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"Bites the Dust was born from my absolute desire to not encounter you... Bring it on!" - Yoshikage Kira (Kirā Kuīn Baitsa Dasuto, キラー・クイーン バイツァ・ダスト)


Killer Queen: Bites The Dust is the evolved (though technically Requiem) form of Killer Queen, the Stand of the main antagonist Yoshikage Kira featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.

Like Killer Queen, this Stand is extremely powerful, as it also does a lot of damage with its explosive abilities. Along with its additional Bites The Dust ability, this Stand can be extremely dangerous and powerful during combat situations.

Killer Queen: Bites The Dust is obtained by using a Requiem Arrow on Killer Queen, you specifically have to have Killer Queen and use the arrow on it, as just having Requiem: True will not give you Killer Queen: Bites The Dust.


In appearance, Killer Queen: Bites the Dust is a very detailed Stand. Its crown is flat, while two sharp, triangular shapes resembling cat ears stand on both sides of the top of its head. Its eyes comprise cat-like vertical pupils in front of its generally red-colored sclera. It has no nose, and its mouth is not visible, due to the black mist surrounding it.

It wears dark grey, studded, leather-like forearm-length gloves, mirrored in style by a garter belt-like band at its waist and ankle-height footwear.

Four short spikes line the top of its back. Its shoulders, the hands, belt buckle, front of its crotch, ankles and the top of its feet all bear the emblem of a skull with ears resembling. Overall, this stand has a similar appearance to Killer Queen, only having red glowing shining eyes and a dark mist/aura surrounding it, with the same model as Killer Queen. When Killer Queen: Bites the Dust isn't out, it gives the user red glowing eyes and a dark mist aura.


Type Name Description
"Killer Queen's ability is to turn everything it touches into a bomb."
Whatever touches Killer Queen: Bites The Dust's hand while using R or F turns into a bomb. This bomb can later be exploded with R.
"Killer Queen can erase you at any time."
Killer Queen: Bites The Dust's explosions will cause damage to anybody near it. The damage will change depending on your position to the explosion. 40 being the minimum and 55 being the max damage.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Enhanced SHIBO Barrage
Killer Queen Bites The Dust appears in front of the user and unleashes a more "enhanced" version of its original barrage with 10 extra punches, this hitting the target 50 times and dealing much more damage and slowing down the enemy.
Superior Strength
6 damage per punch
5 seconds
Primary Bomb/First Bomb
With a swift poke of the finger, Killer Queen Bites The Dust turns whatever it touches into a bomb, Once the user presses R again, the opponent will instantly explode, dealing incredible damage.
Pitiful Damage (Punch)
2.5 damage

Incredible Damage (Explosion)
40 to 55 damage
6 seconds
Explosive Homing Bubble (Stray Cat)
Using Stray Cat, Killer Queen: Bites The Dust deploys a bomb-infused bubble. Similar to Sheer Heart Attack, the bubble will slowly follow the nearest player until it reaches them. Once you're ready, press T again to deliver them an incredible explosion! The explosion used to be instant, however, it now has a small delay of around 2 seconds between the activation.
Incredible Damage
60 damage
15 seconds
Yen Coin Throw
Killer Queen Bites The Dust throws a coin at the target, which plants a bomb in the player, dealing pitiful damage, but can be detonated for an explosive surprise with R, which will deal extreme damage to the target.

Note: You can only plant bombs in players.

 Pitiful Damage (Projectile)
5 damage

Superior Damage (Explosion) 
40 to 55 damage
25 to 30 seconds
Third Bomb: Bites The Dust After quickly punching the target for pitful damage, both Killer Queen and its user float into the air, hovering there for roughly 7 seconds, before returning everyone around them including the user back to their original positions, while also dealing superior damage to everyone around them except the target. You are invincible to any kind of attack during this state.

If you use Bites the Dust on an object, it'll act as a normal bomb that can be later detonated with F.

Pitiful Damage (Contact)
2.5 damage

Superior Damage (Explosion)
60 damage
90 to 100 seconds
Explosive Grab
Killer Queen Bites The Dust grabs the opponent and blows them up, dealing incredible damage. This move used to be able to heal the user but got removed.

