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"The time for Heaven has finally arrived..." - Enrico Pucci (Enriko Putchi, エンリコ・プッチ)


Made in Heaven is the Stand of Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. This Stand is the result of the chain of heavenly evolutions from Enrico Pucci's previous Stands: Whitesnake and C-Moon, which is how Made in Heaven is achieved in-game.

As an extremely fast Stand, Made in Heaven consists of chops and slashes in its moveset. Combine it with the ability to accelerate its speed, this Stand can be extremely deadly when utilized/used correctly.

This Stand can be obtained by using DIO's Diary on C-Moon, which can be obtained by using DIO's Diary on Whitesnake. However, there is a 5% chance to obtain the shiny variant, Made on Hallow's Eve, when using a DIO's Diary on C-Moon. The chance is increased to 20% if DIO's Diary is used on a shiny variant of C-Moon.

The Stand also has a second shiny, Made in Galaxy, which has a very complicated process to obtain.

Obtaining Made in Galaxy

Unlike other shiny Stands, Made in Galaxy does not need an item to obtain.

Every 10 minutes, a white beam has a 20% chance to appear randomly on the map. Walking into the beam with Shiny C-Moon has a 1/3 chance to reward the user with Made in Galaxy; otherwise, the user's Stand is reverted to Whitesnake


Made in Heaven takes the appearance of a half man-half horse (Centaur). Its arm is covered in speedometers. A huge cable, forming a loose arch, joins the humanoid 1/2 of among its shoulder blades to the truncated posterior of the horse. For some reason, MiH's neon circles don't glow in some occasions, presumably glitches.

The horse wears blinders and reins, held by the hands of the humanoid 1/2 of, which wears a collar of lengthy feathers, and a protracted vine wound around its crown. Its head is barely elongated, presented with a huge clock above its eyes and nose. It has huge speedometers additionally embedded in its frame on the facet of the joint of the horse's legs and the horse's forehead.

As for its shinies, Made on Hallow's Eve, contains several differences in its appearance. The main difference being that this shiny is based on "The Headless Horseman", an infamous Halloween monster with a skeletal body and a pumpkin as the head. The Stand also features a horse model with four legs instead of two, having an overall black color scheme, with glowing lights on its pumpkin head, with the horse having glowing blue eyes.

For Made in Heaven's other shiny, Made in Galaxy, it has the same model, just changed to where its white appears to be like a galaxy, it has a special aura around it, and the gold is more saturated and yellow.


Type of Ability Name Description
Accelerated Speed
The user's walkspeed is boosted from 16 to 21 and their jump cooldown is nullified.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Speed Punch
Made in Heaven punches forward quickly, dealing low damage. Has a chance to do a critical hit, dealing additional damage and stun.
Pitiful Damage
9 damage, 18 damage on critical hit
≈0.5 seconds
Supersonic Chop
Made in Heaven chops forward with immense speed with its right hand, dealing an incredible amount of damage. This is one of the few E moves in the game that isn't a barrage.
Great Damage
30 damage
5 Seconds
Backhand Slash
Made in Heaven lunges forward with its arm facing the opponent then suddenly attacks the player in front of it. If you successfully hit your opponent it will ragdoll and knock them back a decent distance.
Great Damage
35 damage
6 Seconds
Accelerated Knife/Pumpkin Toss
The player throws three knives forward. This ability can be used without summoning your Stand. For Made on Hallow's Eve, the user throws Jack-o-lanterns instead.

Note: The knives have limited range.

Pitiful Damage
8 damage per knife
4 Seconds
"Where is he?!"
Made in Heaven uses its intense speed to swap the place of the user with the place of the opponent which the user has their cursor on. This leaves speed lines and a blue screen effect.

Note: This move can be used without the stand out.

No Damage
7 seconds
"You were late by two steps."
Made in Heaven will brutally and rapidly strike the enemy and cut one of their limbs, dealing great damage and making the enemy bleed. While your opponent is bleeding, their walkspeed is slower and their vision will get blurred.
Good Damage
20 damage
Pitiful Damage
2 damage while bleeding
18 seconds
Time Acceleration
When used, the time of day in the server will speed up. Time Acceleration has 10 stages. Each stage lasts for 3 seconds. Your movement speed will increase every stage that progresses. In the 10th stage, your walkspeed will return to normal.

