"Too busy catching demon girls." - Nado (Neido, ねいど)


Nado is, said simply, a joke NPC that was added to the game. When interacted with, the user will automatically reset and be set to a random spawn-point on the map. 

You can also see that the room he comes in is empty beside him. Nado also has a jar next to him with TheGuestToBlame in it.

Nado, This NPC used to be hidden underneath the map and was out of bounds, although as of the 5/7 update, he has relocated to a bench near the sewers.


Nado is a NPC that has a red and dark blue outfit with a white pixelated heart (An Undertale Heart) on him, with a pot on his head.

This NPC is based on the avatar of TORNADO98765, the Co-Owner of A Bizarre Day.


  • Nado was within a giant box underneath the map.
  • Another older TORNADO quote is the iconic quote from Fist Of The North Star series "Omae Wa Mou, Shienderu...."
  • If you talk to him, you’re already dead.
  • Players could "kill" Nado using Hierophant Green's projectiles or Soft And Wet's F move (which could hit Nado's supposed invincible hitbox).
  • When you talked to him, his old quote was “you died??? Wasn’t me.”
  • When you talk to him now he says " Too busy catching demon girls " and then you die. This is based on a Helltaker reference, not a Jojo reference
  • You can talk to TheGuestToBlame and he says "WHATS GOING ON" "WHERE AM I?"
  • Nado was removed when the new map was added.
  • As of the 6/18 update, he has come back and is sitting near a menacing dummy.
  • There is also a glass jar next to him with TheGuestToBlame in it.
  • For a certain time you didn't die from talking to him but was later fixed
  • You can create D4C bombs of Nado but the bomb won't do any damage, won't take his appearance, and will just be called D4C bomb.



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