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"Watch me slowly come up to you, then pluck your life out like a flower in a field." -Kars (Kāzu, カーズ)


The Golden Vampire Mask non-canon item and it is an extremely rare version of the Vampire Mask. Its only purpose is to evolve Kars into its shiny, Golden Kars.

The Golden Vampire Mask spawns every 45 minutes with a 1/3 chance, and despawns after 2 minutes. Unlike other items and once found, requires $125,000 to obtain. This, combined with the 2 minute despawn time, making it one of the rarest items in the game.

Golden Vampire Mask doesn't share the same spawn locations as the rest of the in-game items. Their spawn locations are much more specific and usually more hidden from the player.


Golden Vampire Mask share the same model from its counterpart, Vampire Mask. The main difference is that its gold instead of stone, its more lucid and has a gold aura surrounding it.

They bear basic facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) with the addition of a swirl pattern on the top right of it and a pair of small fangs/sharp teeth beneath the upper lip of the mask's mouth. The mask has spikes protruding from the sides. These spikes are used to be stabbed into the user.


  • Spawns every 45 minutes.
  • Has a 1/3 chance to spawn.
  • It plays a sound when it spawns.
  • You must pay 125k to obtain it.
  • Can only be used on Kars to get Golden Kars.
  • It cannot be bought from the shop, nor can you obtain it by digging.
  • Despawns every 2 minutes.


Note: Spawn times are not exact, they probably might be off by one or few minutes. HOWEVER, spawntimes are NOT affected by time-stop. During 2x events, the spawntime will be halved. And it will also not spawn every time since there is a 1/3 chance of it spawning.

Press the "expand" button to see the Golden Mask's spawn rates.

It's spawn locations are on the dock, Samurai building, Tim's shop box, Gang lounge, small blue house with white roof table (near dummytaph), DIO spawn trees (around DIO's Coffin).


Server Time

1 00:45:00
2 01:30:00
3 2:15:00
4 3:00:00
5 3:45:00
6 4:30:00
7 5:15:00
8 6:00:00
9 6:45:00
10 7:30:00
11 8:15:00
12 9:00:00
13 9:45:00
14 10:30:00
15 11:15:00
16 12:00:00
17 12:45:00
18 13:30:00
19 14:15:00
20 15:00:00


  • Golden Vampiric Mask has the longest spawnrate out of any item (45 Minutes).
  • Golden Vampiric Mask shares the same spawnrate as Funny Valentine (45 Minutes).
  • It is the second rarest item that can spawn (45 Minutes x3 = 135 Minutes (2 Hours and 15 Minutes)).