"The 'time for Heaven'. It has finally arrived..." - Enrico Pucci (Enriko Pucchi, エンリコ・プッチ)


Made in Heaven is the stand of Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. This stand is the end result of the chain of heavenly evolutions from Enrico Pucci's previous stands; Whitesnake and C-Moon, which is how Made in Heaven are achieved in-game. This stand also has a shiny counterpart of itself: Made On Hallow's Eve.

This stand can be obtained by using Dio's Diary on C-Moon, which could be obtained by using the diary on Whitesnake.


Made in Heaven takes the appearance of a masculine humanoid fused at its waist to the front end of a horse, its arms covered in neon circles. A large cable, forming a clean arch, joins the humanoid half between its shoulder blades to the truncated posterior of the horse.

The horse wears blinders and reins, held in the hands of the humanoid half, which wears a collar of long feathers, and a long vine wound around its crown. Its head is slightly elongated, with a smooth, black surface; embedded with a large clock face in the region of its eyes and nose, with its mouth on its jaw as a piece with the majority of its light or white body.

It has large speedometers also embedded in its body at the side of the joint of the horse's legs and the horse's forehead, with smaller ones on side of the humanoid's shoulders, its forearms, and the back of its hands, and on the horse's blinders. Made in Heaven is white in most media featuring this Stand.  


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
Accelerated Speed
The user's walk speed is boosted from 16 to 21.
Passive B
A Glance at Infinity
Because Made in Heaven has infinite speed, it can jump without any cooldown, unlike any other stand. This is good for dodging attacks since you can spam jump. However, this passive can make you very vulnerable to Aerial attacks.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Speed Punch
Made in Heaven throws a weak punch with incredible speed. Unlike other click attacks, this has almost zero cooldown, meaning it can be spam clicked, allowing it to act as a mini barrage, leading to it dealing a lot of consecutive and non-stop damage, which is good for countering stands like Shadow The World, a stand that is hard to master due to its poor durability. It can also counter other stands.

Note: Despite its fast speed, this click attack does less damage than most other stand's click attacks.

Pitiful Damage
9 damage and under
≈0.5 seconds
Severing Chop
Made in Heaven chops forward with the immense speed with its right hand, dealing an incredible amount of damage. This is also one of the few E in the game that isn’t a rush.
Great Damage
30 to 49 damage
6 Seconds
Backhand Slash
Made in Heaven lunges forward with his arm facing the opponent then suddenly attacks the player in front of him.
Great Damage
30 to 49 damage
6 Seconds
Accelerated Knife Toss
The player throws three knives at the target. This ability can be used without revealing your stand. It has little to no cool-down in TA (spammable). In order to do this, however, the user would need to finish the knife-throwing animation first.

Note: the knives are not as fast as any other knives; the knives also have limited range.

Moderate Damage
Pitiful Damage 9 damage and under
4 Seconds
Prime Number Counting
Made In Heaven counts prime numbers from "2" to "23" to calm its user down. If someone hits them Made In Heaven will teleport multiple times and is almost impossible to avoid. Once activated, this move cannot be deactivated until the full duration of the move expires. (Unlike Shadow The World, where you can activate and deactivate it at will). However, this ability can leave you vulnerable to long-range moves; Made in Heaven lowers all damage done by long-ranged projectiles. This move can be easily countered by projectile moves. This move cannot be used during Time Acceleration.

Note: It does not work against projectiles, Made in Heaven's F or Y, Gold Experience Requiem users, or King Crimson's H move. If the attacker uses a barrage against you during this, the damage stacks and you will be able to instantly kill the attacker.

Great Damage
30 to 49 damage
40 seconds
Cursor on Target +
Light Speed Thrust
Made In Heaven utilizes its speed to teleport behind a target indicated by your mouse cursor, while it launches the target upwards while stunning the target. this move is similar to The World's Y ability and Star Platinum (Stone Ocean)'s Y move.
Good Damage
20 to 29 damage
25 Seconds
Throat Slice
Made In Heaven users will forcefully and swiftly dash towards the direction the user is facing, and cut the enemy(s) for 50 damage and 60 in TA (72 in TA the last stage, special TA only dealt 60), dealing superior damage and rag-doll effect yours enemy(s). This move cannot be used without revealing the stand and cannot be blocked. This move has a 30 second cool down. Sometimes, this move will bug and deal no damage.
Incredible Damage - 75 - 99 damage
25 seconds
Light Speed "Teleport"
Made In Heaven "teleports" in an instant in the direction its user's facing, avoiding any attacks and obstacles meaning you can teleport through things like walls and buildings, and travels further than a normal roll for other stands and has the better teleportation ability when compared to King Crimson's teleportation ability, as it has a smaller cooldown/is more spammable and this can make the user travel longer distances only using teleportation, therefore making its user more mobile and efficient. This isn't really considered teleportation since MiH uses its immense speed to travel and is not able to teleport.
No Damage
2 seconds
Time Acceleration
When used, the background music and time of day in the server will speed up. The cooldown of MiH abilities will also be reduced and your movement speed will increase every stage that progresses. There are 13 stages of TA, each stage lasts 3 seconds while the last stage lasts around 10 seconds. This is where the Full-Time Acceleration takes effect, where your movement speed will be maxed out (if the user has not used Universe Reset). This move will also cancel/shorten out any Timestop, and increasing the damage of your abilities/moves.

