A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"What a Bizarre Day! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping...and the stand users are fighting and arguing again..."- Normal Visitor (Tsūjō no hōmon-sha, 通常の訪問者)


The Peaceful Park is located in the center of the 2020 map.

This Location has a Menacing Dummy which you can interact with. This is a peaceful place where people spawn, hang out, and have fun. And also, people fight here too.

There are different items that will spawn inside the park, such as Banknotes and Arrows. Inside the park, there are small bushes, two trees where you can stand on top of them and hide from danger. There are five small light poles and five benches

Other labels include a path that connects the entrances to each other, a small stone outline, and one rubbish bin.

In the Halloween event (ended), the park is decorated with pumpkins and lights. It was a lot darker, too. This is also the time when Extremely Angry Dummy and Spooky Dummy got added.


  • This location got drastically updated on 5/25/2020 (DD/MM/YY) with the new map update.
  • Probably an alternate version of A Bizarre Park from the older map, with a new fountain and an overall new look from the old map.
  • It received some fancy wood fences around it on update v2.0.2a. They were soon deleted, unfortunately.