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"Go on... keep mocking me, you're incapable of doing anything else!" - Kars (Kāzu, カーズ)


Kars is classed as a Spec or ability that was also featured as a main antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.

Kars is arguably one of the fastest Abilities in-game, as it has a variety of stun moves and a powerful barrage rush. The spec also has a long-range projectile move, making it viable in normal ranged combat if this spec is utilized correctly. It is also one of the rarest spec among the game. This spec also has a shiny version of itself: Golden Kars, which can be obtained by using a Golden Vampire Mask on Kars.

In order to get this ability, you must use a Stone Mask while having the Vampire Spec. However, there is only a 1/18 (5.5%) chance of obtaining it.


Kars is technically referred to as the pair of grey pillars that go on both the user's arms, each having a blade on their respective sides. There are also circle-shaped indentations on the front of both blocks. When the Determination ability is used, there will be a bright white effect that would light up on the front of the blade.

The blades themselves are also reflective and are curved back towards the user, similar to a sickle. As for its appearance in Roblox, this spec will not appear correctly on newer default avatars, as it was intended to fit on older default Roblox Avatars, more specifically the blocky-styled avatars.

The spec also doesn't include blades on the user's legs, unlike in the anime. The spec also has a color scheme of mostly black, with the blocks on the hands and the blades having a color of black and grey.

As for it's shiny, Golden Kars has the same appearance as Kars, however with a more yellow scheme in it. The user also gets a golden aura.


Type Name Description
All attacks against Vampires deal 25% more damage and your skin is immune to Hamon, thus all Hamon attacks deal 25% less damage.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Pillar Slash
Makes your blade slice through. Deals a significant amount of damage.
Pitiful Damage
9 damage and under
Your determination drives you to fight harder. You will temporarily deal 1.05x more damage for each of your damage-dealing moves, while you get increased speed and increased jump height for a short period of time.
No Damage
Blade Rush
The user uses their bone blades to perform a barrage of 80 slashes, dealing a significant amount of damage.
Superior Strength
4 damage per slash
Superhuman Punch
The player does an extremely fast punch that deals great damage, while knocking back the opponent.
Great Strength
30 damage
Blood Suck
Grab an opponent with both hands and drain their blood, healing you while dealing good damage. While this move is active, the target is immobilised (Does not heal if opponent is guarding, but does immobilise).
Good Damage
20 damage
Surprise Kick
Do an upwards kick dealing great damage. Stun locks the opponent for a short while, but deals no knockback.
Great Damage
27.5 damage
Light Blade Dashing Spin
Spin forward with a small distance while simultaneously slashing anything in the user's way, dealing superior damage and significant knockback to anything this move hits. You are unable to be ragdolled while this move is active, up until this move ends.
Superior Damage
55 damage
Projectile Slash
The user slashes their blade, and an arc-shaped projectile flies out, dealing great damage on contact. This move can sometimes hit an opponent multiple times.
Great Damage
35 damage
Pillar Man Dash
The user dashes forward with great speed. You are unable to be ragdolled while this move is active, up until this move ends. This dash has the lowest cooldown out of Vampire and Santana.
No Damage

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge:

Sporting amazing maneuverability, above-average health, and insane damage output, Kars is an extremely deadly Spec. Combined with its blood suck enables Kars users to fight toe-to-toe against even the toughest of stands, including Gold Experience Requiem and OH stands. Kars also has the nice added advantage of taking 25% less damage from Hamon, while dealing 25% more damage against any vampiric abilities (Vampiric The World, Vampire, Shadow The World).

With a lot of moves at your hand, you are set for any PVP scenario. Kars has a Blood Suck move (T), which damages the opponent while restoring 1/8 of the user's health, so don't be afraid to rush your opponents head-on. Determination (Q) allows users to run faster, jump higher, and strike harder temporarily. A full-length Light Blade Rush (E) allows users to deal with a staggering 400 Damage. Superhuman Punch (R) allows users to knock away their opponents, simultaneously rag-dolling them as well. Surprise Kick (H) stuns the opponent, allowing for good combo opportunities. If your opponent tries to flee on low health or is simply out of reach, Projectile Slash (J) allows you to finish them off. Light Blade Dash (F) does the most damage, while also knocking opponents back and rag-dolling them. There is a chance that this move (F) can double-hit someone if you perform the move at the right distance and timing.

The moves Pillar Man Dash (V) and Pillar Man Jump (Z) allow you to quickly gain on your opponent or run away if you need too. Combined with the ability to roll (C), allows users to dodge and weave their way towards their opponent, avoiding damage from ranged attacks.


Kars has a very small effective range, with all but one of his move-sets being melee attacks. In general, you should try and play aggressively; rushing your opponents, leaving them no time to break the distance between you. Remember to use (Q) whenever you can, as it gives you a quite significant boost to your stats, and keep yourself healed with your (T).

On top of dealing damage while healing you, (T) allows you to immobilize your opponent for a short duration while drawing them close to you. After this brief period, before your opponent has time to react, you are able to pull off some impressive combos.

Kars evidently lacks ranged moves. However, your speed and maneuverability makes up for this, allowing you to constantly pursue your opponents. Unless you're going against a Made in Heaven during time acceleration, you will sure to be able to keep up.

Kars is a speedy spec so use that to your advantage. Using dash + light blade spin is a surefire way to screw your opponent up.


Note: Enabling Q allows moves to be more powerful due to the damage boost, while also making it easier to catch up to opponents due to the speed boost.

  • H + J (Very Easy)
  • H + J + R (Easy)
  • H + F + J (Easy)

Pros and Cons:


  • Godly damage output.
  • Determination (Q) makes attacks stronger.
  • Has a damaging move that heals the user when hit.
  • High durability.
  • Great mobility.
  • Good combo potential.
  • Good attacking speed.
  • H has an extremely low cool down.
  • Very powerful barrage.
  • Good for farming bosses.
  • (Q) has no animation, making you unpredictably stronger
  • Jumping has a very short cooldown and is almost spammable.
  • Blood Suck (T) can be used on dummies, which is a free heal.
  • Above average block.


  • Extremely small effective range, making most moves rather hard to hit.
  • Only one ranged move.
  • Most moves have above-average cooldown times.



  • When posing, it plays the song "Awaken (Pillar Men's Theme)".
  • Kars has 4 voicelines: "*very crazy laugh*" (Kars' Laugh), "Think my blades are sharp? Wait until your body feels them.", "Go on, keep mocking me... You're incapable of doing anything else!", and "Slicing your neck will be as easy as plucking a flower from the ground..."
  • Kars users are unable to hide their ability (unlike Stands), so right off the bat, you know what they're using without checking.
  • Kars has one of the fastest recovery speed in the game, followed by Made in Heaven and Samurai, due to the speed it gets.
  • After using Determination (Q), a Kars user's speed is comparable to a Samurai's default speed.
  • There is a chance of saying “Nani?!” when getting hit.
  • Kars' blades will light up when you use Kars' Q. There used to be animation when you press Q but it has been removed after an update.
  • Before it was removed, there was a sound effect yelling “SHAW!” when using Blood Suck.
  • The old barrage had purple effects. The new effects are now more similar to a U/GER.
  • It's one of the only Pillar Men displayed in the game except for Santana and Wamuu.
  • The “*very crazy laugh*“ taunt was the first taunt for Kars and it used to be the only taunt that Kars had.
  • This spec used to have a 100% chance of being obtained, but after Santana was released, it became a 5.8% chance.
  • Kars' block reduces 60% of damage (Which the average block is 75%)

Golden Kars