"How does it feel? Being stuck in a black void of warped space and time? Pretty bad, right? It's my miracle, an end to all things." - Diavolo (Diaboro, ディアボロ)


King Crimson: Alternate Universe, often shortened to KC: AU, is the non-canonical version of King Crimson that appears in the light novel: Jorge Joestar, a non-canon story in the JoJo universe.

King Crimson: Alternate Universe's main abilities consist of different punches and strikes, all of which deal a high amount of damage. It also has a sub-stand named Epitaph, which grants the user immunity to most stand abilities and moves when activated.

This stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 2% chance (S-Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow


King Crimson: Alternate Universe is a humanoid stand, with its upper body covered by a raised diagonal grid; same for its face, neck, shoulder guards, elbows, hands, abdomen, crotch, knees, and feet/footwear.

Its eyes comprise of sharp orifices of a steep inward slant; from which emerge small, round eyes. Its crown is flat and from its forehead emerges a raised level that bears a smaller, oval face of the same expression.

The aforementioned second face on King Crimson's forehead is named Epitaph. Epitaph presents itself as a bump on the forehead featuring eyes and a mouth, often mimicking King Crimson's current mood.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Mighty Blow King Crimson: Alternate Universe uses its left arm to pound the enemy with a potent punch. This attack deals a great amount of damage while dealing good knockback and ragdolling the enemy.
Great Strength
40 damage
Severing Chop Rush King Crimson: Alternate Universe turns its original counterpart's Severing Chop into a rush attack of three fast chops, which each deal superior damage.
Great Strength
40 damage per chop
Future Sight King Crimson: Alternate Universe uses Epitaph to predict the next 10 seconds of time. The user uses this to dodge incoming attacks accordingly except the Over Heaven Stands' T moves, GER's R move and surprisingly, KQ/BTD's bombs. The user cannot attack during this period. To disable this before the 10 seconds duration, press T again. This can be used to surprise enemies.
No Damage
Heart Strike King Crimson: Alternate Universe uses its left arm to grab the target, impaling their heart with an incredibly powerful punch that deals superior damage. Then, KC:AU throws the enemy away.

Note: you can't use Y while you are in F (Alternate Time Erasure) and it can not be dodged by rolling.

Superior Strength
70 damage
Alternate Time Erasure King Crimson: Alternate Universe erases time for up to 5 seconds. Although it can't erase much time as the original King Crimson can, or give you a speed boost and the ability to noclip through certain buildings and areas, it is able to attack opponents during this short period. The attacks don't deal damage, however, until your Time Erasure ends. However, using your E will ragdoll them. This can be easily avoided by guarding. Or just running. Or countering.

Note: This move can be canceled by Gold Experience Requiem's Return To Zero ability (RTZ).

No Damage
Slide Rather than just rolling on the floor, King Crimson: Alternate Universe's user slides forwards. It has a larger travel distance than a roll and has a slightly shorter cooldown.

Note: If you time your slide, you can go under thrown knives, dodging them. You can also do it with the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, however, it's more difficult.

No Damage
Stand Propulsion King Crimson: Alternate Universe uses its legs to blast itself and the user forward. This type of stand jump is similar to Gold Experience Requiem's (before it's rework), in that it has lower vertical and higher horizontal distance. However, it isn't as strong.
No Damage

Battle Strategies:

General Combat Knowledge:

King Crimson: Alternate Universe is capable of providing constant offensive pressure against any opponent, thanks to its extraordinarily high manoeuvrability and damage output, while also providing even defence with Epitaph (T) and Time Erase (F)

While lacking any ranged moves and having rather poor durability, this is balanced out by KC:AU's potential to straight up avoid damage while keeping up with an opponent, notably via KC:AU's most unique move, its Slide (C). Having a lower cool down than a roll, users are able to quickly avoid damage at crucial times, or suddenly close on on an opponent while dodging almost anything the opponent throws back, usually in a literal sense. KC:AU's Stand Propulsion (Z) also covers much more horizontal distance compared to other Stand Jumps.

If a KC:AU user is on low health and wishes to finish off their opponent quickly, Alternate Time Erasure (F) allows them to attack their opponents without any repercussions, as the ability makes users completely immune to most damaging moves, while granting them a speed boost and invisibility. Alternatively, Future Sight/Epitaph (T) also gives users temporary invincibility, minus the ability to use damaging moves. However, this can be toggled off any time during its activation, allowing for surprise attacks. Wearing sunglasses on your Roblox avatar makes your opponents not know if you cancelled your (T) or not.

Regarding KC:AU's offensive moves, Heart Strike (Y) is most punishing, allowing you to immobilise, throw and stunlock your opponent, creating windows for combo opportunities. Both Mighty Blow (E) and Severing Chop Rush (R) deal an impressive amount of damage; While (E) ragdolls an opponent, (R) does not.


KC:AU’s Slide and Stand Propulsion allows you to either get into battle or away from battle quickly no matter in what kind of situation you are in. This is used to keep your opponent on their edge constantly as with the slide you can easily catch up to them or use a quick attack giving the opponent little time to react to. KC:AU’s moveset may be small but can be used to deal a tremendous amount of damage in a short amount of time. This especially includes a move called Heart Strike. Heart Strike is the best move that is in KC:AU’s attacking moveset which grabs the opponent and deals an amazing amount of damage to them without allowing them to use any moves. Heart Strike also cancels the enemy barrage and ignores Block.

