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"Well, this sure is proof that no one can deflect the Emerald Splash." -Hierophant Red (Haierofanto Reddo, ヒエロファントレッド)


Hierophant Red (occasionally named Hierophant Green (Over Heaven) or HGOH as stated on the Discord server) was an Admin Stand made by one of the former game's Developers, now Head Developer, Xenolys. Because of the fact that this is a Admin only Stand, players find this Stand overpowered and hard to defeat.

Hierophant Red acts like a regular Hierophant Green, but with Over Heaven types of moves and a lot of health compared to its counterpart.

As of 27/8/2020 (DD/MM/YYYY). Hierophant Red has been deleted from the game. Meaning that staff members no longer have access to this Stand.


The appearance of Hierophant Red is pretty simple, as it is just a model of Hierophant Green, but with a darker color scheme, almost resembling a molten type color. The Stand has dark red eyes, with red, black, blue and grey covering its overall model. 

The color scheme from Hierophant Red comes from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for The Future.

The emeralds from the Emerald Splash (T) and 20 Meter Emerald Splash (F) ability have the same shapes and colors from its counterpart. Same goes for the webs and the hit effect from Heavy Punch.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Heavenly Barrage
A barrage that deals the same damage as a regular Over Heaven, but it lasts for much longer.
Devastating Strength
6 to 10 damage per punch
1 second
Heavy Punch
A heavy punch with the same strength as a regular Hierophant Green.
Good Damage
25 to 29 damage
1.5 seconds
Emerald Splash
Just the same emerald splash as a regular Hierophant Green.
Great Damage
30 to 49 damage
0.5 second
20 Meter Emerald Splash
Hierophant Red shoots out 32 emeralds to where the cursor is, Shouting, "Henkei Niju Meteru! Emerarudo Shprashua!" This move deals a lot of damage and if you hit every emerald, you can one-shot almost anyone.
 Godly Damage
5 damage per emerald
1 second
Hierophant Barrier
The same barrier that the regular version does. Hierophant Red creates 15 webs that surround the player. If the web is touched, the web will shoot a number of emeralds to the person who touches the web's position. Then that web will vanish.
Great Damage
45 to 75 damage per web
1 second
Healing Barrage
Hierophant Red will perform a barrage of punches that heals others 1hp per hit.

You can actually heal yourself by using this move and Long Distance Control (V).

No Damage
1 second
Self-Healing Barrage
Hierophant Red barrages its user, healing them for 1 HP per hit. The barrage itself can be held infinitely. Allowing the user to regenerate as much as he wants to.
No Damage
1 second
Return To Zero
A GER Return To Zero (or RTZ) which can resume time from a time stop or a time skip. As of now, it currently doesn't deal any damage back to the attacker resulting in the attacker only being knocked down.
No Damage
2 seconds
The Stand stops time for 10 seconds, duration rivaled only by Over Heaven Stands. Every damage will stack up until time resumes.
No damage
1 second
Long Distance Control
Pressing V allows the user to control their Hierophant Red, allowing them to hide while their Stand does all the work for them.
No Damage


  • While posing, it will play One Who Gets in Our Way - 行く手を阻む者 from Xenoblade.
  • Hierophant Red has the same pose and voicelines from Hierophant Green.
  • Using !check (user) on an owner of this Stand won't work.
  • The self-healing barrage heals more than the healing barrage does.
  • Hierophant Red's Timestop sound is the same as Shadow The World's.
  • This Stand is also known as Hierophant Green (Over Heaven).