"To truly understand yourself, huh? That's a good tip. But you clearly don't understand your enemies that well, you lack preparation!" - Noriaki Kakyoin (Kakyōin Noriaki, 花京院 典明)


​Hierophant Green is the Stand of Noriaki Kakyoin, a main ally in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

The Stand is often used at medium to long-distances, and it has a large number of abilities to assist it in ranged combat. However, the Stand is relatively weak in direct hand-to-hand combat, as a trade-off for its great distance-based abilities.

This stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 53% chance (D-Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow.


Hierophant Green has the appearance of an average human. However, the main focus of its appearance surrounds its robotic features, with its eyes and skin texture being more artificial than humanoid.  

Hierophant Green possesses a body covered in what looks like neon green slime, which is protected by white-colored armor, with the armor covering its legs, face, arms, hands, and chest.  

It also wears pads that cover its shin, a belt that surrounds its waist, and what looks like to be squared shaped pads that covers its legs. All of these are seen to have a white color. Hierophant Green is consistently portrayed as being green and white across all media featuring it, befitting its name.  


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Emerald Splash 
Hierophant Green fires off a moderate amount of projectiles which takes the form of 8 emeralds. Before the blast is fired, a green slime-like material is produced by Hierophant Green's palms making a chemical reaction sound effect.
Great Damage
5 damage per emerald
Heavy Punch
Hierophant Green throws a punch with his right hand dealing good damage into your foes.
Good Damage
20-25 damage
20 Meter Emerald Splash
Hierophant Green shoots out 32 emeralds to where the cursor is, Shouting, "Henkei Niju Meteru! Emerarudo Shprashua!" This move deals a lot of damage and if you hit every emerald, you can one-shot almost anyone.
 Godly Damage
5 damage per emerald
Hierophant Barrier
Hierophant Green creates 15 webs that surrounds the player. If the web is touched, the web will shoot a number of emeralds to the person who touches the web’s position. Then that web will vanish.

Note: As of the v2.0.6b update, this move bypasses block.

Godly Damage
15 damage per web
Stand Control
Using this move will allow you to control your stand up to 150 studs. However, you would become unable to control your character. You can swap back by pressing the V button again within 30 studs of your character.
No Damage


If you’re new to Hierophant Green, use this as a guide.

  • R + F (or E) Easy
  • R + T Easy
  • T + R (slap them in) + F + E Medium
  • V (hide somewhere) + F (or E) Easy
  • R + T + E + F Medium
  • R + C + T + F Medium
  • T + F + V + E + R Medium
  • T + R + E + F + E + R Hard
  • Z (To get closer) + T (When you land near the opponent) Easy
  • T+R+F Medium
  • Space + E (This will help you improve your aim with the emerald splash)

Pros and Cons:


  • Long-Distance Stand.
  • Emerald Splash can be spammable.
  • Hierophant's Barrier can kill most players if placed right.
  • E and F move can bypass Love Train.
  • Good for trolling.
  • You can glitch your body into certain areas when switching to remote control, making you less vulnerable. (Not recommended to do since it's Glitch Abusing and can get you banned, you're warned.)
  • Can be very hard to kill if hidden well with V or by attacking atop buildings and then leaping away when somebody gets close.
  • Almost a direct counter to strong short-ranged stands.


  • Emeralds are slow and can be dodged.
  • Can be killed by barrage easily.
  • Emerald Splash cannot go through objects.
  • Lack of moves.
  • F move can easily be avoided due to long animation startup.
  • F move is harder to aim than E move, despite them being essentially the same except for the animation and the amount of emeralds.
  • Remote control can leave your body vulnerable.
  • Mediocre durability.
  • Combos are often times not viable


  • Hierophant Green's emeralds can be deflected by a Spin user or UGER/GER.
  • You can commit suicide by using the V move and attack yourself to death.
  • Voice lines: "Lick lick lick lick..." And "No one can just deflect the emerald splash!"
  • The /e greenguy dance is a reference to Kakyoin in Heritage for the Future, where a clip of Kakyoin doing all his poses are combined to show him doing a dance.
  • Hierophant Green originally could do a barrage, while he did that he would say, “RERO RERO RERO RERO“ , but faster.
  • If you get killed in Stand Control mode, and you switch back quickly enough before you die, you will respawn with a clone of yourself.
  • The emeralds in emerald splash are followed by a green trail and when it hits a target there is a small green explosion effect.
  • When posing, "Virtuous Pope" (aka Kakyoin's theme) plays.
  • Hierophant Green's old pose music was a remix of Rero Rero, then it got changed to Virtuous Pope.
  • It has been said this stand will eventually get a remodel.



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