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The Samurai teacher is an interact-able NPC located in the A Bizarre Dojo by the field who decided to take a new path of life, that path being a samurai master who will teach anyone who is willing to put into the training.

When interacted, he will say: 

"So, it seems that you're interested in the ways of a Samurai. You've got a long way to go before you've deemed worthy. Complete my objectives and I shall reward you greatly."


It's appearance and features are very different from its other dummy counterparts, showing the ability to speak to the player and with new color schemes.

However, it still has symbols, also known as the menacing symbol. Hence, the reason why this dummy is menacing.


  • When talking to him a GUI will appear showing you all of the requirements for Samurai.
  • To obtain Samurai, you will have to deal 1,000 damage with Standless, 150,000 damage with Sword, and 2,000 damage with Anubis.
  • Once you meet all requirements, you need to talk with the dummy again while holding a Sword, and the dummy will instantly give you "Samurai".
  • His original name was Sentient Menacing Dummy. But it was changed to Samurai Teacher.

Note: You can't complete the quest on private servers or by attacking dummies. You can, however, progress the quests by attacking Dio Brando, the Vampiric Minions, and DIO.

Note: You cannot trade Samurai, however, the only way to get rid of it is to use a Rokakaka Fruit. To obtain Samurai once again after you have removed it, you must buy the Sword in the shop and talk to the Samurai Teacher once again. Or Stand Storage.