.
  • Can bug easily.


  • Voicelines: "Primitive..", "Hmph.", and "Hrm..."
  • If you use a Vampire Mask on Santana, you will end up with a vampire. Not Kars, nor Wamuu.
  • If you use Vampire Mask on Vampire, there is a 83.33% chance to get Santana.
  • The barrage and the click attack pulls opponents in, instead of pushing them away like normal.
  • Santana can't heal off dummies, unlike abilities with bloodsuck moves.
  • The Rib Blades ability has been changed in order to fire in all directions as of update 1.9.8g.