"Don't you wish to conquer the sun? Don't you wish to rule over all? Don't you wish to purge your fears?!” - Kars (Kāzu, カーズ )


Kars is a very strong spec that takes a long amount of time to get, depending on how long the user grinds for this spec. Kars can also be one of the fastest specs/stands in-game. It has a variety of stun moves and good combos.

To get this spec, you must use a Stone Mask with the Vampire spec. There is a 1/17 or 5.8% chance of obtaining it. The other 16/17 or 94.2% chance is Santana.


For Kars, there will be blocks that go up the user's arms, with sharp blades. Gray and sharp, like wrist blades. When used with J or Q, your blades will light up. The gray part at the end.

The sharp objects appear to be knives, but slanted back and curved. Kars also has gray blades at the edges. That’s the part that will light up.

The blades will not appear correctly without the blocky avatar due to the blocky blocks on the arms. The blocky parts on the arms are the same gauntlets that Kars uses for his bone blades. However, he doesn’t have blades on his legs unlike in the Anime.


Type Name Description
Pillar Man
All attacks against Vampires deal 25% more damage and your skin is immune to hamon, thus all hamon attacks deal 25% less damage. Finally you regenerate 2.45% of your health every second.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Pillar Slash
Makes your blade slice through. Deals a significant amount of damage.
Pitiful Damage
9 damage and under
Your determination to complete your goals drives you to fight harder. You will temporarily deal more damage (1.15x), have increased speed making it slightly faster than almost every stand, and jump height that's high enough to jump on a small house (In the old map). It does not last forever. (Lasts around 15 seconds) Good for approaching and chasing people. When used, your blades (light grey parts) become white.
No Damage
Brilliant Bone Blade
Use your light blades to do a very fast rush dealing with superior damage. The particles are similar to that of GER’s/UGER’s.
Devastating Strength 6 to 10 damage per punch
Superhuman Punch
Do an extremely fast punch that deals incredible damage with loads of knockback.
Incredible Strength 40 to 44 damage
Blood Suck
Grab an opponent with both hands and drain their blood, healing you and dealing godly damage. This fling allows combos. (Does not heal if they're guarding, but it does fling) This move can be punished hard. Before it was removed, there was a sound effect saying “SHAA!”
Good Damage
20 to 29 damage
Surprise Kick
Do an upwards kick dealing incredible damage. Deals no knockback, but lots of stun. It is a good combo starter and is a spammable move with a cooldown most likely at 5 seconds.
Good Damage
20 to 29 damage
Light Blade Dashing Spin
Spin forward with a small distance while simultaneously slashing anybody in your way dealing incredible damage. Can deal half hp to weak stands probably with durability B or lower. It does not make you fall during the move, but when the move is over, you fall. This move has the highest knockback, making it able to knock somebody away from time stop.
Superior Damage
50 to 74 damage
Projectile Slash
Slash the air, then a projectile identical to Samurai's E move flies out, dealing moderate damage on it. This move can sometimes hit multiple times. The move is very fast and goes very far.
Great Damage
30 to 49 damage
Pillar Man Dash
Dash forward a great distance with great speed and a low cooldown as much as a roll. Like F, you will not fall during this move until it ends. This has the lowest cooldown out of Vampire and Santana.
No Damage
0 damage

Evolved Forms:

(???) - Ultimate Lifeform

Not much is known Ultimate Lifeform, only that it is the evolved form of Kars. The current method to obtaining Ultimate Lifeform is also unknown.

Battle Strategy:

General combat knowledge:

Kars, the leader of the Pillar Men, is available for use in A Bizarre Day. He is objectively the best spec, with the highest passive regen and high damage, and while he doesn't have much in the way of range, he can contest some of the highest tier stands, such as Gold Experience Requiem, and OH stands. Since he has a lot of moves, you are good at the fighting battle. Kars has a very high regen (2.5% health per second) as mentioned before, and he also has a blood suck (T) which restores about 1/8 of his health, so don't be afraid to go in there and attempt to rush them. He also takes 25% less damage from all Hamon attacks, and deals 25% more damage to any vampire abilities (The World (Vampire), Vampire, The World (Shadow). His Light Blade Rush (E) deals quite a bit of damage per punch, and lasts for a very long time. His Pillar Man Dash (V) and his Pillar Man Jump (Z) allow you to quickly gain on your opponent or run away if you need too. His Determination (Q) allows him to run faster, jump higher, and strike harder temporarily. It, however, has a VERY long cool down of 30 seconds. His Superhuman Punch (R) knocks away his opponents, and ragdolls them as well, dealing moderate damage. His Light Blade Dash (F) is his move which does the most damage, and if it connects it also knocks them back and ragdolls them. Another thing for all Kars-Users is that you can double-hit someone if you do your Light Blade Dash (F) at the right distance and timing, this is important when you think that you're far enough from your opponent and you have a good amount of health. This is, though, quite a risky decision since you may not be able to hit it and that can be your opponent's chance to do a move that can decide the tide of the fight.


