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"Show me how you want it to be. Tell me, baby, 'cause I need to know now" - One More Time Lyrics


One More Time is a suit-type Stand, with it being worn by the user when they obtain this stand.

One More Time is seen as a tanky stand, with its passive automatically halving any damage it takes. Despite the fact that it only deals a semi-decent amount of damage, its passive is the main focus of this stand.

To obtain OMT first you need a D4C to go to the D4C's Dimension. Once you are there, stare at the nostalgic pictures and One More Time will automatically be added to your list of shinies with a 0.08% chance of obtaining.


One More Time's appearance is pretty straightforward and also simple, an orange jacket with green stripes on it, along with a dot in the center and a hat bearing resemblance to a straw hat.

Its appearance is based on Tom from Tom and Jerry, who was wearing the same outfit in an episode of the show.

As a jacket type stand, the suit morphs into the user's avatar, meaning that it will override all of the user's cosmetics, regardless of their model.


Type of Ability Name Description
The user has a passive block, meaning that all damage dealt towards the user are halved, and also having a ragdoll resistance.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Hammer Slam
The player pulls a comically large rubber hammer out from behind their back and proceeds to slam it into the ground 3 times, doing great damage, while also providing a AOE effect. Each hit also lifts the opponent into the air.
Great Damage
30 to 49 damage
6 Seconds
One More Punch
The user charges their right fist for a moment and punches a foe, ragdolling and doing 30 Damage. Also decent knockback.
Incredible Damage
30 damage
8 Seconds
The user charges up a tom scream that has a small field of AOE, does 25 Damage and ragdolls players that were hit by the scream.
Great Damage
25 damage
10 Seconds
Drill Glide
The user starts spinning rapidly, making them go fast for a short time. This move is also an offensive move, doing 5 Damage when making contact with a player. This move is meant for offensive and transport.

Note: you cannot go up while doing this move.

Pitiful Damage
5 damage
13 seconds

Removed Abilities

Hold E - One More Barrage

The user will perform a fast barrage that has the speed of a Star Platinum or The World punch barrage. It does 5 Damage each hit and plays the Tom & Jerry theme song.

Battle Strategies:


If you are new to OMT, use this as a guide.

  • E + Z (Hold) Easy
  • R + Z (Hold) + T Medium
  • R + C + T Medium
  • E + T + R Medium

Pros and Cons:


  • Average damage output.
  • Objectively has the best defense/durability in the game.
  • Two attacks that deals AOE damage.
  • Short cooldowns.
  • Attacks cannot be reflected back and cannot be dodged by Epitaph.
  • Because of its passive, OMT has great advantage to explosions.
  • Has autoblock


  • Lack of good mobility abilities such as Stand jump.
  • Attacks are short-ranged. No long-ranged attacks.
  • Drill is very slow and can be predicted easily.
  • Anubis can counter OMT's ragdoll resistance.


  • When posing, an OOF remix of Hit Me Baby One More Time will play, OMT will also start glowing.
  • This stand was originally a custom belonging to Klevinoroto and DarkFlameKL. This stand later became public, being able to be obtained from an arrow.
  • One More Time used to be obtained through arrows, and was pretty common back in the days. However, it got removed after the data reset at the end of 2019.
    • As of 6/28/2021, One More Time was added back into the game as part of the normally obtainable pool of Stands, however only in D4C's Dimension and as part of the shiny pool.
  • On death, the user will perform a loud Tom screech.
  • As of the data reset on 1/1/2020, OMT was no longer a public stand and was then only accessible by ABD staff and those who were given it.
  • The entire stand is a reference to a Tom and Jerry episode, specifically the episode “Zoot Cat”.
  • As of 16/7/20, OMT has come back as a statue in the revamp of the new map.
  • One More Time was, at one point, the rarest stand in the game. There were very little users with this stand, and it was not seen often.
  • One More Time's pose used to be based on the 'Kazotsky Kick.' A taunt from the game Team Fortress 2.
  • The Weather Report Sign will sometimes show "?????" which will then turn into "?O???" then "?OM??" and finally turn into "?OMT?"
    • This has been removed since the Weather mechanic has been removed.
  • Fragments of the OMT pose music plays on the radio in Tim's Pawn Shop sometimes.
  • The spec is inspired from a YouTube video made by Miles called 『One more Time Stando』
  • The durability of One More Time is in reference to Tom and Jerry as well, where Tom displays high amounts of durability and resilience from any form of attack Jerry throws at him, hardly ever getting knocked out and having absurdly high durability compared to a household cat.
  • The episode Tom was wearing the suit, is called "The Zoot Cat." Where the objective is Tom trying to get a girl cat, but like almost any other, Jerry wins. Jerry is even seen wearing the suit, after he defeats Tom.
  • You don't need to go back at the board and look at it to get OMT, you can get it by just looking at the board and it will be added to your shinies as 0.08%
  • It is one of the most overpriced Stands in the entire Game, getting MIG, MOHE, even STA4 due to the chances of receiving this stand. It is most likely people would not use arrows in the D4C Dimension even though its a higher chance, because people have to keep on going back to the dimension to use an Arrow.