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Sand Piles can be found on the borders of the map. To dig, you must buy a Trowel from the shop and click on one of the Sand piles. You can get most items, the better the item, the lower the chance. (See Trowel for more info). The Sand piles can be found at the beach.

Sand piles are puddles of sand that are located around the map, with the shape of a pile. They spawn every three minutes.

Sand Piles can only spawn at the beach.

Items you can get


  • In old versions of the game, Sand Piles were Mud Piles.
  • Put your stand back and pose after digging to move if you can't.
  • You can move when you are about to look at the sand, this means you didn't find anything.
  • The value of the Monochromatic Sphere dropped heavily during the accidental 50x event, which was supposed to be a 2x event.
  • Sand Piles are smaller in the new revamped map.
  • Percentages are per dig, not per Trowel.
  • There's a secret shovel under one of the sand piles.