"This is...Requiem..." - Giorno Giovanna (ジョルノ・ジョバァーナ, Joruno Jobāna)


Requiem Arrows are unique forms of regular Stand Arrows, which gives the ability of Requiem to the player who finds it and uses it on themself.

A requiem arrow looks similar to regular arrows, but their handles are mostly snapped off. It has a beetle design on the center of the arrow itself, which has a small gem within it and another gem on the opposite side.


It will turn a Gold Experience, Cracked Gold Experience, Killer Queen, Silver Chariot (coming) Star Platinum (coming) into their respective requiem forms, which are OP when used. It cannot be used with any other stand. Gold Experience gains the ability to temporarily use by pressing B, which lasts 120 seconds before turning back.

Unlike Gold Experience Requiem, you will turn into Killer Queen: Bites The Dust instantly without having to press B, as well as it being permanent.

Note, that Killer Queen: Bites The Dust, regardless of being permanent, it cannot be transferred between trading at all.

  • Requiem Obtained: True is permanent, and if you use a Rokakaka Fruit on Gold Experience and get another one, you will still be able to use requiem mode.
  • If you attempt to use a Requiem arrow with requiem obtained: True, then you will lose your requiem arrow.
  • Spawns every 37.5 minutes with a 1/4(25%) chance.
  • Never despawns.
  • It cannot be bought.
  • It can be obtained by digging with a Trowel with a 0.75% chance.
  • When traded, the requiem does not transfer over. Requiem will stick with you.
  • Once It is used on the player it is in effect permanently.
  • Rokakaka Fruits will not remove Requiem.
  • When using a requiem arrow, it will turn Requiem Obtained: False into Requiem Obtained: True.
  • The times of spawn are as listed: 37.5 mins, 75 mins, 112.5 mins, 150 mins, 187.5 mins, 225 mins, 262.5 mins, 300 mins...
  • The Requiem arrow used to do a unique animation when you stabbed yourself with Gold Experience. That was when Requiem was permanent on a Stand, now it doesn't.


  • There used to be an old requiem system where when you use requiem on a CGE/GE you would instantly get GER/UGER permanently. Now, Requiem Obtained: True and GER cooldowns are the new system.
  • 2 Requiem Arrows can be seen in Tom's Shack. However, they cannot be purchased.
  • Many players believe that if you purchase the Requiem Donator game pass you will get the Requiem Arrow. But, that isn't true.
  • When you have Requiem Obtained: True you will get Killer Queen: Bites The Dust permanently and cannot get Killer Queen. There is no way to reverse the effect.
  • It is believed that the requiem arrow will be used on other stands in the future.
  • It's theorized that the Requiem Arrow will most likely soon be dropped by Chariot Requiem.
  • It's theorized that the Requiem Arrow will soon be usable on Star Platinum
  • It has been said by Guest in the ABD Discord server that to get Chariot Requiem, you need to find parts of the Requiem Arrow, and fix it, by going to a blacksmith.



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