"This is a trial... The trial of defeating my past... I accept it. In order to grow, we must defeat the mistakes of our past." - Diavolo (Diaboro, ディアボロ)


King Crimson (Manga Colour Scheme), nicknamed simply as Manga King Crimson, also known as King Crimson: Eyes of Heaven is a shiny variant of Full Body King Crimson.

You can obtain it by using a Frog on Two Arm Doppio King Crimson with a 1% chance. This stand is a replacement of King Crimson's previous Shiny: Sans Crimson.


King Crimson (Manga Colour Scheme) is a humanoid stand with a diagonal grid over his body, same for its face, neck, shoulders, hands, knees, and feet. His sub-stand, Epitaph, can be seen on his head. The body is seen mostly as red/orange, but the grid is yellow. The eyes for Epitaph and King Crimson (Manga Color Scheme) are green.

His hands have iron knuckles on it, though his actual knuckles are green. The grid can actually be seen if you put your camera in it. The head is facing sideways. However, if you attack with it, it will face forward, and the stand user will face sideways.

Befitting its name, King Crimson is depicted in all media featuring it as being primarily red, with the shade of red varying from work to work. It is depicted in all media as having lime green eyes. Its primary face and the grid on its body are either white or yellow, and its metallic body parts are usually portrayed as white or silvery. 


Type of Ability Name Description
"I've already fired, Bucciarati..." Time Erasing for less than 5 seconds will apply a cooldown 50% shorter than the normal cooldown. When your cooldown is reduced, the next Time Erase won't play a shouting voice line before time erases, making you unpredictable.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Potent Blow
Manga King Crimson uses its left arm to deal an incredibly strong frontal blow to the opponent. This move has a knockback effect.
Incredible Strength 40 to 44 damage
5 seconds
Severing Chop
Manga King Crimson uses its strength to deal an extremely powerful chop to the enemy using its right arm. This move is very good for starting combos. The move also ragdolls.
Superior Strength 35 to 39 damage
5 Seconds
"Epitaph!" Future Sight
Manga King Crimson uses Epitaph to predict the upcoming actions of anyone for 5 seconds, allowing both it and the user to dodge every attack. You can press T again to cancel Future Sight. Over Heaven stands and requiem can break through this attack.
No damage.
15 Seconds
Brutal Kick
Manga King Crimson uses its right leg to kick the opponent for an incredible amount of damage. This move sends the target flying up in the air then falling down to a ragdoll state. This move is also very good for starting combos.
Incredible Strength 40 to 44 damage
5 Seconds
Mighty Thrust
Manga King Crimson focuses its strength into its left fist, then thrusts it into the opponent's torso, dealing an incredible amount of damage.
Great Strength
(30 to 34 damage)
14 Seconds
Time Erasure
Manga King Crimson erases time for up to 10 seconds with a 20-second cooldown. You will be invisible and gain increased walking speed while erasing time. When the user's health is in the yellow or below, the voiceline Manga King Crimson yells will change. If you get hit while time is erased, your TE is cancelled.

GERs/UGERs can cancel this ability automatically.

No damage.
20 Seconds
Mighty Finisher
While Manga King Crimson has erased time, it can perform a devastating strike to its opponent while at the same time ending Time Erasure. The move deals godly damage. This move can be used in a good combo, instantly killing your victim even if he/she has about 40% of health or lower left.
Godly Strength 45+ damage
30 Seconds
Erasure Shift
Manga King Crimson erases time very briefly, teleport its user a few studs forward in the direction they're facing. This can teleport you through enemies as well as allow you to attack almost immediately after doing so. And this skill can also teleport through thin walls. It's a good idea to use this move to set up flank attacks. Or running away, whichever you want.
No daamge.
3 Seconds

Battle Strategy:

General Combat Knowledge:

Due to the fact that King Crimson's attacks are incredibly mighty, it can be used to easily end basically anyone, given that you run away when you need to and attack when it's ideal. The kick move (Y) is very useful for beginning and ending combos, as it momentarily suspends the target in midair. Although its durability stat is E, it still has the equivalent of B in health.


