A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"It seems we're inside the turtle." - Coco Jumbo (Koko Janbo, ココ・ジャンボ)


Mr. President's Secret Room is a room that you get into by getting kidnapped by a Mr. President, or getting invited to it and accepting the invite.

Mr. President can capture you. In case he captures you, you'll be in the room for 30 seconds, if Mr. Presidents invites you, you can be as long as you want until you decide to leave.

In this room, you aren't able to do anything besides jumping, you can't attack, roll, and etc.

You can reach this room by glitching through the lake with MIH then going to the edge and dropping down.


It resembles that of a hotel room, containing several pieces of comfortable furniture. However, it does not include a bathroom. Mr. President's Secret room has 3 red sofas, a radio which plays music, a table with a book teaching how to grind Dio's Drops, 3 windows, 1 mirror, and a closet. Within the closet is a zippered floor. The outside is white and contains weird graphics.