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"That key becomes a doorway between this place and the outside world, and allows us to hide inside!" - Bruno Bucciarati describing the ability of Coco Jumbo (Koko Janbo, ココ・ジャンボ)


Mr. President is a main Stand featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo. Coco Jumbo, a turtle, is the user of this Stand.

While Mr. President is manifested, it transforms the user into Coco Jumbo. It is a turtle that has a key in its shell with a gem in it that allows it to take others into a room. The key also has green lines engraved on it. However, Coco Jumbo is not suited for combat. Due to it being a turtle, this Stand is also very durable, and can take many hits before eventually dying.

This Stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 10.6% chance (D-Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow.


Coco Jumbo is a small land turtle whose main characteristic is a key-shaped hole on top of its shell, in which a special key allowing people into its Stand can be placed.

Mr. President grants a supernatural ability to Coco Jumbo and, as such, it doesn't have a conventional appearance. It is, however, linked to a unique location accessed with an ornate key embedded within a transparent precious stone.

The room created by Mr. President resembles that of a hotel room, containing several pieces of comfortable furniture, a functioning television set and a refrigerator holding drinks. There is a boombox that would play "meme songs". However, the room does not include a bathroom, but instead of a bathroom it has a zipper hole that was made by Bruno Bucciarati's Sticky Fingers.


Type Name Description
Passive A
Turtle Form
While your Stand is manifested, your rock-hard shell grants you a 90% defense boost, your walkspeed is reduced significantly, and you lose the ability to roll. You also gain certain turtle-based abilities.
Passive B
Safe Area
Anybody teleported to the Presidential Room has their entire moveset disabled. This can be somewhat bypassed by a Santana user if they use Meat Invade on Mr. President.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Turtle Transformation
The user transforms into Coco Jumbo. This activates Passive A.
No Damage
Forceful Shove
Push your enemy down with both your arms. This does light knockback and ragdoll.
Good Damage
10 damage per shove
3 seconds

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Self Room Transport
Mr. President takes its user into its room. While in here, you can't use any moves except for T.
No Damage
3 seconds
Mr. President forcefully teleports a targeted person to the Presidential Room, activating Passive B. After 30 seconds, anybody teleported will be sent back to where they were abducted on the main island. Note that your cursor must hover over your target for them to be teleported.
No Damage
40 seconds
Invites players to stay in the Presidential Room for as long as they want.
No Damage
A Nasty Accident
Coco Jumbo drops a roll of poo behind it. Anybody unlucky enough to step on it will be ragdolled and dealt 5 damage.
Pitiful Damage
5 damage
3 seconds

Battle Strategies

Mr. President is an overall defense stand. As it has no moves that deal good damage, it is good for baiting things. It is possible to an infinite combo (R, then V). It has barely ANY speed, but it can hide in its room to avoid any people. It can also send people into its room. It is rather a helpful stand, as it cannot do large damage to any people.

Pros and Cons


  • Can kidnap players.
  • Has a designated safe area.
  • Incredibly high durability.
  • Great for farming for Samurai.



  • Mr. President is a band that made the song Coco Jumbo.
  • Doing emotes in the human form then transforming into Coco Jumbo continues the emote, even while walking.
  • When under the effects of Turtle Defense, damage dealt to you is so low that it's comparable to an OH's block.
  • Mr. President is one of the few Stands to not have a pose nor quotes.
  • This is one of five Stands to not be humanoid, others being DKC, TADKC, The Emperor, and Anubis.