Moving onward, another great attacking move is the Severing Chop Rush that does a total of 3 chops that deal a good amount of damage per block that doesn’t slow you down unlike a barrage which most stands have. And finally, KC:AU’s Defensive moves include Future Sight and Alternate Time Erasure. Epitaph allows you to ignore damage for a long period of time allowing you to run or trick your opponents into using their moves, and Alternate Time Erasure allows both Defensive and Offensive pressure as it forces your opponents to not see you while you can still use your Mighty Blow and Severing Chop Rush without Repercussion.


The main counter to KC:AU includes Gold Experience Requiem as it can use its passive ability to counteract your Time Erasure, as well as Gold Experience Requiem’s glide giving great speed. And it’s two ranged abilities countering your weakness to ranged moves. Another strong counter is The World: Over Heaven as their Reality-Warping Knife and Reality-Shattering Bolt can keep the range between you and the opponent. However, you can easily get to them by using Z and C.

Pros and Cons:


  • Godly damage dealer.
  • Epitaph.
  • Attacks are agile and easy to land.
  • Roll is replaced with a slide that can easily dodge any heavy blows.
  • Alternate Time Erasure almost always guarantee damage dealt.
  • Great combos.
  • It can counter Return To Zero with its grab, just if Gold Experience Requiem user uses it and starts barraging.
  • Its Epitaph can not be bypassed by any barrage in game, not even Gold Experience Requiems. This is pretty useful to counter Return To Zero, making it a stand capable to counter that ability with 2 different moves.
  • Heart Strike can bypass other players Epitaph.
  • Heart Strike can bypass block.
  • Agile time erase, good for dodging heavy blows and strike counter attacks.
  • Very reliable follow up combos.
  • Can ragdoll enemies easily.


  • Bad durability.
  • Attacks are short-ranged.
  • Has a low time erase duration and doesn't get any boost when within time erase.
  • Can not use Y while in Time Erase.
  • Gold Experience Requiem and Over Heavens stands counter you, and can eat through your health if you aren't careful.
  • Blocking can tank a lot of damage from King Crimson: Alternate Universes Time Erase.
  • Has some long-cooldown.
  • Epitaph can be bypassed by Gold Experience Requiem (not barrage), Over Heavens stands (not barrage) and Killer Queen's Sheer Heart Attack.
  • Sometimes Y becomes predictable.


  • E + R Spammable and Easy
  • E + C + Y + C + R Easy
  • F + E + R + E + Y(when the TE ends) Easy
  • R + Y + E Easy
  • R + Y + E + F + E Medium
  • E + Y + R Easy
  • Y(Throw them into a wall) + R + E(Insta kills A+ Dur and below) Easy
  • R + T + Y Easy
  • Y + C + R + E + F(go wild) Medium
  • F + R + E + F + C + Y + R + E Medium
  • F + R + E + R (Optional) + Y(When time erase ends) Easy
  • F + E + R + F + Y Easy (Can instakill)
  • Y + (Walk Forward Until It Launches Whoever You Are Fighting) + C/F + F/C + E + R Hard
  • T (get close) + T + Y + E Easy
  • E + C + F + R + F + Y. Medium
  • Counter attack: (if the opponent wind up a strong punch) C + R + Y + space + C + E + F + C(jump if needed) + R. Medium
  • Y + C + E Easy
  • E + C + R Easy


  • Voice lines: ”Well, that will do for now..." and "I shall take care that this victory does not lead to futures of defeats."
  • The Diavolo of this universe does not seem to be a villain or own a gang and is a core ally instead. He is supposedly more like an unprovoked Vinegar Doppio in personality.
  • The voice lines of this Stand are sourced from Amakusa Shirou of Fate/Grand Order, voiced by Uchiyama Kouki.
  • When posing, it plays the song "Epitaph" by King Crimson.
  • King Crimson: Alternate Universe is stronger based on stats to its counterpart.
  • If someone stops time while you're using Time Erasure, the screen will gain a strange inverted saturation hue, quite similar to Shadow The World's moves. But red.
  • King Crimson: Alternate Universe had King Crimson's stats, A A E. Then it got changed to different stats.
  • Heart Strike can bypass anything, even Killer Queen's Sheer Heart Attack (pre-rework).
  • Despite having better stats than the normal KC, the majority of the community still thinks KC is better in PVP for its heavy combo potential and touch of death combos.
  • King Crimson: Alternate Universe is often shortened to KCAU for simplicity sakes.
  • King Crimson: Alternate Universe shouts different voice lines, such as “Ha!”, “Here I come!”, “Ta!” and “Sei!” when performing different moves.
  • Heart Strike has a terrible hitbox, try to use the move when enemies are ragdolled, otherwise there will be a punish.
  • Heart Strike can also be used to take someone out of a barrage making it a great option for punishing.
  • When KCAU was released, Time Erase used to do instant damage while attacking in it.


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Heart Strike:


Alternate Time Erasure (Start):


Alternate Time Erasure (End):


"Well, that will do for now..."


"I shall take care that this victory does not lead to futures of defeats."


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