Note: This move will also heal you slowly in the later stages of the ability.

No Damage
50 seconds
Universe Reset
This move resets the universe. It also makes the user faster than a complete Time Acceleration. In order to use this, you must use the Time Acceleration ability first and when TA ends, you have 1.2 seconds to press J and use Universe Reset. Once used properly, the screen will turn bright orangish-red. After that, it resets everyone's stand also giving everyone in the server a random stand for 90 seconds. After 90 seconds, everything will go back to normal. If another Made In Heaven user uses this ability it will cause all MiH users to have the same cooldown. This ability has a 10-minute cooldown. While in Universe Reset your damage returns to normal.

Note: You can only use this move during the end of Time Acceleration. Also, Rokakaka Fruit(s), Arrows, and Trading are both disabled during the 90 seconds of Universe Reset so that players don't lose their original stand/spec. The orange effect that is shown in the Universe Reset will also show for the other player's screen. You will only obtain arrow stands.

No Damage
10 minutes
Light Speed Flight
Made in Heaven glides swiftly in the direction its user's facing for up to 5 seconds. This Z move also has the longest travel distance than the Normal Stand Jump, a common Z ability for most stands. It is also similar to One More Time, however, it will dash farther and faster without doing damage. This move can be good for evading time stops. This move can also be used to climb up buildings. This move is also good for chasing the enemy and dodging attacks.
No Damage
8 seconds

Removed/Reworked Abilities:

R - 3 Punch Combo

3 punch combo from the stand user. This move has a high chance of critical hitting, dealing 34 damage instead, which is like a heavy punch and can be used without showing your stand.

Y - Infinite Speed

Made in Heaven accelerates both itself and the user at such a speed that they seemingly teleport behind the player your cursor is pointing at. (No damage)

H - Old Time Acceleration

Made in Heaven speeds up time, allowing the player to move much faster, it can disable time stops, make player walk speed slower (No damage increasing)

F - Mastered Universe Reset

Made in Heaven resets the universe, buffing itself up by halving move cooldowns. Any moves on cooldown as Universe Reset is activated will instantly be freed.

Battle Strategy:

General Combat Knowledge:

Made in Heaven is one of the most powerful stands in-game for a different reason than other abilities. Whereas most stands or specs have immense strength or hard-to-counter abilities, Made in Heaven's true power comes from its unrivaled speed. Its speed allows its users to zoom around without getting hit, and at the same time doing damage to the opponent with little to no cooldown in later stages of Time Acceleration. Its speed is shown as infinite in the wiki, showing that its speed is unrivaled. A good way to counter Made In Heaven is to lure the user into houses, buildings, and anything that has 4 walls and a roof. Usually, the only way they would survive getting lured in is by teleporting out or managing to reach the exit before dying.


E and R are Made in Heaven's go-to abilities. Both moves are close-ranged and E can ragdoll the opponent for a good amount of time, along with having moderately-low cooldowns. T is Made in Heaven's long-ranged ability with a short cooldown, but it doesn't travel as far or as fast as most people think. An experienced player can easily move out of the way. F is Made in Heaven's hard-hitting and hard-to-miss move, which also ragdolls your opponent further and lays the ground for more attacks, but it has a long cooldown. B is Made in Heaven's counter, but you should be careful when using this because it doesn't affect Requiem or long-ranged attacks, which can leave you vulnerable. You should use this move when you're certain your opponent's next attack will hit you. Otherwise, it's a waste. Y is used to teleport and attack opponents that are close to you, but not close enough to attack with a close-range attack. Finally, Made in Heaven's H move, Time Acceleration, is definitely one of the best abilities in-game. Not only does it buff your speed tremendously, but it also gives you passive health regeneration. Experienced Made in Heaven users are absolute pros when using this, as they are practically untouchable. However, newer users will find it a tad difficult to land attacks with such insane speed. Make sure you know your opponent is in range of your next attack before striking. Made in Heaven's Z Move (Light-Speed Dash) is a Top Tier Z Move, due to it being able to cover a lot of ground compared to other Z moves, especially the common Stand Jump. Remember that Time Acceleration not only increases the user's speed but also decreases the cooldown of attacks allowing for the user to stunlock their opponent to death with E and R at later stages of time acceleration.



