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The Joestar Mansion is the residence of the Joestar Family during the plot of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood. It appears as a landmark in A Bizarre Day, where it closely resembles its appearance Eyes of Heaven.

Inside the Joestar Mansion, there are 3 Banknote spawners. One inside a bedroom on the second floor, the other in the storage room and in the dining room. The mansion harbors Dio Brando and his Vampiric Minions.

The Joestar Mansion is located on a separate island, behind the Soccer Field (1v1 Arena).



There are a lot of windows, lamps and a front garden. Which has a water fountain. Other labels include a stone path followed by a bridge that connects the Joestar Mansion with the main island, bushes and trees around the mansion. There are 2 Menacing Dummies, standing in front of the mansion.

On the top of the Joestar Mansion, there is a lot of clear space. You can use that to fight other players.


The Joestar Mansion is luxuriously decorated with carpets, paintings and sets of tables and chairs. Its most distinctive decoration is a Statue of the Goddess of Love in the main hall near the staircase. At the right of the staircase is a dark dining room with 7 chairs with some jars on the table. There is a hallway that leads to a dark storage room on the left of the staircase.  

Upstairs, there are 2 bedrooms. One is decorated with blue colored furniture, while is other is decorated with red furniture. 


  • The Joestar Mansion was added in version v3.0.2u.
  • Dio Brando used to spawn in the Sewers but the spawn was moved to the Joestar Mansion.