"This is equivalent exchange! The ability to equivalently exchange an ailing part with a healthy part." - Josuke Higashikata Part 8 (Higashikata Jōsuke, 東方 定助)


The Rokakaka Fruit, also known as the Locacaca Fruit, is a red and spiky looking fruit that can be used to remove your Stand or Spec in ABD.

This fruit originated from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion. However, the fruit is instead called the Locacaca Fruit in some translations and has a totally different use/ability in the main storyline/manga of the JoJo universe.


The fruit has an overall bright red color surrounding its main color scheme, with spikes on the fruit.


  • Spawns every 2 minutes.
  • Upon dying, you won't lose this item.
  • The Rokakaka Fruit doesn't remove your Requiem. Therefore even if you use a Rokakaka Fruit on yourself, your Requiem will still be "true".
  • There is a 16% chance of receiving a Rokakaka Fruit from digging with a Trowel.
  • When you equip the fruit, a GUI will show up to ask you if you want to reset your Ability or not. If you choose "Yes", you will proceed to eat the fruit and reset your Ability. If you choose "No", you will unequip the fruit automatically.
  • In the manga, the fruit has the ability of equivalent exchange allowing people to sacrifice one part of their body for another.


  • You can't buy these from Tom's Thrift Store anymore. You can find them by looking around the main areas of the map, but not near the different locations around the map. Its spawn locations can be found here.
  • It's called "Locacaca" in the Manga.
  • When hovering your cursor over it, it says "Dismantles your energy and reverts you to a normal human.", as it resets whatever ability you have every time you use it.



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