  • H + J + E + R + V + E + R + E + R + E + R + E + R + F + T + Y + R + E + T +E + R + V + E + R + E + R + E + R + E + R + F + T + Y + R + E + T '''(A combo good for Killing everyone)  Extremely Hard
  • F + Y + E + R (Long to close range combo).
  • Y + E + H + Z + R + spam T + J (Pretty OP combo if you're stuck in a 3v1).
  • Y + E + R + F + T (Pretty good combo, requires slight aim, and really OP in Time Acceleration).
  • E + R + F (A pretty abusive spam combo).
  • H + T + V (Fast way to spam your knives, but the longer the effect, the less efficient this combo is).
  • T + V + B (A way to gain the attention and bait your enemies, however, this has a small possibility of working).
  • Spacebar + Z (A good way to get into the air, more or less "flying" to get away from opponents).
  • H + E + R + V + E + R + E + R + E + R + J (A good way to use your abilities during your TA effectively, while making sure that other opponents don't deal any damage to the user as well. In case of that, the Universe Reset can help, "reset", everything, as everyone's resets will max health and the only difference is the stands other users have.).
  • H + F + R + spam T till TA ends.
  • E + R + F + T
  • H + Z (hold) + V + F (To get to somewhere fast).
  • E + R + F + T + Y + R + E + T + (H if you want to speed up this combo.) (This combo can 1 shot an OHs if you use H it will be overkill. Quick, fast and high damage.) Hard
  • Y + E + R + F + V/Z (to get close to the enemy, you can either do V or Z or both.) + E + R (Can be a very abusive combo.) - Hard
  • B (must landed) + F + Z/V + Y + E + R + T - Medium
  • 'Y + E + R + F + V/Z + E + R - Hard'
  • V + E + R (or R + E ) then walk backward a bit (to stay out of the opponent's range) + T Easy
  • Y + F (Must head to where the opponent is for the move to land perfectly) + T (Head to the opponent) Easy
  • F + Y(on target) + V (away from user) + T + V(Towards user) E + R + H (spam T) + F + V (towards user) (If not dead) + E + R Hard
  • F + V(toward opponent) + Y + E + R + T Medium

Pros and Cons:


  • Good Damage.
  • Good Durability.
  • Fastest walkspeed in-game.
  • Extremely good mobility and movement options.
  • Great combo potential.
  • Very viable in high-level play.
  • Jump is spammable.
  • Very fast attack speed.
  • Clicking is fast enough to create a mini barrage.
  • Short cooldown.
  • Has a counter-attack.
  • Grants you amazing walk speed and damage buff during time acceleration.
  • Can cancel timestop.
  • Spammable knives during time acceleration


  • Mediocre ranged attack.
  • Needs to close the distance to do good damage.
  • Counter-attack is easy to punish if you don't use it right, ranged attacks also bypass Made In Heaven's counter.


