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Mechanics are various moves that different stands and specs have to give you a tactical advantage in the game. Most stands have different mechanics from each other, so as to differentiate their power levels and abilities.

Mechanics can relate to game components like mobility, utility, damage, passives, etc. However, every stand or spec has to have a mechanic, otherwise, some stands/specs will be too overpowered or some too weak to fight against others.

Below are the different mechanics that different stands and specs have in the game so far.


Every Stand/Spec in the game heals 1 HP every second. When posing, the player heals 1.5 HP every second. To Regenerate, you have to stand still for 5 seconds. This prevents players to run away and heal at the same time.


Rolling is the act of quickly rolling on the ground, most useful for dodging or evading attacks.

You perform this move by pressing C.

Some stands don't have stand rolls, such as Mr. President (Stand: On), Tusk ACTs 1, 2 and 3.

You can also dodge attacks by rolling at the perfect time, negating all damage given. (Specs like Silver Soul and Rice Farmer completely disregard this move.)

This move has one of the lowest cooldown times in the game but be careful as using this can sometimes put you in a vulnerable state!


Sliding is the act of quickly sliding on the ground, similar to Rolling, but it's faster, farther, and somewhat more reliable. You perform this move by pressing C. Only some stands/specs are capable of performing this move.

Note: King Crimson: Alternate Universe, Joseph Hamon and Magician's Red are the only abilities that can perform it.


Dashing is the act of quickly gliding forward, useful to dodge attacks or to chase opponents.

Shared with Kars, Santana, Anubis (Possessed), Samurai, Star Platinum: The World, Vampire, C-Moon, Shadow The World (Stand Mode: Off), and Chariot Requiem.

You can perform this move by pressing V or C (for Possessed Anubis.)

C-Moon's dash can leave you vulnerable since you can't move at the end.

Some stands can fly by using this move like Vampire.

Stand Jump

Stand Jumping is the act of performing a superhuman jump with your stand, useful for traveling a long distance.

To perform this move, you must press Z.

Various stands have different stand jumps, such as Made In Heaven's Localized Time Acceleration, The Hand's erasure hops, Gold Experience Requiem's stand propulsion, Soft & Wet's Bubble Glide, and One More Time's drill glide.

This can be used to evade a time stop, as well as jump onto buildings or escape attacks.

Hamon has one but smaller, however, it comes with a smaller cooldown. (Unless you charge your H)


Gliding is a special mechanic that consists of the act of performing a glide, which can be useful to approach the enemy or escape from the enemy. This move will often replace the Stand Jump from some Stands.

This Mechanic is shared with Sticky Fingers and all Tusk Acts.

If a Tusk Act 4 is performing the glide and he's suddenly hit by another player, the gliding will stop.

Time Stop

Time stop is an ability that halts the entire server, stopping music and setting everybody's screen to be monochromatic.

Stands that can activate this ability are: Star Platinum (30% HP or lower than H), Shadow The World (Stand Mode: On F), The World (F), Vampiric The World (F, J), Star Platinum: The World (F), Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) (F), The World: Alternate Universe (F), The World Over Heaven (F) and Star Platinum Over Heaven (F).

  • Stands that have a barrage and Time Stop ability, except for The World, are unable to use their barrage abilities during Time Stop.

During this move, projectiles and players are frozen all around the map. All stands can continue time by pressing the respective key for it again, or it will automatically resume when the maximum time left is used up. All damage done comes into effects and projectiles along with players will move again.

Time Stop Counters

There are a few Stands that counter Time stop. Star Platinum with its Time stop Override is able to invade a player's stopped time and take it for their own, lasting 5 seconds before time continues. Star Platinum: The World and Star Platinum (Stone Ocean) can use Time stop Movement during other players' stopped time in order to move briefly (currently broken). Gold Experience Requiem with the Return to Zero passive when it is off cooldown. Made in Heaven can use Time Acceleration to cancel time stop and negate future Time stops. Tusk ACT 4 can use Self-Nullification Blow to be completely resistant to stopped time, allowing them to move, attack and fire projectiles as if time was not stopped.

Time Erasure

Time Erasure is the act of erasing time. Useful for a surprise attack or evading your opponent.

This move can be performed by King Crimson and King Crimson: Alternate Universe. However, they both work differently.

