A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"you died???" - Nado (Neido, ねいど)


Nado is a lax tin pot-wearing NPC located in Peaceful Park. He is based on the owner of A Bizarre Day, TORNADO98765. In his first form, he was located inside Nado's Secret Room, where he said his original line. The jar next to him previously held TheGuestToBlame.


Nado wears a sleeveless red shirt and simple black pants. On the corner of his shirt is a pixelated white heart, reminiscent of Undertale's SOULs.

This NPC is based on the avatar of TORNADO98765, the second and current owner of A Bizarre Day.


Original line

you died??? wasn't me.

Second line

Omae wa mou, shindeiru.

Third line

Too busy catching demon girls.

Current line

wanna play league?


  • Nado was within a giant box underneath the map called Nado's Trash Can.
  • Players could "kill" Nado using Hierophant Green's projectiles or Soft & Wet's F move (which could hit Nado's supposed invincible hitbox).
  • Nado was removed when the new map was added.
  • As of the 6/18 update, he has come back and is sitting near a menacing dummy.
  • For a certain time you didn't die from talking to him but was later fixed
  • You can create D4C bombs of Nado but the bomb won't do any damage, won't take his appearance, and will just be called D4C bomb.
  • As of 9/19/20 (MM/DD/YY), TORNADO98765 is now the owner of A Bizarre Day.
  • The glass jar beside used to contain TheGuestToBlame before he was moved to a boat on 24/9/20 (DD/MM/YY).