You shouldn't under any circumstances let your Future Sight (T) build dust over time. It can easily be used to save yourself in unfavorable situations or to approach your target safely(obviously unless you're against a gold experience requiem or over heaven stand, in which case the best idea is to just run for your life). To set up possible ambushes or assaults, you can use your Time Erasure (F) to traverse the land easily mostly without disruptions (again, if you're against a gold experience requiem you're basically screwed). Moving along, Erasure Shift is astoundingly useful for setting up potential attacks or literally just running. As aforementioned in the King Crimson stand page, (if you've read it) you can teleport through players (and small objects). This may or may not be useful, but I can see it being used to confuse the enemy for a short period of time, creating free space to throw another attack in, possibly ending the fight, right then and there. Time Erasure also allows you space to run away or lay the groundwork for surprise attacks. This move is great for escaping/avoiding fights to regain health. This move also allows you to use your J move. But if you attack during time erase, your time erase will be canceled. If your J move's cooldown is not over, you will only cancel your TE.


  • R + Y + H.
  • E + R + Y + H.
  • F + J + R + Y + H.
  • Y + H + R + E + Y + R + E.
  • F + J + C + V + Y + H + V + R + E + Y + R.
  • Y + R + E + V + R + E.
  • R + E + V + Y + H.
  • R +Y + H + E (fastest possible combo with the shortest delay on animation).
  • Y + R + C + H + C and/or V to get to enemy + E + does god level damage.
  • Y + R + E + V + H.
  • R + V + Y + H + E.
  • Y + R + H + V + E
  • E + V + R + Y + H.
  • F + J + R + Y + H.
  • Y + H + R + E + Y + R + E.
  • F + J + C + V + Y + H + V + R + E + Y + R.
  • Y + R + E + V + R + E.
  • R + Y + H + E (fastest possible combo with the shortest delay on animation).
  • Y + R + C + H + C and/or V to get to enemy + E (does god level damage)
  • Y + R + E + H + F + J + Y + R + E + Y + R + E + H + F ,+ J again but this time you will not strike a surprise attack with J. Instead you will cancel the TE and appear. You may use this to strike a whole combo on someone again. (Do remember that you must hit the J move in less than 5 seconds. Otherwise, it would take longer to TE again.)


  • Manga King Crimson is the replacement for Sans Crimson. And also the original design before Sans Crimson
  • This stand's name has been subject of sort of a debate, while the stand in-game is called King Crimson (Manga Colour Scheme), a developer (Dreams, to be exact) stated that the stand is called King Crimson (Eyes of Heaven), and the fans tend to call it Manga King Crimson.
  • Manga King Crimson plays audio from the anime.
  • You can walk while posing by using TE and then hit G, wait for the TE then wait for the TE to end or hit F.
  • When stand jumping (Press Z), it will play a Diavolo quote: "Teiou wa kono Diavolo da! Izen kawari naku!" followed with a Menacing Laugh. Summoning MKC will also play a deep and menacing "Kingu Kurimzon..." from the anime. Normal King Crimson used to have the Z quote.
  • Even though it says Eyes of Heaven, this stand is also in All-Star Battle.
  • This stand is debated as the true shiny variant of King Crimson, and is also mourned in trading, and is also known as the Rarest stand in A Bizarre Day. Some say that Oreo has rarer since the chance is less than 1, but Manga is considered rarer by the community.
  • People also Nickname it Pizza King Crimson, because the model looks like a pizza.
  • This is currently one of the rarest stands in the game.
  • During Time Erasure, it will also play Diavolo's theme. If your health is lower than half, the theme during TE will be replaced with "la Battaglia Finale" (The Final Battle).
  • The latest update lets you TE in TS and move if you did it before the TS.
  • Most people in the A Bizarre Day community have trouble deciding if the counterpart to Manga Colour Scheme King Crimson, King Crimson Black and White is rarer or less rare.


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