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The Potwagon Foundation Member is a Member of the canon Foundation in ABD, Potwagon Foundation. He can be found next to the tunnel in the corner of the map. Near the Maroon and Orange Houses, Like the Speedwagon Foundation but instead Potwagon. He is at the town from reports of monsters being spotted on the map.

Potwagon Foundation Member is a dummy-like NPC, that uses the iconic Tin-Pot which is present in almost every dummy. He also uses Jotaro's (Part 4) overalls. He has recently been put back into the game as of 6/18/2020. He has been taken out of the game afterwards, as of the 10/02/2020 update (Halloween Update), and a Pot lays where he used to be.

Background History

PF Member seems to be always busy and worried about something, but what is it? Well, in the recent Live/Teaser Event on ABD, A giant Void creature was spotted near the silo in the water and got in.. And that's all the information we know so far as of writing this statement.


First introduced

What do you want?
Oh? so you're a stand user... Well then, let me introduce myself.
My name shouldn't be known, but I can say that I'm from the Potwagon Foundation.
I have been sent here to investigate accourrences and mysterious disappearances in this town.
We can say that it is above the national average.
A criminal syndicate can be behind all of these because it is unusual to see a lot of people disappear
We suspect that they are stand users.
If we would need your help, then we will contact you.

Alternate universe opens

I've no idea on what just happened, but they did it.
Where are we? It's a simple question, an alternate universe.
They somehow did it, I have no idea but it is no good, for us and everyone.

Third version

So we are back at the business huh?
I can't believe we have been fooled.
But someone from foundation with the surname of Potstar has a stand ability.
His stand ability allows to see where is a certain person.
We couldn't get an image of the person who is all behind of this.
But we got someone who is connected to it.
His name is...

Void walker raid

This is getting interesting....
There are monsters that we didn't know about..
They fight each other, like in the case that we saw.
They were fighting vampires..
Who are they..?
What are they..?
I simply don't get it.