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"My fourth wish, that is...to not listen to your wishes, Magician's Red won't forgive you. Not happening." - Muhammad Avdol (Mohamedo Avuduru, モハメド・アヴドゥル)


Magician's Red is a Stand used by Muhammad Avdol, a main ally featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

It's a powerful Stand with the ability to produce and manipulate fire in various ways. Magicians Red's signature ability is to freely generate and control fire.

This stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 1.4% chance (B-Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow.


Magician's Red appears as a humanoid stand, with the difference being that its head has more of an appearance to the likes of a bird, more specifically a phoenix.

It possesses the look of a muscular upper body, with its arms and head covered in flames. Also, the stand possesses the look of a realistic-looking face (similar to Star Platinum), with a bright and large beak sticking out of the middle of its face.

The Stand is seen having yellow feet (similar to many types of birds), with fur covering its entire body except for its chest and back. Magician's Red focuses on the color schemes of red, orange, and yellow, befitting its name.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Magician's Barrage
Magician's Red starts to slowly barrage dealing up to 37 punches, with each punch inflicting a fire effect on the opponent for 4 seconds. Additionally, the longer the E key is held, the faster the barrage becomes.
Moderate Strength
2.9 damage per punch
Pitiful Damage (First and Last Punch's Afterburn)
0.3 damage per second
Pitiful Damage (Normal Afterburn)
1.25 damage per second
6 seconds
Flaming Kick
Magician's Red stands before the user and kicks anyone in front, sending them up in the air and dealing good damage, with the afterburn damage lasting 4 seconds.
Great Damage
45 damage

Pitiful Damage (Afterburn)
0.3 damage per second
12 seconds
Cursor on target +
Red Bind
Magician's Red wraps the enemy the user's cursor is on in flames, dealing good damage for 4 seconds. For the duration of the bind, the opponent cannot move or attack. You can perform any of your moves while your opponent is in Red Bind, leading to huge damage outputs.
Good Damage
7.5 damage per second
55 seconds
Crossfire Hurricane
Magician's Red spews out a single flaming ankh in front of itself, dealing Great Damage and also leaving them burning, with the afterburn effect lasting 4 seconds. Later on, the amount of damage for the afterburn of this ability depends on how far away the user is from his/her opponent.
Great Damage
40 damage

Pitiful Damage (Afterburn)
0.9 to 4 damage per second
15 seconds
Crossfire Hurricane Special
Like Crossfire Hurricane, but Magician's Red spews out three ankhs in a duck-foot pattern. Later on, the amount of damage for the afterburn of this ability depends on how far away the user is from his/her opponent.
Great Damage (Each Ankh)
40 damage

Pitiful Damage (Afterburn)
0.9 to 4 damage per second
60 seconds
Red Hot Fireball
Magician's Red throws a ball of flames into the enemy and deals great damage, with the afterburn effect lasting 6 seconds. It charges for about one second, and during this charging period, you can still move around freely and aim. Later on, the amount of damage for the afterburn of this ability depends on how far away the user is from his/her opponent.
No Damage to Superior Damage
0 to 50 damage

Pitiful Damage (Afterburn)
0 to 4.2 damage per second
10 seconds
Flaming Punch
Magician's Red will do a simple punch, dealing great damage, with the afterburn effect lasting 4 seconds. This also slows opponents on hit.
Great Damage
35 damage

Pitiful Damage (Afterburn)
0.3 damage per second
25 seconds
You will do a slide that looks King Crimson Alternate Universe's slide but goes a longer distance and has a higher cooldown.
No Damage
3 seconds

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge:

Magician's Red has one of the lowest durabilities in the game and it is imperative to the playstyle to avoid fighting opponents that are close-ranged. Magician's Red struggles a against stands that are also long-range because of the lack of health and spammable projectiles. It has a few close-ranged options but not many. It is completely reliant of Red Bind for close-ranged combat.


  • T + E Easy
  • T + Y + F + H Hard
  • R + H Easy
  • T + R + J Easy
  • T + J + E + R Easy/Medium
  • R + J Easy
  • H + F + Y Hard
  • T + E + J Easy

Pros and Cons:


  • Great damage output.
  • The afterburn effect deals damage over time.
  • T move (Red Bind) disables your enemy, allowing for easy damage.
  • Very large range.
  • Good moves to maintain distance.
  • Burning bypasses Love Train.


  • Low health, even though its durability is B.
  • Low combo potential, mostly relies on T.
  • Requires good aim.
  • Many of the moves have high cooldown.
  • Projectiles can be hit or miss.


  • The voice lines (N) are "Yes sir!" and "YES! I AM!".
  • It used to have "...*screech*..." as a voice line, but it has been removed shortly after its release.
  • This stand has both the slowest and fastest barrage in game, as it starts off slow but speeds up over time.
  • Magician's Red and Purple Haze used to have the same pose.
  • When killed you say, "Damn you!". This is one of the few stands that play audio when you die.
  • This was included in the Easter Event in the form of an egg Cosmetic.
  • When posing, the theme of Muhammad Avdol, Fire Shaman, will play.
  • It has been said this stand will eventually get a remodel.
  • Magician's Red originally had a Roll, but as of v3.0.2f, it has been changed to a slide.
  • The projectiles for some reason only hit when they have existed in the map for at least 3/4 seconds, otherwise, they will phase through the target, not dealing damage.
  • The only ability currently in game to have a "Burn" effect.