"You have my King Crimson's arms and Epitaph! Calm down and look carefully for movements." - Diavolo (Diaboro, ディアボロ)


King Crimson (Two Arm Doppio) is the Stand of Vinegar Doppio, an antagonist featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo.

This Stand can be obtained using a Frog on King Crimson (Doppio). This Stand can also be obtained by using a Bizarre Arrow with a random chance of obtaining it. When using another frog and obtaining full King Crimson, there is a 1% chance of receiving Manga King Crimson, one of King Crimson's shiny variants.


This Stand are the 2 arms of the original full-body King Crimson, with Epitaph on the player's head as a Sub-Stand for the arms. It has the same appearance as King Crimson (Doppio), but has 2 arms.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Potent Blow
Similar to its one-armed counterpart, King Crimson shoves their right arm at the opponent doing superior damage, while also knocking them back.
Superior Damage
50 damage
3 seconds
Severing Chop
Just like before, Charges up a very superior chop to the enemy player.
Superior Damage
50 damage
3 seconds
Future Sight
Uses Epitaph to see into the future, dodging all incoming attacks for 5 seconds. When the ability is active, the user cannot attack during this period. To disable this before the 5 second duration, Press F again. This can be used to surprise enemies.

Note: This cannot dodge attacks from stands such as Gold Experience Requiem, Over Heaven or its alternate variants.

No damage
20 seconds
Erasure Shift
Erases time very briefly, teleporting its user a few studs forward in the direction they're facing. This can teleport you through enemies as well as allow you to attack almost immediately after doing so.
No damage
5 seconds
The player leans down, and after a few seconds returns to their feet and enters the second form of King Crimson (Two Arm).
No damage
60 seconds

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Kingly Barrage
Unlike its first form, King Crimson's arms start to punch wildly in front of the user 40 times, dealing superior damage.
Superior Strength
5 damage per punch
5 seconds
Scalpel Throw
Hurls 5 scalpels at the enemy, making dealing with people trying to escape a breeze. Deals 7.5 damage each scalpel. If you land all of them, it does 37.5 damage.
Pitiful Damage
7.5 damage per scalpel
3 seconds
Godly Erasure
Shoves its fist into the ground, instantly teleporting anyone nearby into their grasps.
Superior Damage
50 damage
30 seconds
Mighty Stab
Thrusts its arm through the enemy, picking them up while dealing superior damage.
Superior Damage
50 damage
20 seconds
Future Sight
Kept from its first form. Uses Epitaph to see into the future, dodging all incoming attacks for 5 seconds.
No damage
20 seconds
Erasure Shift
Also kept from its first form. Erases time very briefly, teleporting its user a few studs forward in the direction they're facing. This can teleport you through enemies as well as allow you to attack almost immediately after doing so
No damage
5 seconds

Evolved Forms

(LMB + Frog) - King Crimson

The user will use the frog on itself, assuming it has King Crimson (Two Arm). The user will then reset and the user will obtain the final Stand of the King Crimson Trilogy: King Crimson full form. However, the frog also has a small chance to grant the user a shiny version of King Crimson, Manga King Crimson.

(LMB + Frog) - King Crimson (Manga Color Scheme)

This isn't so much of evolution but a chance of getting from the regular way of obtaining King Crimson. When used on King Crimson (Two Arm), there is a 1% percent chance of getting the manga reskin, it provides no extra damage and no moves that are different from normal KC. However, has some additional quotes.

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge

King Crimson (Two Arm)'s attacks can end almost anyone if you use them correctly. Although it's durability is an E, it's attack power and speed are solid A's. Just like King Crimson (Doppio), this is a very good combo Stand. If you use attacks in an order that creates no opening, your weak defense won't be an issue.


Erasure Grab (T in the second form) is a very important move for combos. This move simultaneously pulls in your opponents for combos by grouping them up and doing massive amounts of damage (50). This moves range is in a circle around the player so it can help you if multiple people are attacking you. Future Sight (F) and Erasure Shift (V) are very important as well. Due to the low durability, you can use these moves if you fail a combo or are on cooldown. Use V before F though because you are unable to use any moves during Future Sight. Potent Blow (E) and Severing Chop (R) as well a very good pair. With their low cooldowns, a good amount of damage and knockback, used in the right times these can make or break a battle.


Use these to help guide you through using this Stand.

  • H + T + Y + E(Hold) Medium
  • R + E Easy
  • V + F Easy
  • H + Y + E(Hold) + R Medium
  • E + V + R Easy
  • R + E + V Easy
  • H + T + R Easy
  • H + Spam R + when is close T + Y (always try to keep your distance to maximize the damage of the knives that will be your main source of damage) Medium
  • H + Y + T + R Medium

Pros and Cons


  • Great damage output.
  • Epitaph.
  • Short cooldowns..
  • Hits are very easy to land.
  • Moveset transformation.
  • Scalpels are very strong and spammable, allowing for easy hits.
  • Barrage has a below average cooldown.


  • Bad durability.
  • Low combo potential.
  • Epitaph can be bypassed by certain moves.
  • Cannot switch between modes, as once you switch to second mode, you are stuck in it until you reset/die.
  • Second mode lacks a heavy punch.
  • No Stand jump.


  • If you transform into your second form without summoning your Stand, you won't be able to summon your Stand until you reset.
  • If you transform, pose, then unpose, you can move around while transforming. This can allow you to get to safety while transforming, and not leave yourself open.
  • On King Crimson (Two Arm)'s second form of abilities, Y and T have the longest cooldown out of every move (On second form of course).
  • In the anime, Doppio gets KC’s other arm by "calling" the Boss with a frog.
  • This Stand has no voice lines. The only other abilities that have no voice lines are Wamuu and Creeper Queen.
  • If you go on transformation, then do Godly Erasure, and the moment it's about to hit the ground, eat a fruit. Then the person wouldn't get hit by some attacks.
  • This is one of five Stands in-game to not have a humanoid or artificial-humanoid form, others being The EmperorAnubis, its previous version, and Mr. President.
  • King Crimson (Two Arm) will turn back into its first form after a long period of time, or when you reset/die.
  • Occasionally, if you have summoned King Crimson (Two Arm), you cannot desummon it by pressing Q again. This will only happen if you have used Transformation before trying to desummon.
  • Unlike Shadow The World and Anubis, King Crimson (Two Arm) cannot change and unchange its moveset whenever it wants. This is shared with Gold Experience Requiem and Chariot Requiem.
  • Just like its former incarnation, Epitaph will adjust to the face and head color of the player.
  • Godly Erasure's animation is shared with C-Moon's 3KM Gravity Shift, although slightly faster.
  • Repeatedly pressing H will reset the animation, causing you to do a headbang of sorts before the animation plays out properly.


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