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The Gang Systemis a feature added on 7/17/2020. This feature allows users to join groups pre-made by staff members to have wars and PVP battles. To join a gang, search up the gang name on ROBLOX and after that simply join the group.

Gangs currently cannot be created by regular members of the ABD community. For now, Gangs are only created/administered by Staff Members From ABD.

When you join a gang group, you will get a badge on top of your player model once you join a game. This badge will show, in order, which group you are in, your rank in the group and a logo.


The Unclaimed Gang Base's location.

In-game, a base is a location that can be claimed. When a base is unclaimed, there will be a red force-field around it With a text above the base saying "Unclaimed Base". Bases cannot be claimed in VIP servers.

To Claim a Base, it requires 4 to 5 members of the same gang to claim one. The base will be claimed by another gang once there are 4 different members inside the base.

While a Base is claimed, it will generate a total of £5.000, each 5 minutes a member of the gang that claimed the base will get £250, this reward is only given to members that are present in the server the base is claimed.


Name Leader Members Description
StarDust Speartaro 1,000+ Stardust is a gang based around multiple games such as A Bizarre Day and Your Bizarre Adventure. As of right now, we will prioritize building our gang and recruiting multiple people, holding multiple Recruitment events which will allow you to gain roles such as Squad Leader. There is an expansive squad system with over 5 squad districts that will be managed by Capos. For more information regarding roles, and how to gain them, take a look at the #gang-hierarchy which will explain everything you need to know about certain roles.
The ABD Tax Collectors Benified4Life 5,000+ Do you like making extra profit from your clans?

Do you want to be in the clan with the most powerful fighters of ABD?

Well then, the ABD Tax collectors is for you. In this warm-hearted community, we accept all new faces all the time and help get them into our culture. We tend to support our allies through our services, as of which you will prosper from due to your hard work in them. We often host training services and if you're a good fighter, you'll become a recruit and maybe even one day: A Hefty collector.

Do you have what it takes to become one of us? Of course you do! Join us today and start making profit right away.

The Triad Veanx_Me 1,500+ Triad societies originated in 17th century China when the Hung Mun came together in an attempt to overthrow the Qing dynasty in an unsuccessful bid to restore the Min G dynasty.
The Bizarre Thugs TORNADO98765 3,000+ We praise God. No begging.
the american race. Juneuarie 1,500+ stan.
Team Rocket cnou, Marknareff 6,000+ Team Rocket, where we steal kids' Pokemon and take over radio towers! Here at Team Rocket, our priorities include becoming the strongest gang there ever was, and to help train and improve the skills of our members.
Persona Gang Ultimis_Primis 2,000+ A gang based off Shin Megami Tensei Persona series, led by me and David.

We have 5 divisions, ST. Hermes Squad(P1), Sevens(P2), S. E. E. S.(P3), Investigation Team(P4) and Phantom Thieves(P5).

Brick of Fire donsaka_mu 1,000+ This is a gang for abd, owned by an ABD Developer, This is an official ABD Gang Group and Non-Official ABD Groups will not be tolerated. Consider Joining the discord for more information.
Sublime! thundeyw 1,000+ A semi-organized ABD gang that revolves around PvP-ing each other, host raids, do gamedays, host giveaways and much more.
PlankStars PlankButPlank 8,000+ Plank's gang
Vinski's Clan Scribblestack 50+ Vinski's Clan is a organization lead by a crow named as "Vinski" (scribblestack) who's looking for only skilled players with underrated stands/specs (mostly Anubis, Vampire and The World).

Here's nothing much about them, but they're very skilled with edge of their blades.

Golden Brotherhood RedKawakatsu 250+ We are the Golden Brotherhood! We are the elite of the elite. The Golden Brotherhood only accepts those who have proven themselves to be an asset to us. The Golden Brotherhood is a nice peaceful clan, we do not attack unless we are provoked and we stay away from trouble and toxicity. However, if we are provoked we will not hold back, feel free to join we welcome every one of our brethren with open arms!

We only take people who are skilled and very respectful towards us. The Golden Brotherhood handpicks its members so don't take it personal if you don't get in.

