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“I am an emperor! My only ambition is to remain at the top!” - King Crimson (Kingu Kurimuzon, キング・クリムゾン)


King Crimson is the Stand of Diavolo, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo.

Unlike most other Stands that deal high amounts of damage in their barrages, King Crimson mainly specializes in punches, slashes and strikes that are fatal in close-ranged combat. Combined with its ability to erase time, this Stand can be extremely powerful when used correctly. This Stand also has two shiny counterparts of itself: Ender Crimson and Manga King Crimson (MKC).

You can get this Stand by using a Frog on King Crimson (Two Arm Doppio). However, there is also a 1% chance of obtaining the shiny variant, Manga King Crimson, when a Frog is used on King Crimson (Two Arm Doppio). To obtain its other Shiny, Ender Crimson, the user would need to use a Monochromatic Sphere on King Crimson.


King Crimson is a humanoid Stand of a height and build like the user, however tends to seem somewhat bigger. Its body is roofed by a raised diagonal grid; save for its face, neck, shoulder guards, elbows, hands, abdomen, crotch, knees, and feet/footwear. Its eyes comprise of sharp orifices of a steep inward slant.

The said second face on King Crimson's forehead is called Epitaph and is usually duplicated within the same position on the user's forehead. Epitaph presents itself as a bump on the forehead that includes eyes and a mouth perpetually grinding its teeth. Appropriate to its name, King Crimson is represented all told media that includes it as being primarily red, with the shade of red variable from work to figure.

As for King Crimson's shinies, Manga King Crimson possesses the same model and physical build as its predecessor, with the difference being that this shiny has an overall orange and yellow color scheme, instead of being completely red. As for Ender Crimson, its simply recoloured and retextured to resemble an Enderman.


Type of Ability Name Description
Diminishing Composure
All moves get a damage boost of 20% when the user is below 30% health. This does not apply to bleed damage.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Kingly Chop
King Crimson will lift its fist up in the air and start charging, indicated by its arm flashing red. It will flash red three times, before flashing white to signal that it is fully charged. Pressing E again will unleash the attack. This move has 30 base damage. However, the 1st charge adds 10 damage, every charge after the 1st charge will add 20 damage for a total of 80 damage. It takes 3 seconds to fully charge.
Great to Superior Damage
30 to 80 damage
8 seconds
Mortal Blow
King Crimson uses its left arm to deal a heavy punch that knocks victims back and ragdolls them.
Great Damage
55 to 66 damage
4 seconds
While in Time Erasure
Impaling Strike
This move can only be used while Time Erase is active. King Crimson will end the Time Erase, and will brutally strike the enemy dealing Superior damage. This move can be used to surprise enemies.
Superior Damage
80 damage
Piercing Stab
King Crimson does a heavy blow with its left arm, stunning opponents for 2 seconds.
Great Damage
47.5 to 60 damage
8 seconds
While in Time Erasure and below 75% health
Blood Fling
King Crimson will throw blood in the enemy's eyes causing them to be blinded for a short time. This move does no damage.
No Damage
2 seconds
"Epitaph!"/Future Sight
King Crimson activates its sub-stand, Epitaph, to look into the future for the next 10 seconds, avoiding all attacks. No other moves can be used during this. Can be cancelled by pressing Y again.

Note: Stands like Gold Experience Requiem, The World (Over Heaven) and Star Platinum (Over Heaven) all negate this ability.

No Damage
15 seconds
Time Erasure
King Crimson erases time for up to 10 seconds. All of the nearby opponents will have a hologram when this move starts, with a line connecting them. The user is invisible during this. When Time Erasure ends, the opponents will be teleported to the corresponding hologram. All moves are disabled except Blood Fling, Impaling Strike, and Panic Barrage, although the latter two immediately end Time Erasure.

Note: Gold Experience Requiem users can cancel this ability automatically with the Return to Zero passive and can see you during it with the Zero passive if Return to Zero doesn't activate.

No Damage
1 minute 15 seconds
Crimson Cut
King Crimson does a heavy blow with its left arm, causing victims to bleed for the next few seconds.
Great Damage
45 to 54 damage on hit, bleed does 15 damage
5 seconds
While having 40% health or lower
Panic Barrage
King Crimson does a relatively slow barrage of 40 punches out of panic. Each punch slows the opponent down, effectively trapping them in the barrage with each hit.

Devastating Strength
6 to 7.2 damage per hit
5 seconds
Erasure Shift
King Crimson erases time very briefly, teleport its user a few studs forward in the direction they're facing. This can teleport you through enemies as well as allow you to attack almost immediately after doing so. It's a good idea to use this move to set up flank attacks, or simply to run away.
No Damage
2 seconds

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge:

King Crimson possesses sheer power and speed, thus making it a very powerful stand in close quarters combat. King Crimson is easily one of the Stands with the most damage output through throwing single hits. However, due to its extremely low durability, King Crimson has to play tiptoes and proactively as trading damage is not the primary option. With the damage King Crimson outputs every single punch, you don't need to rush at your opponent if you don't feel safe for the follow-up attacks; it is advisable to keep your distance and use Epitaph liberally until you feel comfortable enough to retaliate.


King Crimson's chop (E) is the most useful for following up attacks or for defensive options. If your opponent starts spamming projectiles when you're charging E, you better stop and try to get close to them. To King Crimson, running is almost useless since time erase exists. It's best to not let your opponent notice you are erasing time. Instead, use impaling strike (R + time erase) right upon TE activation to deal godly damage without them being able to react. Since TE reverses the enemy's to their former position, you can pair up R + F + R and deal 145 damage in less than 3 seconds.