Kars has a very small effective range, with his entire move set being based around melee attacks. In general, you want to try and keep your opponents rag-dolled, and that can be accomplished by using his F, then his H, then his R. You can also add his T move in to keep you healed. Remember to use Q whenever you can, as it gives you a quite significant boost to your stats. Try and catch your opponents off guard, especially with your H move and your rush. Also, remember to keep yourself healed with your T. However, this can easily be fixed by your very fast speed. Your speed allows you to keep up with the opponent. Unless it’s a Made in Heaven during time accel, you’re probably not going to reach them. Or a Samurai for that matter. However, that is easily fixed with the help of your Q.


Note: If Q is used during combos, it’ll be more powerful due to the damage boost and easier to catch up due to the speed boost.

  • T + R + J. Basic and easy
  • T + H + J. Basic and easy
  • F + J + V(dash to them) + E/H (better if you use h then e but if your slow e is enough) Medium
  • H + J. Very Easy
  • F + V (to dash to them) R + V + J. Medium
  • T + F + J. Basic and easy
  • H + F + J. Basic and easy
  • H + T + R + F. Medium
  • H + R + V + T + F + J. Hard
  • H + J + R. Basic and easy
  • T + H + R + J + V + H + F + T (Possible if you finish the cooldown). Very Hard
  • H + J + F (This combo should be executed as quick as possible). Medium (due to doing it quickly)
  • T + H + R + V + E (Hold). Medium
  • H + R + V + F + J + T. Hard
  • T + R + F + H + J. Hard
  • H + J + F + R + T + H + J. Hard
  • J + F + R Medium
  • F + V (dash to them) + H + R + J Hard
  • R + C/V + T + H + J + F + V/C, Hard
  • R + J + V/C (or both if not in determination mode.) + H + E (hold to full) + T while holding S (so its harder to hit you) Hard
  • T + H + R + F + J (use J if you're still alive) Medium/Hard
  • Q + G [In quick succession]
  • T + H + J + F Medium
  • T + H + J + F + V + C + H + R Hard
  • H + F + J + V + R Hard (Use V or C depending of how much the target got knockback)
  • J + V + H + R + T + H + R Very Hard (This combo should be started in a long distance then get closer with V)


  • Using G right after you use Q will make you move during your taunt. (Press G during the animation of Q)
  • It does not have much range compared to stands due to being a spec. (Despite the ranged move)
  • This has 4 quotes. (N)
  • The first taunt is: "*very crazy laugh*", which plays a sound clip of Kars from the anime laughing. (And the original taunt)
  • The second is "Think my blades are sharp? Wait until your body feels them."
  • The third is "Go on, keep mocking me... You're incapable of doing anything else!"
  • The fourth is "Slicing your neck will be as easy as plucking a flower from the ground..."
  • Will get an update called Ultimate Life Form (confirmed) Most likely to obtain by using the Red Stone of Aja.
  • You can tell when Q goes out by when the lights on your blade go out. Or probably when you slow down and have a low jump.
  • The only spec/stand to be unable to hide their specs/stands, so right off the bat you know who it is without checking.
  • It's almost impossible to kill Kars while he is blocking since he can regenerate 2.45% of its health per second, unless if someone used Time stop on you or a The Hand since its attacks can bypass the block. Other Stands such as Killer Queen and the Over Heaven variants of Star Platinum and The World could also bypass these, due to them dealing enough damage to the block.
  • There is a glitch to make your LEFT arm glow. Press J and Q. But J first. When using J, your right will glow. If you do Q, J, your right will glow.
  • Although Santana has the absorption passive, Kars does not. This is probably kept to make Kars less OP than it already is.
  • Kars' J move is similar to Samurai's E move.
  • The H move, also known as Surprise Kick, is used commonly during PvP battles due to its spammable nature and it dealing a huge amount of damage.
  • The Surprise Kick, originally had a blade come out of it in the anime.
  • Kars can also slice bullets at a fast speed in light-mode. However, ingame, Kars cannot use his E to slash bullets like Whitesnake Gun or Emperor.
  • His name is a reference to the band, The Cars.
  • Kars is the leader of the pillarmen, his intellect also allows him to build a form of acupuncture through a vampire mask. And thank you for reading about Kars.
  • Kars has one of the fastest recovery speed in the game, followed by Made in Heaven and Samurai, due to the speed it gets.
  • Most Kars will use Q whenever they have the chance to.
  • Kars’ Q is comparable to a Samurai’s speed.
  • When Mask was removed from spawning, the value raised a lot. Now it is starting to lower.
  • There is a chance of saying “Nani?!” when hit.
  • When dying, you will scream your old T sound effect.
  • The old barrage had purple effects, rather then the new effects that are similar to U/GER.




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