King Crimson's Time Erase makes the user invisible and creates a red hologram of nearby players with a string with them. If the move ends, the players will be teleported to the hologram. The player can attack, but it will end the time erasure.

King Crimson: Alternate Universe's Time Erase makes the user invisible, creating a red hologram of themself and allowing them to attack nearby players. At the end of Time Erase, all damage done will stack.

Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero cancels Time Erase and if it is on cooldown it can use it's Zero passive to see them and attack them.

Super Armor

Gravity Shift

Gravity Shift is activated with C-Moon. During this effect, the user will get an increase in movement speed, the entire server will get their gravity reduced, the screen will become tinted green, and all music will be slowed. This has a global cooldown.

The only stand resistant is Tusk ACT4 through the use of Self-Nullification Blow (V+Y). This can be canceled by Gold Experience Requiem with the Return to Zero passive when it is off cooldown.

Time Acceleration

Time Acceleration can be activated with Made in Heaven. During this effect, all Made in Heaven users will receive damage buffs and shorter cooldowns to Severing Chop (E), Backhand Slash (R), Accelerated Knives (T), and Throat Slice (F). Light Speed Thrust (Y) doesn't get buffedHowever, Prime Number Counting (B) will be disabled during this. The user will constantly become faster, and Light Speed Teleport's cooldown will reduce as the stages continue. There are 13 stages, each one increasing the speed of the user.

During this effect, the saturation will be increased and music will be sped up. This will shorten Time stops and then render them useless.

Universal Reset

This move is exclusive to Made in Galaxy and it can be performed by pressing J during the last 1.2 seconds of Time Acceleration. It has no use in combat, except for how awesome it looks and the fact that it respawns everyone with full HP.

During Universal Reset, A cutscene is played where all players are teleported next to a galaxy and soon after they are sucked up by the galaxy. When the universe is reset, everyone respawns with full HP.

In the past, Universal Reset used to give everyone a random Stand for 90 seconds. After that, everyone would have their Stands back.


Counters are traps to make your opponent attack you. Useful for surprise attacks.

During a counter, if you're hit, the opponent will take the damage implemented on you. (Except for Shadow's Counter)

Counters can include (but not limited to) Prime Number Counting and Scales of Horror.

Note: Over Heaven stands, Gold Experience Requiem and Projectiles completely disregard this move. And for some reason, Santana and Anubis (Possessed Mode) can also disregard SOME counters with SOME moves.

Spin's T move is also a counter. Using this move, the user will reflect all damage to their enemy, however, if they use a projectile-based skill, the projectile will be redirected to where the user is looking at.


Traps are objects placed on the ground that deal damage upon contact with another player.

This is shared with The Emperor, Hierophant Green, The World AU, Mr. President, and Stone Free.

The Emperor's trap consists of a glass shard, that when stepped on, The Hanged Man stabs the player, dealing damage.

The World AU's trap consists of a bear trap, that stuns the player in place and damages them.

Hierophant Green's trap consists of a large web, that when entered upon, it damages the player.

Mr. President's trap is a poop. The poop makes anyone step on it ragdolls and take some damage.

Stone Free's trap consists of a Web barrier, that ragdolls player and damages them.

Note: Epitaph makes the user completely immune to traps.


Buffs are boosts that increase your damage and speed for a short period of time. This is shared by Kars, Samurai, C-Moon, No Abilities, Tusk ACT1, Made In Heaven, Spin, Purple Haze, Hamon and Star Platinum.

To perform a Standless buff, press T. During the standless buff, your walkspeed increases by 5 and increases your damage by x1.5, while healing 30 health.

To perform a Kars buff, press Q. During the Kars buff, your walkspeed and jump increases. Your damage also increases by x1.15.

Samurai's buff is performable by pressing T. During the Samurai buff, your walkspeed and jump power increases, as well as damage.

To perform a C-Moon buff, press T. During the C-Moon buff, the user's walkspeed increases a lot. Their gravity is lowered by a ton as well.

Spin's buff is performable by pressing F, During this buff, all spin-related attacks will deal 1.5x damage.

To perform a Tusk ACT1 buff, press T. During this buff, the user's damage will increase.

To perform the Made In Heaven buff, press G, This buff will increase your walkspeed and decrease your cooldown.

To perform a Purple Haze buff, press H, During Purple Haze Buff, your walkspeed and jump increases. It also regenerates a capsule every 5 seconds.

