The Monochromatic Sphere is a glowing black and white sphere that looks like a black hole. It has a glowing white ring emanating from its center.

As of right now, the Monochromatic Sphere can only be used on the stands: King Crimson and Purple Haze, in which the user would obtain the respective shinies: King Crimson (Black & White) and Monochromatic Haze.


  • You have a 0.375% chance of getting a Monochromatic sphere via Trowel.
  • When used with King Crimson, you will get King Crimson (Black & White), also known as Oreo King Crimson, or Monochromatic King Crimson.
  • When used on Purple Haze, you will get Purple Haze (Black & White), also known as Oreo Purple Haze, or Monochromatic Haze.
  • It cannot be bought from the store. 
  • When monochromatic sphere is used, a black explosion effect will surround (the same effect of when you turn Gold Experience into Gold Experience Requiem except its black instead of yellow) 


  • Monochromatic Sphere is the replacement for the Ender Pearl, which was a previous item that could evolve King Crimson into its previous shiny version Ender Crimson which is a Minecraft/Meme Stand that was removed from the game.
  • There was a rumor that the chance of getting a Monochromatic Sphere was going to decrease, therefore making it rarer. However, this is yet to be true.
  • This item has been shown in Tom AU´s shop, however, you weren’t able to buy one.
  • The Ender Pearl, the previous version of the item that the Sphere replaced, had a spawn rate of 1/150 Every Hour.
  • This is the rarest item to get from a trowel.



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