Note: This ability will only work in players.

Incredible Damage
40 to 55 damage
30 seconds
Bomb Transfer
Killer Queen will perform a donut attack that deals moderate damage. If the attack lands and you have a bomb planted in someone else, the bomb transfers to the person who got hit by this attack.

Note: If you use Bites The Dust after using J, the bomb will switch to the primary bomb able to use R/Using J will place a bomb to the enemy that you can activate with R.

Superior Damage (Strong Punch)
7.5 damage

Superior Damage (Explosion)
40 to 55 damage
30 seconds

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge:

KQ:BTD, if used correctly, can be one of the most terrifying Stands to encounter during a PvP scenario. Possessing two unique, and very powerful passives: its ability to plant bombs on anything, and every bomb being an AOE, allows users to either destroy opponents as quickly as possible, leaving them with no time to react, or set traps and explode opponents remotely, resulting in little to no damage being done to the user

Every single move KQ:BTD utilizes are capable of dealing an incredible amount of damage, with every explosive move being able to induce ragdolling. Its Enhanced SHIBO Barrage (E) is capable of doing up to 300 damage (full duration), while crippling the opponent's speed. Primary Bomb/First Bomb (R), KQ:BTD's signature explosive move, is able to dish out a maximum of 55 damage, much higher than most other stand's Heavy Punches. Explosive Homing Bubble (Stray Cat) (T) performs as the name implies; the creation of a homing remote detonation bomb, that is completely invincible. Yen Coin Throw (Y), KQ:BTD's only ranged move, is technically the most powerful projectile in the game, capable of dealing the same amount of maximum damage as KQ:BTD's (R). If a user is facing an opponent that relies on aggressive rushes, Explosive Grab (H) cuts their assaults short, immobilizing the opponent and explodes them straight up. Have an idle bomb sitting somewhere and need to plant it somewhere else? Bomb Transfer (J) allows you to do just that without having to explode then and replant a new bomb, saving the user precious cooldown seconds in a PvP.

If all else fails, every KQ:BTD user has one more deadly trick up their sleeves. Killer Queen: Bites the Dust (F). After planting this bomb on a player, this allows the user to explode every single player around/near the user. (apart from the bomb holder him/herself), without fail. During this move's activation, the user poses in the air while gaining nigh indestructibility. Every user affected then gets reverted to their previous positions in the past few seconds, and then explodes.


While being a short-ranged Stand, with only one ranged projectile, KQ:BTD makes up for this through its ability to dish out an incredible amount of damage at once. Having pretty much every move being an AOE attack is incredible, allowing you to take on multiple opponents at once. Plus, every bomb move is able to bypass block, while also inducing ragdoll.

Being able to convert any solid surface into a bomb, combined with your (T), the Stray Cat Bubble, allows you to keep your opponents constantly on the move. This means that they are either forced to run from you or attempt to get close, resulting with them being exploded, one way or another. Your barrage is also a handy tool in keeping your opponents locked in place for a short amount of time, allowing combo opportunities.


