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"I'll just die like this. As recognition of your strength. Committing suicide at this point would be dishonorable." - Jean Pierre Polnareff (Jan Piēru Porunarefu, ジャン・ピエール・ポルナレフ)


Retro Silver Chariot is a work-in-progress shiny variant of the Silver Chariot based off the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OVA "Stardust Crusaders". Similar to other Retros, It will most probably get voicelines out of the JJBA's Arcade Game called "Heritage For The Future". Not much is known about this stand, but more information will be released as time progresses. The color scheme is more golden than the modern Silver Chariot. It has gold on the shoulders, torso, head, sword, and knees. It is assumed to have the same moveset since shiny's have the same moves.

Movesets/Abilities (Unofficial/Outdated):

[PASSIVE] - Calculated Strike

Certain moves are calculated, and disable the opponent for 2 seconds.

LMB - Swordsmanship

Retro Silver Chariot's click has 3 different attacks, the first of which will actually dash the user forward a bit with a stab. The second one is a quick forward stab that does little damage, and the third is a shin stab followed by a calculated strike towards the stomach.

E + Hold - Pincushion

Retro Silver Chariot will stab the target multiple times, just like a pincushion.

R - Lunge

Retro Silver Chariot will charge up a quick lunge that dashes the player forward a bit and has a good range. This is a calculated strike.

T - Blade Launch

Retro Silver Chariot will launch it's blade in the direction of the mouse, doing high damage and ignoring block. This, however, leaves the user vulnerable for 3 seconds.

Y - Leg Swipe

Retro Silver Chariot will tickle the shins of the opponent. This is the only move that knocks people down on SC.

F - Surprise Attack

Upon moving your cursor over an opponent and pressing F, Retro Silver Chariot will pose, and will quickly grab the player in a flash motion, teleporting both the stand and the player to the opponent with a quick stab to the head. The player will not be able to move.

H - Armor Removal

Retro Silver Chariot will shed its armor and gain 2x the speed on all its attacks for 10 seconds. This has a long cooldown, so use it wisely.

B - Requiem Transformation

Retro Silver Chariot will pierce himself with the requiem arrow and attain a stand-evolving transformation which buffs his strength and changes his appearance if the users requiem is obtained: true.


  • Retro Silver Chariot Requiem could be added because its Requiem form is in the game Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Heritage for the Future (Unofficial).


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