"I must crush my fear! Now is the time... I must overcome it right now! That is what it means to live!" - King Crimson (Kingu Kurimuzon, キング・クリムゾン )


King Crimson is the Stand of Diavolo, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo. It has a sub-Stand Epitaph, which is primarily utilized by Doppio, Diavolo's alternative personality. The main ability of Epitaph is to predict the opponent's movements. To put it more simply, it allows the user to see the future. This Stand is also the evolved version of the sub-Stands King Crimson (Doppio) and Two Arm Doppio King Crimson. This stand also has two shiny counterparts of itself: King Crimson (Black & White) and Manga King Crimson.

You get this Stand by using a Frog on Two Arm Doppio King Crimson. However, there is also a 1% chance of obtaining the shiny variant, Manga King Crimson, when a Frog is used on Two Arm Doppio King Crimson.


King Crimson is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to the user, but tends to look much bigger and taller. Its body is covered by a raised diagonal grid; save for its face, neck, shoulder guards, elbows, hands, abdomen, crotch, knees, and feet/footwear. Its eyes comprise sharp orifices of a steep inward slant; from which emerge small, round eyes without sclera, with pronounced eye sockets that have the same fragmented pupils. Its crown is flat and from its forehead emerges a raised level that bears a smaller, oval face of the same expression. In earlier depictions, there were two raised levels. It constantly bares its teeth through a small mouth.

The aforementioned second face on King Crimson's forehead is named Epitaph and is sometimes duplicated in the same position on the user's forehead. Epitaph presents itself as a bump on the forehead featuring eyes and a mouth constantly grinding its teeth, often mimicking King Crimson's current mood.

Befitting its name, King Crimson is depicted in all media featuring it as being primarily red, with the shade of red varying from work to work. It is depicted in all media as having lime green eyes. Its primary face and the grid on its body are either white or yellow, and its metallic body parts are usually portrayed as white or silvery. King Crimson's knuckles, ankle decorations, lower back, and the soles of its feet vary in color throughout its many appearances, being depicted as white, silver, gold, or emerald (with the aforementioned areas occasionally varying in color in a single depiction).


Type of Ability Name Description
"I've already fired, Bucciarati..."
Time Erasing for less than 5 seconds will apply a cooldown 50% shorter than the normal cooldown. When your cooldown is reduced, the next Time Erase won't play a shouting voice line before time erases, making you unpredictable.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Potent Blow
King Crimson uses its left arm to deal an incredibly strong frontal blow to the opponent. This move has a knockback effect.
Incredible Strength
40 to 44 damage
5 seconds
Severing Chop
King Crimson uses its strength to deal an extremely powerful chop to the enemy using its right arm. This move is very good for starting combos. The move also ragdolls.
Superior Strength
35 to 39 damage
5 Seconds
"Epitaph!"/Future Sight
King Crimson uses Epitaph to predict the upcoming actions of anyone for 5 seconds, allowing both it and the user to dodge every attack. You can press T again to cancel Future Sight. Over Heaven stands and requiem can break through this attack.
No Damage
15 Seconds
Brutal Kick
King Crimson uses its right leg to kick the opponent for an incredible amount of damage. This move sends the target flying up in the air then falling down to a ragdoll state. This move is also very good for starting combos.
Incredible Strength
40 to 44 damage
5 Seconds
Mighty Thrust
King Crimson focuses its strength into its left fist, then thrusts it into the opponent's torso, dealing an incredible amount of damage.
Incredible Strength
40 to 44 damage
14 Seconds
Time Erasure
King Crimson erases time for up to 10 seconds with a 20-second cooldown. You will be invisible and gain increased walking speed while erasing time. When the user's health is in the yellow or below, the voiceline King Crimson yells will change. If you get hit while time is erased, your TE is cancelled.

Note: GERs/UGER users can cancel this ability automatically.

