"I don't care how many more of my comrades bite the dust. I'll just kill that many more to make up for it." - 侍 (Samurai)


Samurai is a close-ranged Spec which can be obtained by completing the quest of Sentient Menacing Dummy. It is widely regarded as one of the best Specs. A notable property of this Spec is the unparalleled speed boost and godly damage it provides the user, as well as a unique run animation to go with it, making it one of the fastest and strongest specs in the game.

To obtain this spec, the pladsayer must deal 1,000 damage with No Abilities, 2,000 damage with the stand Anubis, and finally 150,000 damage with the Sword spec. After completing all of these objectives/quests, the Sentient Menacing Dummy will grant the user the Samurai spec.


Their weapon is a simple Katana, a Japanese sword characterized by a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands, which has gold and black designs on the guard, a sharp blade, and black and white designs on the handle.

The katana is generally defined as the standard sized, moderately curved. It is characterized by its distinctive appearance: a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
The user of this spec gains an incredible speed boost.
Passive B
The user of this spec can’t attack unless their katana is unsheathed. This passive is also shared with Anubis.
Passive C
Due to the Samurai spec involving a lot of time and training to obtain, this can’t be traded for other stands or specs.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
The user swings their katana. You can use Samurai Dash while using this move.
Moderate Damage
10 to 19 damage
0 seconds
(excluding animation cooldown)
Blossom Breaker
The user sheathes their katana and quickly unsheathes it, casting a thin, blade-like projectile.
Great Damage
30 to 49 damage
12 seconds
Sharp Strike
The user drives their katana forward at the enemy, launching them backward due to the sheer force of the blow. You can use Samurai Dash while using this move.
Great Damage
30 to 49 damage
Senses Enhancement
The user enhances their senses, and they can’t be hit by any regular attacks for 3 seconds. However, they gain a jump height and movement speed boost and can still attack freely during this period.
No Damage
20 seconds
Petal Cleave
The user sheathes their katana. After a short delay, they jump up and dash forward with incredible speed, unsheathing their katana. Anybody hit by their blade will be stunned temporarily and take massive damage after a short delay.
Superior Damage
50 to 74 damage
30 seconds
Shield of the Sword
The user kneels down and lodges their katana into the ground, creating a defensive aura around them. Any attack that can’t break blocks will only deal 5% of their damage. You can‘t move while using this move, and you can’t cancel this move once you’ve activated it. This move requires timing.
No Damage
7 to 8 seconds (after animation)
Samurai Dash
The user dashes like a true samurai, covering a great amount of ground with a shorter cooldown than a normal roll.
No Damage
2 to 3 seconds

Pros and Cons


  • Good damage.
  • Good movement, very good if "sense enchancement" is enabled.
  • Good ranged attack.
  • Good moves for knockback/distancing.
  • Shield of the sword allows you to tank even the most damaging barrages.


  • Is lacking for moves.
  • Struggles when opponent outpaces and or has better movement.
  • Ranged attack has a decently long cooldown.
  • Viable in casual 1v1, but high level play will be difficult for samurai users.
  • Horrible defense.


  • LMB > LMB > LMB (basic combo)
  • C > R > F > E (Very Powerful)
  • LMB > LMB > E (basic combo w/ ranged attack)
  • R > E (close and long-range combo)
  • E > R > F (finisher combo)
  • F > E > R > LMB > LMB (alternative finisher combo)
  • C > R > E (if the enemy is running)
  • R > C or C > R (A trick attack. Usable with the enemy within range)
  • R > F (execute combo) (Must be fast to press F after the opponent were hit by R)
  • T > LMB > Quick C (basic attack. Use when trying to avoid barrage or while skill cooldown deal decent damage but effective)
  • X > C (may using while dealing with Golden experience requiem when stunned)
  • T > C (Use to dodge enemy barrage that makes you slow/etc)
  • Space > C + T(Optional) (use to avoid enemy barrage or some projectile move)
  • R > (wait just for 1 second) > C > (C forwards then turn around) > F > (turn around) > E (complicated and super powerful if all shots are landed)


  • This is the only spec with a shield move, rather than a block.
  • Samurai used to be a tournament-won only spec before the Data Reset, making it the rarest spec in the game.
  • It is the only spec with a - (minus) symbol. (King Crimson: Alternate Universe has one).
  • The Samurai's F at one point could only damage 1 person at a time. This was later reverted.
  • Samurai's F move charge up takes 20% less time than before the Standless update. This was later reverted.
  • the Standless update removed Samurai's loud F move sound effect.
  • Samurai's F move will only detect via blade now, you can't body slam in order for it to work. It will make you zoom by faster by about 1.25 more than before.
  • This spec used to be VERY fast and it was VERY hard to hit it. Now the speed has been reduced to slightly slower so that you can actually hit it.
  • This spec used to have a shadow like humanoid trail when Sense Enhancement is on for a cooler effect, it is now removed due to major lag it was causing. The same is true for Petal Cleave but with a glowing white humanoid trail.
  • Earlier before Gold Experience got the rework, the X move was not blockable. It was later fixed and came with "Torii Bless of Will o Wisp" that made Samurai have health regen but it did not last long.
  • There's a glitch where when using a trowel the player will gain a normal walking animation rather than the unique animation.
  • A good way to counter Samurai is to lure the user into houses, buildings, and anything that has 4 walls and a roof. Usually, the only way they would survive getting lured in is by managing to reach the exit before dying.
  • You can still get this back by buying Sword again and talking to Sentient Menacing Dummy.
  • Most of the players think that the Petal Cleave is a reference from Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer).
  • The character that appears when using Samurai's moves is the Kanji for "death"(死, Shi).
  • You can get this spec back after you've reset by buying a sword and talking to the Samurai Teacher.
  • It is recommended to ask for permission before farming for this, as the whole server may possibly chase you down.
  • It was confirmed by Ultimis, a dev for A Bizarre Day, that Samurai will soon get a rework.



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