This Stand/Spec is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this Stand/Spec in-game, as it is unobtainable for now and whether or not if it will come back is unknown, as the ABD Staff Team have yet to announce the final status with this stand.

"Fetch me their souls!" - Spooky Pucci (Bukimina pūchi, 不気味なプーチ)


Made on Hallows Eve is the shiny variant of Made In Heaven. Before this was unobtainable, you could obtain by using DIO's diary with C-Moon. (2% chance). During that time, you can only get it at around Halloween, however, there was a bug enabling access to it until mid-December.

Unlike MIH's horse, this has 4 legs, which is a sign of bad luck for superstitious people such as Guido Mista. This stand is based on "The Headless Horseman", an infamous Halloween monster with a skeletal body and a pumpkin as a head. Features a ghostly sword with its horse and model having a black color, with glowing lights on its pumpkin head and the horse's eyes are glowing blue.


E - Beheading Chop

Made On Hallows Eve chops forward with immense speed, dealing an incredible amount of damage.

R - Light-Speed Decapitation:

Made on Hallows Eve chops forward with the immense speed with his right hand, dealing an incredible amount of damage. This Move does 40 damage (45 in TA) and has a 5-second cooldown.

T - Flaming Jack o' lantern Throw

The player throws three pumpkins at the target, each dealing moderate damage.

Y - Infinite Speed

Made On Hallows Eve accelerates both itself and the user at such a speed that they seemingly teleport behind the player your cursor is pointing at.

Note: This ability was removed as it's gonna get replaced surely for Light Speed Thrust.

F - Throat Slice

The user quickly dashes from their position and heavily damage any users it touches.

H - Time Acceleration

Made On Hallows Eve speeds up time, allowing the player to move much faster and Make all moves cooldown become half.

J - Universe Reset

Made on Hallows Eve resets the universe, everyone in the server instantly gets random stands (Stands from arrows also low tier).

Z + Hold - Light Speed Flight

Made On Hallows Eve glides in the direction its user is facing for 3 seconds.

V - Short Range Teleport

Made On Hallows Eve Dash/Teleport for short-range, short cooldown.

B - Counter Moves/Prime Number Counting

The user counts numbers to calm down. When someone attacks the user when counting, Made On Hallows Eve teleport behind The opponent then Made On Hallows Eve reflect the damage of the opponent, dealing an incredible amount of damage. This has a deeper voice.


  • Early MoHe giveaway is ended but the winner decided to roka MoHe to prevent being spammed with trades.
  • When the stand was taken out, it would play the iconic, "Fetch me their souls!" from the game Call Of Duty ZOMBIES.
  • This stand only has one voice line which is, "edgy laugh................................................."
  • MoHe used to be one of the rarest stands when it became unobtainable.

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