"Behold, the ultimate stand! Your power is useless against me!" - DIO, Heaven Ascended (DIO, tengoku ni noboru, DIO、天国に昇る)


Retro The World (Over Heaven) is the shiny variant of The World (Over Heaven), which is based on the JoJo arcade game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, a game developed by Capcom. It represents DIO's stand ascended to Heaven.

Retro The World Over Heaven can be obtained by using DIO's Diary on Retro The World.


Retro The World (Over Heaven) bears the appearance of a tall, heavily muscular humanoid - bearing a strong resemblance to DIO himself in terms of build and clothing. It wears a headpiece covering its face to below the place of its nose, slanting at a steep angle from the base of its forehead to a peak situated above the rear of its head by about half its height, leaving the face of an inverted triangle visible to the front; somewhat similar to the Red Crown of Lower Egypt.

It has a glowing greenish color similar to Toxic Experience, which has been removed. Recently, Retro The World Over Heaven has been remodeled.

This variant of The World (Over Heaven) has cosmetic changes such as stand cries, noises, and looks. Retro The World (Over Heaven) also has a color scheme composed of lime and white. It has an almost translucent look, just like Toxic Experience, the previous shiny of Gold Experience. Retro The World (Over Heaven) also has hearts on its body.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Heavenly MUDA Barrage
RTWOH performs a barrage of extremely quick and powerful punches or kicks (50/50 chance of performing either upon pressing E). This attack lasts for 5 seconds.
Devastating Strength
6 damage per punch/kick
5 seconds
Heavenly MUDA Blow
RTWOH performs a swift, strong punch with ragdoll and high knockback.
Incredible Strength
45 damage
8.5 seconds
Reality Overwrite
RTWOH charges its right fist before launching it. This deals a pitiful 20 damage but if it is landed on a player with only 20% of their hp remaining or below, they will be instantly killed. This move cannot be blocked.

Can be used on Funny Valentine and DIO as well, but it will only insta-kill them if they are at 10% hp and below.

Moderate Damage
20 damage
40 seconds
Regenerative Overwrite
RTWOH punches the target and heals them.
Incredible Heal
50 HP
30 seconds
Self Regenerative Overwrite
RTWOH faces it's user and then punches it's user, restoring 50 HP.
Incredible Heal
50 HP
30 seconds
Heavenly Timestop
RTWOH charges up a timestop, lasting for 10 seconds. You can kill anyone in this period of time. Unless they dodge it. The less health the user has, the shorter the time stop.

Note: This move can be canceled by Gold Experience Requiem's Passive and shortened by Made in Heaven's Time Acceleration.

No Damage
50 seconds
Reality Warping Blades/Knifes
The user throws a glowing knife, doing 20-40 Damage on impact, depending on your HP. This move is spammable and has increased damage and no cooldown in TS. This is currently the strongest knife. (With damage). Unlike its original version, this attack can penetrate reflects and Return To Zero, as well as hit King Crimson during its Future Sight.

Note: This ability does not require the user to have its stand to be out. Note 2: During TS, the damage depends on where you're throwing the knife. If you're throwing it at the opponent's chest, it does a lot more damage than throwing it at their arm. It does the most damage if you hit their side.

Good Damage (without Time Stop)

20 damage Great Damage (Time Stop, chest) 40 damage Good Damage (Time Stop, arm)

20 damage
4.5 seconds
+ Cursor on Target
"Fury in its Final Form!"
RTWOH charges up its fist and sends a blast of lightning to where the cursor is pointing at. Deals 50 damage and inflicts knockback by 10 units with a ragdoll. You can roll to dodge this.

Note: This move replaced Reality Shattering Pulse.

Incredible Damage
50 damage
40 sec
Do a roll that most stands/specs can do except some stands and spec like Santana or Made In Heaven.
No Damage
3.5 seconds
Stand Jump
RTWOH blasts the ground with his fists, propelling the user and itself forward.
No Damage
15 seconds

Battle Strategies:

General Combat Knowledge:

RTWOH is a great stand for 1v1ing. It has both far ranged and close-ranged attacks, making this a good choice for any opponent. H is average but able to stun opponents and you can combo from then by then. Fights will be made even easier with the long duration of the time-stop combined with its high damage moves.


