"I might not be able to use some weird electric karate, or wield a stand, but I'll have you know I can hit people just fine. With my fists. To the face. And that's gonna happen to you." - Standless Users (Nōryoku nashi, 能力なし)


No Abilities is the type of form/spec for a Standless user with no abilities, meaning that the player is either new to the game and has not stabbed him/herself with an Arrow yet, maybe just recently removed his/her stand ability with a Rokakaka Fruit, or a player with literally no abilities (Stands, Specs, etc) at all.

"No Abilities" does not have/vaguely has a design/appearance in the game, as it is just a normal player without a stand model, with animations of punches and shoves alongside having standard health. Similar to specs like Basic Hamon.


Type of Ability Name Description
Development Potential
With this passive, you are able to learn/obtain specs or become a stand user.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
You thrust your fist forward. Anyone hit is dealt a pitiful amount of damage!
Pitiful damage
6.5 damage per punch
Heavy Punch
You charge up an intimidating punch, dealing a very small amount of damage.
Small damage
10 to 19 damage
5 seconds
You roll on the floor giving you a tiny bit of a boost.

Note: This move is shared with other stands and specs. Except for some like Made In Heaven, King Crimson: Alternate Universe, Santana, and Anubis (when H is active.)

No damage
Fighting Spirit
Boosts your walk speed by 5 and increases your damage by 1.5x for 25 seconds. The player will also heal 30 HP.
No damage
100 seconds
Shove your enemies away from you, stunning them for a short bit while creating a safer distance. Deals small damage.
Small damage
10 to 19 damage


  • F > R Easy
  • R > LMB > F Easy
  • LMB > F > C > R Medium
  • Find an arrow > Equip it > LMB Easy

Fighting Spirit On:

  • T > R > F Easy
  • F > R > T > C > R Medium
  • LMB > F > T > R Medium

Pros and Cons:


  • Fighting spirit remains active for a lot of time.
  • Fighting spirit gives you walkspeed boost.


  • Lack of abilities (attack and mobility).
  • Low durability.

Evolved Forms:

(LMB + Arrow) - Random Stand

By using an arrow, you will receive a Stand, the most common type of ability in the game. 

(LMB + Frog) - Hamon

By using a frog, you will receive Hamon, an easy to find but strong ability. This ability is similar to the energy that is produced by the sun.

(LMB + Vampire Mask) - Vampire

By using a Vampire Mask, you will receive Vampire, an opposite type of ability as Hamon. It has the power of a Vampire from the JJBA Anime/Manga series.


  • If you do not have any specs or stands, then you are officially classed as a "No Abilities" user.
  • No Abilities is one of the weakest "abilities" in the game. However, it has huge development potential.
  • This was referred to as "Standless" in earlier stages of A Bizarre Day.
  • Although classed unironically (assuming anyone does so) as a terrible ability, it has a solid C in every stat.
  • Using a frog on this (non) ability to receive Hamon is a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Episode 4: Overdrive, when Will A. Zeppeli demonstrates the power of Hamon by striking at a frog on a rock. The frog was unhurt while the rock underneath was split into 2. This explains using a frog to achieve Hamon.
  • This spec is needed for the Samurai quest, the requirement being to deal 1k damage.
  • This spec only had the moves, LMB, R, and C. This was later changed in the Standless update on 1/31/2020.
  • If anybody has this, they’re most likely new. Or farming. Or they could've used a Rokaka Fruit on their stand/spec.
  • People pretend to be a ‘No Abilities’ while hiding their stand. However, they can easily be checked with the !check <Username> command.
  • This ability could've been featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, with Jonathan Joestar being a normal person before obtaining the power of Hamon. Dio Brando is also said to have been the same before he turned into a Vampire via the Vampire Mask.
  • Even though the user doesn't have a stand, they can still see stands.
  • As of the v2.0.6b update, Standless has received a reduced cooldown on most of its moves, however not a damage increase.



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