To perform Hamon buff hold H, The Hamon energy of the user will increase and will make is movements more powerful, however the Hamon energy will also drain over the time unless you hold again H or perform a move.

To perform Star Platinum's buff, your HP must be 50% or lower. After that, press G. The user will gain a 10% damage increase and a faster Charged ORA Strike charge.

Global Cooldown

Global Cooldown is a thing that affects all stands that can use time stop. After a TS, the user will have to wait 20 seconds (very likely to stop Time Stop spam).

Passive Buffs

Passive buffs are buffs that are passive on the user depending on their stand/spec. Passives will be shown in the moveset of the ability's page.


Teleportation is an alternative version of rolling, in which you instantly go forward a few studs or get teleported to where the cursor is. but you can't dodge attacks by teleporting at the perfect time.

This can be useful for escaping or running.

The stands that can do this are King Crimson, Shadow The World, Mr. President, Star Platinum, Star Platinum (Stone Ocean), Made In Heaven, The World, Sticky Fingers and D4C: Love Train.


Draining is a special feature in ABD that consists of a user healing themself by attacking other players/dummies

Vampiric The World, Shadow The World, Santana, Kars, Vampire, and Samurai have this ability.

Samurai has a draining property to his Shield of the Sword ability (X). If a player attempts to damage a Samurai user while they are using Shield of the Sword. The Samurai user will drain 20% of the damage


When you are stunned, you obviously fall down. Almost every stand/spec has a move to stun/ragdoll an enemy.

Shadow The World and Made in Heaven users will obviously abuse this due to their a HUGE amount of stun moves. King Crimson used to have a big amount of stun moves too, but this changed once the rework occurred.

Remote Control

A move with Hierophant Green that lets you control your stand, giving the player a small radius to attack without the user being physically there.


Burning/Bleeding is a special mechanic that consists of you taking small amounts of damage over time. This mechanic can be useful when your enemy is almost dead, by making them burn/bleed you can escape while he takes damage and dies.

This mechanic is only available on Magician's Red. The after burn damage is about 10 to 19 damage.

King Crimson's G move causes bleeding damage. Bleed damage does around 15 damage.

Tusk ACT4 R move causes spin bleeding damage. Bleed damage does around 10 damage.

Made in Heaven's F move causes bleeding damage. Bleed damage does around 2 damage.


In ABD, there are several poses of varying features. Most stands and specs will have a pose, but this may not be the case for others. Some may be poseless, others will have only one. You cannot move or jump while posing, leaving you vulnerable.

This feature is commonly used as a meme/friendly gesture. To pose, press the [P] key. To stop posing, press the [P] key again. Shadow The World has a long pose, meanwhile most of the stands/specs play music while posing now.


As well as poses, there are also taunts players can perform. These are spoken lines with small texts displaying what is said.

Most stands and specs will have 3, but some may have even more.

Some stands have Voicelines when you die, or when you pull your stand out.

To say a voiceline, press the [N] key. Taunt cooldowns are based upon how long the voiceline is.

Many translations are likely to be incorrect as "these were translated by me and my Japanese is EXTREMELY ROUGH" - TheGuestToBlame, 3rd June 2019.


Knockback is when a player takes damage and is pushed in a direction by the damage.


The disabling mechanic is when a player is hit by a specific move and is incapable of using their moves for a short while.

There are currently 5 stands with this mechanic, Whitesnake (F), Silver Chariot (LMB), The Hand (F), C-Moon (R, B) and Tusk ACT4 (Y, F).


Slowing is more of a status effect that reduces a player's walkspeed temporarily. This oftentimes causes the enemy's screen to get different saturation level on their screen, but not always.

There are many stands with this mechanic, such as Magician's Red (J), Silver Chariot (LMB, E, R, T), Shadow The World (LMB, Y), The Hand (R), Gold Experience (LMB, E, R), Gold Experience Requiem (E, R), Sticky Fingers (F), Purple Haze (R [Virus], T [Virus], F [Virus]), Whitesnake (LMB, E, R), Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (R, Y), Soft & Wet (Y), The World (Over Heaven) (H).


Evolution is when an Item or other process alters the ability that you have. Some evolutions only change the appearance of the stand.

Examples of different evolutions are:


And finally, there are emotes. These are animated actions that are activated using the "/e" chat system. Some are dances, others are just gestures. More information about emotes can be found on this page.