This Ability, Item or Feature Has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game as it has been deleted, and probably will not be added back into the game in the near future, as it has been removed from the game either partially or entirely.


The Random Pot Head was an NPC located in Tom's Thrift Store.

He seems to be buying something from Tom...? Probably a sword.


Random Pot Head is a dummy-like NPC, he uses a Tin Pot on his head.

It's colors are similar to the Sentient Menacing Dummy (Head, arms are white, about the same height, Torso is gray, and the legs are black.) His facial expression is soulless.


  • About the removal of this NPC, it's unknown but probably was removed to reduce lag.
  • Random pot head probably got replaced by Tutorial Pot Head.
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