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The content listed in the page has been removed.
The general public currently has no way to access the following feature, and related information may be outdated.


The Phone Booths used to be located in 3 different areas of the old map.

Each phone booth had a keypad with 10 buttons, a "screen", a red phone, and what is presumed as a small "coin slot" on the bottom of the number pad, and with a Pot.

Tom's Phone Number

Tom's Phone Number seems to be 4 digits of every pressable key of the digit pad. For example, the number can be "7-2-10-5" or maybe "2-5-7-10". Upon entering this number, it will play a phone ringing sound then a text bar pops up and says:

Hello? Hello? can anyone hear me?
Hello? Hello? can anyone hear me?
If you can hear me, I need you to keep an eye on Tim. He may be the reason that Dummyvilian is gone.


  • There were 3 Phone Booths that existed on the map. This has, however, been removed after the introduction of the new map in Late May.
  • The Phone Booth used to be completely useless upon release, just making it serve as decoration.