While in a fight you normally want to use R for most of the battle, as it deals good damage with a quite big knockback and ragdoll. E is not very good against a fast/very mobile opponent like Kars, MiH, and Samurai because they will just go out of the range, but you can use it when absolutely any spec/stand is close to you as the Heavenly Muda Barrage gives you a LOT more of durability along with a -50% knockback effect from other stands, you can not be ragdolled while barraging and if your opponent dares to get closer and try to hit you, your Heavenly Muda Barrage will slow them if your punches/kicks reach them, dealing massive damage, this move is deadly if you use it as its supposed to be used. T is good if you can land it. Normally, opponents would do a Stand Jump, evading your Reality Overwrite, this move is recommended to use when the enemy is close and stunned by you, or while in Timestop. Using B+Y which is the self-heal will give you a great advantage in combat. Always use it when you have 75% of your HP. No exceptions. V is one of the best knives in the game. It does pretty good damage that goes even higher when you lose health. It is also pretty fast and if you have good aim, you can kill opponents from far away by using this. Other Players may call you "a bad player or a noob" for using time-stop, my personal recommendation is to use it when you can, as you can literally kill anyone in this period of time. Don't use it on clean PvPs tho, as it is an unfair move for the opponent. This stand is a great one overall, you are deadly in close combat and powerful at long distance. It's one of the best PvP stands in-game. A very useful strategy/combo is while in time-stop, spam V, throwing reality-warping knives which will deal TONS of damage if they all hit (180 with full HP, even more at low HP). Using this stand really requires timing and being patient, waiting for the perfect time to land your attacks to deal massive damage to the opponent.The passive allows you to play more defensively when at low hp allowing you to spam knifes and is a great stand if you can drag your battles so T and V become very useful if you can stall.If you can try to keep your self at orange or yellow health to A) Have a decent time stop B) A decent barrage C) Good knifes.


If you’re new at RTWOH, use this as a guide: (Please hit "expand" to see a list of combos.)

  • F > V (spam). Easy
  • LMB > E > R > H > . (Medium)
  • (Full life) F > T > R > (optional V/H once) > E(hold) (Until TS End) Easy
  • H (From 10 studs away) > C (get near the opponent when he is still stunned) > R (Ragdoll the opponent) > T ( High Dmg destruction Most stand would be defeated within 2 Power punch if not) > V/E. Medium
  • R > V > LMB Easy
  • R > V > R Easy
  • F > V( spam) > R > H > C (roll towards enemy) > E(hold) Medium (This combo is most effective against Dio Brando)
  • H > C > R > E (Hold for 2 Secs) > (Medium)


  • Upon dying, the user yells, "IYAAAAA!"
  • Retro The World Over Heaven's voicelines are, "*Menacing Laugh*", "You are next.", and, “This is the greatest high!"
  • When you roll, it plays a voice line ("Hmph.").
  • To move while posing, you must press H and quickly press G.
  • This is extremely good for killing DIO and Dio Brando.
  • Retro The World Over Heaven used to be called, "The World Over Heaven OVA.", This name was later changed to The World OVAH and finally Retro The World Over Heaven.
  • A very annoying and powerful stand, quick specs/stands may counter it.
  • RTWOH's durability is S tier meaning its extremely high. 7 Page Muda along with other beatdowns can only do 65-70% dmg to RTWOH. Except for Sticky Finger’s beat down.
  • While posing it will start to play music on the background, the music was JJBA: Heritage for the Future - Dio's Theme. The music later changed from the original soundtrack to an HD soundtrack from the HD version of the game: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD Ver ost - Dio's Theme 
  • Strangely, this stand's Time Stop will become shorter the less health you have. However, the time stop of Star Platinum (Over Heaven) and Retro Star Platinum (Over Heaven) stay the same in duration.
  • Both Over Heavens' T moves have been reworked as of 7/7/20. What used to be a charged strike that dealt a godly amount of damage, has been changed into an execute type move.


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