  • Voice lines: to play voice lines press N. Made in Heaven's voice lines include: "This is... Made in Heaven!", and, "By the name of God I will smite you!".
  • Time Acceleration is usually banned in 1v1 fights due to it being too Over Powered.
  • Made in Heaven's move set was created by Bloodtaro, with a few small adjustments.
  • Made in Heaven's J move originally just resets everyone back to their spawn with full health and their own stands, this was of course later changed to what it is today. A stand switch.
  • This is one of a few stands to have a unique stand jump. The others being Gold Experience Requiem (and its reskin, Universal Gold Experience Requiem), One More Time (Deleted), Pot Platinum (Admins only), The Hand, Sticky Fingers, Tusk, and Soft and Wet. For MiH, its jump does not have any cooldowns, making the stand better in terms of mobility and speed.
  • This stand is one of the stands that have no roll. (Same as Mr. President. and Tusk act 1-3)
  • In the 1.9.8 update, Made in Heaven received its final rework.
  • Made in Heaven's Universe Reset was actually its old F move. It used to just make you slightly faster and lower all the cooldowns on your moves (except Time Acceleration and Universe Reset itself).
  • This is currently the fastest stand in-game. However, this does not apply to specs, as that title would go to Samurai.
  • Made In Heaven's Shiny (Made on Hallow's Eve) was deleted after the data reset. This stand had a 2% chance to be obtained by using DIO's Diary on C-Moon. However, it will be obtainable again for the duration of next October/Halloween.
  • Made in Heaven's Time Acceleration used to be an instant speed boost to your walk speed only, it also doesn't increase your speed every 3 seconds, but its an instant speed boost instead (probably around 30 walk speed).
  • When posing, Made in Heaven will do a similar pose that of the user. However, it doesn’t look like it due to the legs and arms being so small to even see it.
  • When posing, Made in Heaven plays Queen's song, "Made In Heaven", referencing the name of the stand. In the manga, when MiH poses, a dialog box saying *ta ta* and, *helicopter sounds*, appears, also referencing the opening of the Queen song.
  • There was a glitch where people that used time acceleration, were banned from the game, due to a poor security update that was meant to catch speed-hackers.
  • If a Made in Heaven user poses and exits the pose at the right time they can move while posing, even being able to use their moves.
  • Some specs can dodge the counter of MiH, such as Samurai.
  • There is a glitch with the universe reset ability, in which, one may receive Made In Heaven as the reset stand. When this occurs, the stand seems to function semi-normally except pressing the N key it says, "Quote" while playing one of the different voicelines.
  • Projectile moves and AOE attacks, such as Star Platinum's Iggy Throw or Star Platinum (Over Heaven)'s Reality Shattering Pulse, can still damage Made in Heaven's user when the counter move is activated.
  • Made in Heaven's ability "Throat slice" originally was an attack visually showing the user performing with a unique animation. But after one of the reworks, this was changed and now the stand performs the animation rather than the user, which explains why you can use the ability without your stand. (Bug fix)
  • Made in Heaven is possibly the only stand that is unable to dodge Silver Chariot's F ability due to it instead of using a roll, it uses a teleport.
  • Made in Heaven's attacks such as E, R, and F will randomly not do damage after using universe reset, the F is the most common attack to break after doing so. (Bug fixed)
  • The counter for Made in Heaven currently still DOES NOT do damage. It is a visual bug which means you actually did no damage making is absolutely useless and confusing for the user. This bug was likely caused by the attempt to fix the counter. (Bug fixed)
  • If you aren't in a friendly fight it should be recommended that you absolutely do not use the counter. Sometimes as a visual bug, it will kill the player even having them break apart while in reality, they are still alive. Meaning you will put yourself in a horrific battle against someone you can't even see, not even their stand. The best solution to fix this is universe reset since the only way to fix this bug is through respawning Sometimes the counter may do insane damage such as 60% of someone's hp, but this bug can easily be caused through using counter on someone with very low health. (Bug fixed)
  • Certain abilities can very temporarily bug your walkspeed buffs given in Time acceleration. Stuns like Silver Chariot's rush, Tusk act 4's glide, Shadow the World's LMB, and various other walkspeed debuffs will set you back to normal walkspeed (16), rather than your walkspeed that's buffed by a set amount from Time acceleration. (Bug fixed)
  • 6/15/2020 Made in Heaven's bugs including the ones listed above have been fixed with the help of the user "BigBoyBeppo" informing the developer "GenScript" of all the bugs Made in Heaven has had for the past few months. For the sake of this being a "trivia" the bugs will be kept up as it's an important history for the stand.
  • Sticky Finger’s Z goes longer than yours, but not as fast.
  • You can move while posing and have the pose music playing if you time accelerate and press g when your speed changes in time acceleration.
  • If you are experiencing heavy lag and use the B move, there is a small chance that Made In Heaven will not stop the number count at 23 and keep counting for a small period.
  • There was a glitch with Made in Heaven in which, the user Accelerates Time, and when the screen is orange, it gets stuck and Universe Reset will get canceled. Resetting to trying to do another universe reset will not work.

Wall of Credits:

  1. TheEyeOfRed (TheEyeOfRed#2339) - Writting Battle Strategy
  2. Official ABD Trello - Move descriptions, Gallery's content.


Sound Gallery:

MIH using Speed Punch.
MIH using Light-Speed Chop.
MIH using Heavy Light-Speed Chop.
The user using Knives Throw.
MIH using Light Speed Thrust.
MIH using Throat Slice.
MIH using Time Acceleration.
MIH using Universal Reset.
MIH using Teleportation.
The user using Prime-Number Counting.
When someone hits you with Prime-Number Counting.


"This is... Made In Heaven!"
"By the name of God, I will smite you!"
User summoning MIH.


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