No Damage
20 Seconds
Mighty Finisher
While King Crimson has erased time, it can perform a devastating strike to its opponent while at the same time ending Time Erasure. The move deals godly damage. This move can be used in a good combo, instantly killing your victim even if he/she has about 40% of health or lower left.
Godly Strength 45+ damage
About 20 to 40 Seconds
Erasure Shift
King Crimson erases time very briefly, teleport its user a few studs forward in the direction they're facing. This can teleport you through enemies as well as allow you to attack almost immediately after doing so. And this skill can also teleport through thin walls. It's a good idea to use this move to set up flank attacks. Or running away, whichever you want.
No Damage
3 Seconds

Work-in-Progress Moves:

H - "I, Diavolo, will reign as emperor!"

The user strikes a pose with King Crimson for up to 3 seconds. If the user is hit while posing, both themself and King Crimson will appear behind the enemy who touched them and strike them down. It also nullifies the damage that was supposed to be dealt to the user. This move will be similar to Shadow The World’s AYRTSM ability.

Note: This move might replace the Mighty Thrust ability.

Evolved Forms:

(LMB + Monochromatic Sphere) - King Crimson (Black & White)

The user will thrust this mysterious object into the air (similar to diary), the player then is surrounded with an aura, and after a few seconds, it will ascend into a new Stand: King Crimson (Black & White). While it changes the skin of the Stand, it has no effect on stats and no added moves sets.

Battle Strategy:

General Combat Knowledge:

As you can tell most of King Crimson's moves punches and has no Projectile attacks. Due to the fact that King Crimson's attacks are incredibly powerful, it can be used to easily end basically anyone, given that you run away when you need to and attack when it's ideal. The Brutal Kick move (Y) is very useful for beginning and ending combos, as it momentarily suspends the target in midair. Although its durability stat is E, it still has the equivalent of B in health.


Epitaph and Time Erasure are both crutches in terms of PvP. Epitaph makes it so you are immune to any attack. GER and OHs can bypass Epitaph with R and T, The Barrages do not work on Epitaph. R (Chop) is a great combo starter as it ragdolls the enemy. Y (Kick) is a crutch move due to its vertical stun. V (TimeSkip) is very useful when you combo it with C (Roll) to get closer to your enemies. V also goes through walls, If you jump in the sewer and press V immediately and you jump in, You are in the sewer roof. No one can attack you. F, (Time Erase) makes it so you are invincible and invisible. J does heavy damage, however, it has a very glitchy hitbox. Make sure to use your Time Erase for less than 6-7 seconds to get that cooldown passive, making it so you can quickly time erase without anyone knowing.


  • R > Y > H
  • E > R > H > F > J (A Powerful Combo If Used Correctly)
  • E > R > Y > H
  • F > J > R > Y > H
  • Y > H > R > E > Y > R > E
  • F > J > C > V > Y > H > V > R > E > Y > R
  • Y > R > E > V > R > E
  • R > E > V > Y > H
  • R > Y > H > E (fastest possible combo with the shortest delay on animation)
  • Y > R > C > H > C and/or V to get to enemy > E > does god level damage
  • Y > R > E > V > H
  • R > V > Y > H > E
  • Y > R > H > V > E
  • F > J > R > Y > H
  • E > V > R > Y > H
  • F > J > R > Y > H > R > Y > H > V > C > R > E
  • Y > H > R > E > Y > R > E
  • F > J > C > V > Y > H > V > R > E > Y > R
  • Y > R > E > V > R > E
  • F > J > V > E > Y > R > H > E
  • Y > R > C > H > C and/or V to get to enemy > E
  • Y > R > E > H > F > J > Y > R > E > Y > R > E > H > F > J again but this time you will not strike a surprise attack with J. Instead you will cancel the TE and appear. You may use this to strike a whole combo on someone again. (Do remember that you must hit the J move in less than 5 seconds. Otherwise, it would take longer to TE again.)
  • Y > E > V > R > Any other move (A good move for instantly killing other KC users and lowers a GER to dark orange and possibly red. Only use if you are able to read your opponent's next strike. Use this as a punisher, basically.)
  • F > J > C > Y > H > V > E (you can use T instead of E, but its a nice combo to use a lot since they cant' escape. Pro tip: Use epitaph if they find a way to counter, then use Y no matter where you are in the combo, then resume after.)
  • R > Y > H > V > C > E > V > R > (Anything) You have to separate the moves correctly, so you can get the timer down.
  • F > J > T(Optional) > V > Y > R > E > / “ez” > Enter