Note: Universe reset can only be used by Made In Galaxy.

No Damage
60 Seconds
"In the name of God, I will smite you!"
Made in Heaven does a brief windup, then dashes forward. On contact with an opponent, the user will seemingly teleport around them using Made in Heaven's immense speed while Made in Heaven chops them 15 times. During the cutscene the camera will give a bird's eye view of the attack. When it is over, the user will end up behind the victim.
Pitiful Damage
4 damage per chop, 60 damage in total.
25 Seconds
Local Time Acceleration
Similar to Time Acceleration (G), Made in Heaven accelerates time. Your movement speed will increase every 3 seconds for 12 seconds, however, the effect lasts for a shorter period of time compared to Time Acceleration.
No Damage
20 seconds
Light Speed Teleport
One second after pressing V, Made in Heaven teleports the user in the direction they are facing, bypassing any obstacles. This has incredible range and can easily be used to get out of bounds.
No Damage
9 seconds
"Weep at your own weakness!"
Using Made in Heaven's insane speeds, the user begins to flash in and out of sight for the next 3 seconds. During this they are immune to all attacks with the exception of Star Platinum (Over Heaven)'s, The World (Over Heaven)'s, Gold Experience Requiem's and Tusk ACT4's attacks. This move is identical to King Crimson and its variants' Foresight/Epitaph, however the user is capable of attacking.
No Damage
20 seconds
Universal Reset
This move resets the universe. In order to use this, you must use the Time Acceleration ability first and when the last stage comes (10th stage), you will have to press J and use Universe Reset. Once used properly, all players are put to watch a cutscene, where they are sucked up by a galaxy. After that, everyone is respawned. This is one of the most unique abilities in the entire game due to having a cutscene for it.
No Damage
60 seconds

Battle Strategies


  • F + E + R (Medium/Hard)
  • F + T (Easy)
  • R + T (Easy)
  • F + R + T (Medium)
  • T + V + F + E + R (Hard)
  • E + F + R + T + E (Hard)
  • R + T + F + E (Medium)
  • F + R + H (Medium)

Pros and Cons:


  • Very fast attack speed.
  • Short cooldowns.
  • Godly mobility.
  • No cooldown for jumping.
  • Invulnerability move.
  • Can cause confusion among teams by swapping places with other players.
  • Good damage.


  • Only one MiH can use any acceleration at any time, so if one uses either accel, no other MiH can for the duration.
  • Too much speed makes it harder to use.
  • LMB Attack has no knockback.


Made in Heaven:

  • Voice lines: to play voice lines press N. Made in Heaven's voice lines are: "This is... Made in heaven!", and, "By the name of God I will smite you!".
  • This is one of a few Stands to have a unique Z move, the others being Gold Experience Requiem, One More Time, The Hand, Sticky Fingers, Tusk, D4C:LT (During Love Train), Soft & Wet and Joseph Hamon.
  • Instead of bringing players to a new universe, Made in Heaven's old Universe Reset move would refresh the server changing everyone stands (temporarily) except for players who had Made in Heaven in the server. This move was later reworked during the Sandbox Update.
  • When posing, Made in Heaven was supposed to play Queen's song, Made in Heaven, referencing the name of the Stand. However, the audio has been deleted from Roblox because of copyright. Made in Heaven now plays Town Talk, the song ROBLOX plays whenever a sound ID has been deleted.It has been changed back to another version of Made in Heaven recently, however.
  • Made in Heaven was purposefully disabled during the Sandbox Update to fix the seizure-inducing strobe light exploit. It was reactivated after receiving a full move rework.

Made on Hallow's Eve:

  • When the Stand is taken out, it will play the iconic "Fetch me their souls!" from the game "Call of Duty: Zombies".
  • This Stand only has one voiceline: "edgy laugh............................................."
  • MoHE used to be one of the rarest Stands when it became unobtainable.
  • MoHE's speed stat before the 2019 data reset was a Jack-O-Lantern Emoji. It is unknown why this was changed.
  • MoHE was originally never supposed to be released again.
  • When checking status with MoHE, The name will be "Made in Heaven" instead of "Made On Hallows Eve".
  • MoHE used to have a pumpkin for a head before the creator of the pumpkin model took it down.


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