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"I'll be reading through your lives and experiences to get at that "reality" and use it for my work." - Rohan Kishibe (Kishibe Rohan, 岸辺 露伴)


Heaven's Door is the Stand of Rohan Kishibe, a enemy turned ally featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.

The way to obtain this stand is currently unknown, as there is a limited amount of official information that was given to the public.


Heaven's Door has a resemblance humanoid figure, with it having the physical appearance of a small and short person. It wears a long overcoat, closed to the end of its torso, and a bow tie.

It has lines emanating from the bottom and the bottom-outsides of its eyes. Its top hat closely closely resembles a bowler hat, however it also looks similar to a fedora.

Heaven's Door is portrayed as being white with golden outlines across most media featuring it.


Heaven's Door is a weak close-range Stand unsuited for direct combat, but has several powerful abilities.

Heaven's Door's basic ability is to turn people into books, with pages unfurling from the person in the shape of whatever body part it opens from. The contents of the books contain detailed and absolutely true information on their subject, such as personal information about the target any other details about the person.

With the combination of transforming people into pages of information, Heaven's Door also has the ability to write things into the pages of a person. By writing commands into these pages (For example, fall backwards 70km/h), the person being affected will obey these commands written into them, even against mental or physical resistance.


  • Heaven's Door is a reference to the folk rock song "Knockin' on Heaven's Door", a song composed by Bob Dylan.
  • This stand is severely outdated, as the last time information was given about the stand was on 08/07/2019, which was an update on its model. However, no information about it was given ever since.
  • Was added as a card to the ABD Trello under the "Unreleased Stands/Specs" category while having "Confirmed" as a label. However, the card contains no information at all and hasn't been updated recently.
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