  • T + R + E + E (Medium)
  • E + T + R + F + R + T + G + R + Y (Medium/Hard depending on opponent's ability) (If done right, very hard to escape from)(cooldowns may make it not work)
  • F + R + T + R (Easy)
  • T + R + V + G (Easy/Medium)
  • G + T + E + E + R (Medium)
  • E + E + T + R + G (Medium/Hard)
  • F + R + E + T + R + T (Medium/Hard)
  • F + R + J (If low health) (Easy/Medium)
  • T + F + R + G + E + E (Medium)
  • T + G (Easy)
  • T + G + F + R + R (Easy/Medium)
  • R + C + V + T + G + F + R + R (Medium)
  • T + R + F + R + G + E + E (optional) (Medium) Can almost kill users with A durability (kills A+ if E lands).
  • F + R + T + G + E + E + R (Easy/Medium)
  • F + R + T + G + R + C (If Needed) + V + E (Not Long) (Medium/Hard) Can Instant Kill People.
  • T + G + R + V + E (Hold) + E + R (Medium/Hard)
  • F + T + R(Must be at 75% health or less)(Easy)
  • F + R + T + R + G (Medium)
  • F + R + T + G (Easy)
  • F + R + T + J (Must be at 40% health or lower) (Easy/Medium)

Pros and Cons:


  • Godly damage output. (single-hit)
  • Great close-ranged moves, therefore great combo potential. With amazing knock back for combos
  • Good mobility.
  • Time erasure and Epitaph can help you avoid deadly attacks.
  • Low cooldowns for most attacks.
  • Time erase can make you invisible and not attackable and is great for setting up attacks.
  • Epitaph is very viable for escaping attacks, and once it ends TE cooldown should be over.
  • Time erase shows holograms of players so impaling strike is very easy to land.
  • Deadly combos. A well-practiced player's combos are almost impossible to escape.
  • E is very viable as a combo extender or a follow up due to its chargeable damage.
  • T (Piercing Stab) is a terrifying move when used for combos due to its stun.


  • Zero damaging ranged attacks.
  • Epitaph can be bypassed by certain moves.
  • Has problems fighting against long ranged stands such as Hierophant Green, Spin, TWAU, and The Emperor.
  • Kingly Chop is a slow move to pull off.
  • Time Erase cooldown is global, which means the cooldown happens to every KC user across the server.
  • Two moves must be on low health to use, although both of them are near useless.
  • When exiting Time Erase, the effect may blind the user for a second.
  • Most attacks can be avoided with ease, especially by very agile stands like C-Moon, MiH, or STW.


King Crimson:

  • When you summon the Stand, the user will menacingly utter: "King Crimson..."
  • Voicelines: "That was meaningless, was it not?" and "I am an emperor! My only ambition is to remain at the top!".
  • King Crimson's original voicelines used to be from All Star Battle/Eyes Of Heaven but all of its variants was changed to voicelines from the anime.
  • King Crimson's Time Erase used to have Bonus damage when you are trying to perform a surprise attack (From behind) and was later on removed from the game.
  • Before the rework, when dying, the user said "B-BAKANA!!" (Impossible!!)
  • The Stand's name is a reference to the band King Crimson, a progressive English rock band who also made the song Epitaph, which is another reference to King Crimson's sub-Stand.
  • During Time Erasure, it will also play Diavolo's theme. If your health is lower than half, the theme during TE will be replaced with la Battaglia Finale.
  • When you pose, it will play Un'altra persona.
  • When the stand was reworked, the faces of this stand and its shinies were changed.
  • When Time Erase ends, the game's music in the background will skip 10 seconds forward.
  • King Crimson is the only Stand with 2 shiny variants, and both of them are the rarest Stands in-game due to the low chances of obtaining them.
  • King Crimson's pose is the old Manga King Crimson/Monochromatic King Crimson's pose.
  • There is an Easter Egg that allows the user to use a requiem arrow in TE although it does not do anything besides giving you "requiem obtained: true". The animation was based off Gold Experience's old requiem transformation animation.
  • As of the new update, it and its shinies received a new block animation.
  • The G move used to be usable as the input "B + T", it was changed to G because of the uncomfortable keyboard placing to use it.
  • It is called KC for short in trading.
  • Killing an NPC with G will disable your entire moveset until you respawn.

Ender Crimson:

  • When summoning Ender Crimson, it will say "Hey.".
  • The voicelines for this Stand are: "Hey.", "What's up?" and "Look for the 'eye'.". Like GER, the quotes are said by the Stand and not the player, so the quote appears above the Stand instead.
  • When pressing M, it will show "King Crimson (Manga Colour Scheme)" instead.
  • Upon dying, it will play a short sound of an Enderman's death.
  • This Stand needs a total of 3 evolutions (DKC to TADKC to KC to Ender Crimson) to obtain.
  • This stand was previously known as Monochromatic King Crimson and was entirely black and white.
  • Monochromatic King Crimson had also originally replaced Ender Crimson before being changed back.
  • This stand was once removed.
  • It is called EC or EKC for short in trading.
  • When posing, the stand will play C418 - Stal, a music disc in Minecraft.

King Crimson (Manga Color Scheme):

  • Manga King Crimson is the replacement for Sans Crimson, a former shiny for King Crimson.
  • When posing, this Stand will play In The Court of The Crimson King by King Crimson.
  • Before the Sandbox Update, this Stand was considered to be the most rare Stand, leading to many people highly overpricing it.
  • When posing, this Stand will occasionally twitch its head and left arm.
  • Its attack particles/effects have a more orange color, instead of being red.
  • It was hinted at by the developers that this Stand will be replaced with Sans Crimson.
  • Despite being called "Manga", it is based on the King Crimson models from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven.
  • It is called MKC for short in trading.