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"This is it... nature's perfect miracle crystal. Without a single imperfection! The Super Aja!" - Lisa Lisa (Risa Risa, リサリサ)


The Red Stone of Aja is a rare and powerful gemstone sought by the Pillarmen to achieve immortality. It is referred to as nature's perfect gemstone and the ultimate multiplier to Hamon and sunlight.

After wearing a specially made Stone Mask with the stone inside, the user becomes an Ultimate Life Form, gaining the ability to transform body parts into that of other life-forms' as well as removing any physical weaknesses (such as Kars' weakness to the sun) and increasing any physical strengths (such as Hamon).

It is assumed that it may be used with the Kars Spec to evolve into Ultimate Life Form. Due to the fact that ULF will probably be very strong, this item will probably be very rare.

The developers have stated that once Ultimate Life Form is released, Joseph Hamon will gain an "aja hamon lazer beam" on the U key.