A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"Don't try to kill him, I know it's silly, but this Dummy is immortal..." - Player looking at the Menacing Dummy (Ikaku suru yōna damī, 威嚇するようなダミー)


The Menacing Dummy is the main training or damage taking dummy that currently exists as an NPC in the game.

They currently do not have any game specific purpose other than for players to use abilities or moves on, as Menacing Dummies take an infinite amount of damage due to the fact that it has an infinite amount of health. They can also be used to test out combos.

The Menacing Dummies can be found in Peaceful Park, A Bizarre Park, and in front of the Joestar Mansion.

For the Halloween Event, the Dummies have dressed up as various different spooky figures. The only exceptions are the Sentient Menacing Dummy and the Self-Aware Dummy. They were foreshadowed by the Pumpkin Dummy who hid in the Sewers a few weeks before the event started.


The Menacing Dummy dons a Tin Pot and has a permanent cold stare. It has white skin, jet-black trousers, and a coal-like shade of black for its torso.

Emanating from the center of it are several menacing (ゴゴゴゴ) particles, identical to the particles used for when a player poses with their stand/spec.


  • The Menacing Dummy has unlimited health and cannot be killed.
  • There is a glitch where you can take some health out of the dummy, making it showing a health bar. But trying to "kill" it takes a while, due to its health.
  • The Menacing Dummy currently has no other purpose than to take hits as a training/ability testing mechanism. They are supposedly sentient, however, as they do breathe and one is even able to talk to the player. As a training dummy though, it has infinite health and can be moved around the map.
  • If you use the blood suck move via VTW/STW or literally any stand/spec with consumption or blood suck on a dummy, it will heal you. This could be useful for fights. This doesn't work with Santana however.
  • There is a glitch, where Menacing Dummy pieces scatter all over the map.
  • Attempting to make a D4C Bomb will not only fail with its name being D4CBomb, it will immediately glitch and teleport off.
  • There is a glitch where dummies get ragdolled and fly to the sky. You can use Star Platinum's Y move to make them go directly up into the air.
  • Using Wamuu's G move, you can supposedly "kill" dummies as the ring would deal infinite damage to the dummy, seemingly bringing its HP down to 0.
  • The Tin Pot is the model of a ROBLOX hat called the Tin Pot. Its face is called "Stare" in the ROBLOX catalog/avatar shop.