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"Let me see the look on your face at the moment your hope burns out... and your life reaches its end! Show me your despair as you fall!" - Cioccolata (Chokorāta, チョコラータ )


Green Day is the Stand of Cioccolata, a minor villain featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo.

Green Day is a dangerously overpowered Stand, with its main ability being producing a mold that has can spread through far and wide amounts of area. The mold's growth is triggered when the potential victims lower their current altitude, a condition that applies even to individual limbs, forcing them to either stay immobile or go upwards.

The current way to obtain this stand is unknown, as not much information has been given.


Green Day is a humanoid Stand with dark lines over its body and cylinders on its head, which are constantly releasing a fog like smoke.

Befitting its name, Green Day is colored green in all media featuring it.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
Continuous Mold Generation
Green Day has a permanent mold bubble around it, which infects anyone who enters it with the mold effect.

Mold effect: When a player with the mold effect lowers their altitude, they take damage.

Note: Mold Effect can't be stacked, multiple Green Day users can't bother with an already infected player.

Passive B
Bio Weapon
Players that are infected by the mold, upon dying, will remain as a corpse, which will also have a permanent mold bubble around them.

Sub Passive B: Not right in the head

Green Day's kills are counted, molded bodies are counted and have a maximum possible amount. The more a Green Day kills, the more messed up the ambience becomes, and the more unstable the Green Day user looks.

Note: Molded bodies despawn once the Green Day user that infected the prior victim respawns or leaves.

Passive C
When at low HP, Green Day's user will dismember themselves, exposing their spine. The user will detatch their left arm and both of their legs. These 3 limbs will become protective NPCs that will attack anyone who harms the Green Day user.

Note: Green Day users will have slightly reduced HPs during this mode, they will instantly heal up to 50% of their health and regenerate their HPs up. If their HP is full or enough time passes, they will be able to attach back together.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Aggressive Barrage
Green Day winds up a fast and powerful barrage, which ends with a final quick strike.
Presise Chop
Green Day rises its right arm in front of its user, then proceeds to perform a chop.
Secco will come out of the ground right where the user is pointing with their cursor, trapping any target nearby for 2 seconds, while also lowering their altitude slightly.
While in Normal Mode Only
Body Carrying
Hovering your cursor on a dead body from your kills, and if close enough, the Green Day user will pick the body up and start carrying it.
While Carrying a Body Only
Body Throw
Green Day's user will throw the molded body they are carrying.
While in Normal Mode Only
Utter Despair
Green Day's user takes out a camera and starts looking at its gallery, getting a temporal boost from remembering all their past horrific deeds.
  • Green Day's Mold Effect becomes more powerful for 15 seconds.
  • Green Day's Mold Bubble increases in size for 15 seconds.

Within this time lapse, the user's walkspeed will be reduced by 2, as the user is focused in looking through the gallery on their camera.

While in Dismembered Mode Only
If Green Day's user is at full HP, they will attach their limbs back up, despawning the AI limbs, and increasing their HP back to its original number.
While in Dismembered Mode Only
The user will hop upwards, being able to pass low obstacles tha may block your movement in Dismembered Mode.


  • The game Developers already confirmed a script rewrite for Green Day due to it not being very compatible with the new system they're making for the stands.
  • Green Day will incorporate a helicopter on the map.