  • F + T + Y + H + T + R + R + J + R + F + E Very hard
  • R + J + R + H Medium
  • R + R + T + Y + T + R + H Hard
  • R +H + R + Y + R + T + E + T Hard
  • R + J + R + F + J + R + T + H + R + J + R + T Extremely Hard
  • H + E + R + R Hard
  • F + T + T + E + (when target gets up from ragdoll) F
  • R + T + T + R Hard
  • R + H + R + T + T + Y Hard
  • R + T + J + H + T + R + E Hard
  • H + Y + R Medium
  • F + T + R + J + H + R + T + Y + R + R + F + E (If you want to overkill) Very Hard
  • H + R + R + T + T + F + F Medium
  • R + Y + H + J + R Medium
  • R + R + Y + R + T + T + H (grab the opponents to the bubble before it explodes) + E
  • H + R + C + E (hold) Easy
  • Y + H + R Easy (must be near the enemy)
  • Y + J + R + R + R +T + H + T Medium
  • T + T + Y + R + R + R Medium (Use T when the enemy is next to it)
  • F + J + R + H + R + R + E(hold) Hard
  • R + H + J + R + Y + R Medium
  • T + F + J + R + R + R + Y + R + H + T + E
  • R + Detonate + J(Very Quickly) + Detonate + T + Detonate (when the enemy is close) Y + Detonate. If you mess up the coin throw, E Medium-Hard
  • T + R + H + R + T Easy
  • T + R + H + J + R + Y + R + T + R + R (Over kill) Hard
  • T + R + R(Stuns the enemy) + T(When the enemy its stunned) + Y + R + H Hard
  • R + R + H + E Easy
  • Tusk4 Killer, (Must spin around the tusk4) H + R + R + (Hold) E Easy
  • Y(or R)+T+H+T+R+R+J+R) Hard If you land all of this combo its a certain kill
  • R + R + H Easy
  • R + R + Y + R + J + R Medium
  • R + J + R + Y + H + E Medium
  • R + T + R + T + Y + R + H + J + E (Hold until it automatically ends) + R + R (Make sure that the opponent is ragdolled when you detonate the bubble bomb) Medium
  • R + Y + T + H + J + R + E Medium/hard
  • R + T + H + Y + J + R + E Medium/hard
  • R + J + Y + H + R Medium (if used with the opponent not stand jumping or rolling away this can lower there health to at least 80-90%)
  • H + R + J (use to punish stands that barrage spam a lot such as C-moon and Tusk) Medium/hard
  • Y + Z + R (use if the opponent is running or stand jumping away) Easy/Medium

Pros and Cons


  • Godly damage output.
  • Great ranged attacks.
  • Good combo potential.
  • Most of the bombs bypass Love Train.
  • Can place bombs on absolutely anything.
  • Explosions can hit multiple people.
  • High barrage damage.
  • Using R on the bubble will create a double bubble bomb, allowing you to land T with ease (Note: you need to detonate your R bomb BEFORE you detonate your T)
  • Semi-Good for farming Dio Brando.
  • Bombs bypass Future Sight and block.


  • Most of the attacks suffer from rather high cooldowns, so it's highly dependent on the R.
  • Struggles against opponents with greater mobility.
  • No high-knockback moves.
  • Explosive Homing Bubble doesn't explode instantly, allowing the opponent to dodge.
  • Vulnerable while exploding bombs.


  • KQBTD voice lines are ".... Hayato....", "Killer Queen's ability, is to turn everything it touches into a bomb." and "Oh dear... It seems that you have found it.".
  • Explosive Homing Bubble used to explode instantly when you pressed T again.
  • KQBTD back in the day was called KQR (Killer Queen Requiem). It is still called Killer Queen Requiem when you check or trade a player with it.
  • KQBTD used to have no idle pose. But it was brought back.
  • When posing, Killer Queen: Bites the Dust will play Yoshikage Kira's Theme "Killer".
  • This stand's name is a reference to the song "Another One Bites the Dust " by the band named Queen.
  • For some strange reason, this stand has the decal of Star Platinum's face. This may be a visual bug.
  • This is one of the few abilities with different stand stats from the manga/anime, the real stats of this stand are B, B, and A in Destructive Power, Speed, and Durability respectively.
  • Before, you could get this automatically when you have Requiem Obtained: True, but now you will need the help of another Requiem Arrow to get it, even if you have Requiem Obtained: True, similar to a regular evolution.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Killer Queen Bites the Dust isn't a requiem stand but rather a completely separate sub stand, think of it as "getting another sub stand/stand". Requiem only occurs when the stand itself is pierced by an arrow.
  • This stand will get a shiny variant called "Charged Creeper Queen", which is the "Requiem" (Bites the Dust) form of Creeper Queen.
  • For some reason, you can plant a bomb on your own explosive homing bubble. (T move)
  • As it turns out, you CAN trade this without it turning back into Killer Queen, although this may only work if the person your trading with has Requiem Obtained: True. Leaving also does not get rid of this, although sometimes it might.
  • When low on health, Bites The Dust (F) may become a regular bomb.
  • There is a bug which when joining a new server, Bites the Dust will turn back to normal Killer Queen, though this can be fixed by rejoining.


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