Pros and Cons:


  • Incredible damage output.
  • Great close-ranged moves, therefore great combo potential.
  • Good mobility.
  • Time erasure and Epitaph can help you avoid deadly attacks.
  • Epitath works on OH's, GER's and Tusk Act 4 Barrages.
  • As said above, since its epitath can not be bypassed by Gold Experience Requiem barrage, it's useful to counter Return To Zero (only if Barrage if used after RTZ).


  • Extremely low durability.
  • Zero ranged attacks.
  • J move is incredibly powerful yet hard to land.
  • Struggles against Stands with high DPS and Dura with High speed.
  • Epitaph can be bypassed by OH's (Not Barrage), GER's (Not Barrage), Tusk Act 4 (Not Barrage), S&W's bubbles, and KC:AU's grab move.


  • When you summon the Stand, the user will yell: "King Crimson!"
  • According to what Guest said in one of the channels in the ABD Discord server, there will be a King Crimson rework in the near future.
  • Voicelines: "It's the results! It's only the results that remain in this world!", "How will you move, when knowing I can see through everything?", and, "May time resume to its original state!".
  • King Crimson used to be obtainable from an Arrow way back when the game was very new, but now you can only obtain it from using a Frog on Doppio's first King Crimson form, then another Frog on the second form of Doppio's King Crimson.
  • King Crimson's Time Erase used to have Bonus damage when you are trying to perform a surprise attack (From behind) and was later on removed from the game.
  • King Crimson is the best up-close Stand in the game. However, it's the durability of E contradicts that. Use this Stand wisely, or you might not have a good chance during fights.
  • This Stand has the best combos in-game.
  • When dying, it will say, “BAKANA!” ("Impossible!" in Japanese).
  • In the anime that was only one moment where KC showed signs of a barrage.
  • The Stand's name is a reference to the band King Crimson, a progressive English rock band who also made the song "Epitaph", which is another reference to King Crimson's sub-Stand.
  • After time-erase KC usually chops his foes to finish them off, but it became a doughnut move.
  • In 03/29/20 (MM/DD/YY), King Crimson and KC: AU got a new model.
  • During Time Erasure, it will also play Diavolo's theme. If your health is lower than half, the theme during TE will be replaced with "la Battaglia Finale" (The Final Battle).
  • The latest update lets you TE in TS and move around if you did it before the TS.
  • This Stand can also use a Monochromatic Sphere to receive King Crimson (Black & White), also known as Oreo Crimson or OKC.
  • This Stand is one of the best Stands for farming, as it has a Stand jump, a teleport (short but fast cooldown) and the time erase lets you see objects no matter how far you are.
  • When you pose, it will play Diavolo's Theme.
  • When using Time Erasure, make sure your chat bubble doesn't appear because it will make your location spoiled, making you vulnerable when trying to sneak up and attack someone.
  • Doing Time Erase (F) and Posing (G) will allow the user to move and pose.
  • Doing J during a pose (G) in Time Erase (F) will allow you to attack and move while posing.
  • If you use Time Erase (F) and once the 10 seconds ends (or if you just instantly end it), for some reason you go through the giant tree leaves when you jump onto them. (Collision will happen again if you use a Fruit, Arrow, Mask, or simply just die).
  • Whenever a King Crimson Time Erases, A part of the background song will skip.
  • If you use F during you fall off the map,the effect of Time erase will still be active.However,you will not remain invincible ,invisible and able to use J.



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