Menacing Bunny

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Menacing Bunny was an NPC located near the Peaceful Park in the old map. 

Menacing Bunny could give you 5 different quests regarding the Easter Event, which rewards an Eggsmetic when completed.

Menacing Bunny was removed after the event was over.


Menacing Dummy wears a bunny outfit, his torso, legs, arms, and head are all white compared to Menacing Dummy.

With bunny ears on top of his pot head and he carries a basket full of eggs.  Just like his counterpart, this dummy has several menacing kanji particles.

He also seems to be holding a giant egg with his right arm.


  • This NPC cannot be killed.
  • This NPC was removed alongside with the Easter event in 04/16/2020 (MM/DD/YYYY).
  • This is one of the special dummies that only exists in an event.

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