"Feel the strength course through you. The sphere, it beckons you. Heed its call and awaken your power..." - Man From The Stars (Suta kara kita otoko, すた から きた おとこ)


The Monochromatic Sphere is a glowing black and white sphere that looks like a black hole. It has a glowing white ring emanating from its center.

As of right now, the Monochromatic Sphere can only be used on King Crimson, in order to obtain its shiny version, which is King Crimson (Black & White).



  • Monochromatic Sphere is a replacement for the Ender Pearl, which used to be a previous item that could evolve King Crimson into the previous shiny version of King Crimson, Ender Crimson which is a Minecraft/Meme Stand and is removed from the game.
  • There was a rumour that the chance of getting a Monochromatic Sphere was going to increase, therefore making it rarer. However, this is yet to be true.
  • This item has been shown in Tom AU's shop, however, you weren't able to buy one.
  • The Ender Pearl, the previous version of the item had a spawnrate of 1/100 Every Hour.



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