The Ocean Missile Silo was seen in the Official ABD Discord Server. However, not much information is known about the object.  

The object seems to come from unknown origins. But for sure, this location has a crucial part of the whole event/puzzle plot. When going inside, it holds a single missile.  

Previously, it was disassembled into three parts, most likely to put a new power source in the missile. 


The silo seems to be a grey cylinder with a dark grey circle split in half on top of it.

On the inside, it stores 3 parts of the missile that have now been reassembled, with pieces of the Fallen Star next to it.


  • In the new map update, the silo can clearly be seen from the beach.
  • On the 14th of June, A mysterious creature was seen hanging on the silo, some state it to be the Eldritch Horror, but it was actually a Titan Void Walker. The creature roars once every while.
  • Sometime later it doesn't seem to be roaring for a while. The reason is unknown and only known to Developers and admins of the game.
  • Some Support Baes were added to the silo, but the reason is currently unknown.


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