The Way of the Sword POT_DOG


The story goes that the founders of the temple mastered many of the stands and specs in the world of A Bizarre Day, yet still felt lost and unfulfilled. Instead of searching for already existing techniques, they retreated into the mountains and isolated themselves, and after doing so they melted down metals they stole from their conquests and then forged their own blades. After their weapons were done, they spent years practicing, with the inhabitants of the closest town hearing the faint sounds of constant lightning strikes and loud, fast booms coming from the mountains. After a couple of years, the sounds lessened, and a brave man journeyed to where the mysterious sounds laid. He came back a couple of years later, with a sword on his hip, and easily beat a gang of stand users terrorizing the town. Since then, people have come far and wide in hopes of learning their style, The Way of the Sword. In this gang, we stray away from the conventional path of the stand and instead choose to follow The Way of the Sword. We are peaceful and not easily provoked, but will fight with pride if it becomes necessary. This is a gang for people who are willing to work their way up the ranks without shortcuts, and earn the respect of their fellow peers along the way.
The Holy Grail CoLancelot 700+ Yorokobe shounen and shojo, we the faithful followers of The Holy Grail whomst yearn for the conquest for the path to the root openly invite YOU to rejoice with us in our diverse family, becoming the bone of our swords to share some heaven's feels with those who enjoy the Fate/Stay Night Franchise.
Oni Legion BotKiri 500+ These fists know no equal.
The Honeycomb z5of 400+ N/A
[ABD] Avalanche Dark 500+ Long ago, our tribe lived in peace in the snowy mountains of Ktajki. We did not bother ourselves with the outside world as all we needed could be found inside of our village. Our village was destroyed by the pillarmen , so we moved to the insides of mount Ktajki.

Inside of this cave lived creatures we had never seen before, our tribe found an ancient arrow, one that granted those who used it great power, this power would later be known as a representation of the spirit, a stand.

Each one of our tribe members tried getting one, some failed but many succeeded. Our tribe would later on grow to defeat these certain creatures that lived in our cave, we created teams that allowed us to take them down efficiently. After a long time, our tribe is still in hold of this arrow. but recently a new arrow was found, one which looks similair to our ancient arrow. This arrow seems to dangerous to be used for now. But could one of us be worthy of the arrow?

Froggy Paradise Alienette 300+ chill gang, we like frogs.
seal.io Seal 350+ SEAL GANG!!! JOIN IF YOU'RE COOL!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! (also, it is scientifically proven that the seals are the single most dangerous apex predators out there.)
The Results Community Shutz 500+ Project group turned into a gang group as well, why not?
The Fallen Kings Cool_Gamer 50+ Members Welcome to The Fallen Kings, we are a gang dedicated to the lore of The Lord of the Rings, we will only accept the best and the most loyal to the Dark Lord, if you are ready to reject your humanity for power, we are the right choice, join us and help us conquer Mordor and Middle-Earth.

Former Gangs:

Name Leader Status Current Description/Reason for Disbandment
Simp Society Xenolys Reformed "S. Society is no longer an ABD gang. The ingame tags has been removed and this has simply became a hangout group. You can still get rank(s) that give you recognition as a former SS member by joining Sublime."
Official Passione [ABD] GiusAlex3, Fizzler Disbanded "This isn't ABD related anymore."
Arrow Head Gang actualdark Reformed "Join my new gang, its my primary group ([ABD] Avalanche)."


  • If you wanted to join one of the gangs, you can join in using this.
  • There aren't all of the Gangs on here, there are also others too that we are missing.
Name Group Server
StarDust https://www.roblox.com/groups/7075690/ABD-Stardust https://discord.gg/2zaNjST
The Way Of The Sword https://www.roblox.com/groups/7103083/ABD-The-Way-of-the-Sword#!/about https://discord.gg/cKHxGX
The ABD Tax Collectors https://www.roblox.com/groups/7075760/The-ABD-Tax-Collectors#!/about https://discord.gg/ufJSBxE
The Triad https://www.roblox.com/groups/7076152/ABD-The-Triad https://discord.gg/tkFuVPa
The Bizarre Thugs https://www.roblox.com/groups/7085467/The-Bizarre-Thugs https://discord.gg/AngR7gB
the american race. https://www.roblox.com/groups/7074303 https://discord.gg/Vf6GA5U
Team Rocket https://www.roblox.com/groups/7074868/ABD-Team-Rocket https://discord.gg/abdrocket
Persona Gang https://www.roblox.com/groups/7076195/ABD-Persona-Gang https://discord.gg/bTwB6uv
Brick of Fire https://www.roblox.com/groups/7039944/ABD-Brick-of-Fire https://discord.gg/JbpD2Hj
Sublime! https://www.roblox.com/groups/7088779/Sublime https://discord.com/invite/KQsvKRM


https://www.roblox.com/groups/7140373/PlankStars https://discord.gg/fJbpAtG
Vinski's Clan https://www.roblox.com/groups/6713557/Vinskis-Clan https://discord.gg/Bt5xcUR
Golden Brotherhood https://www.roblox.com/groups/7101814/Golden-Brotherhood-ABD https://discord.gg/EvBTbkE
The Way of the Sword https://www.roblox.com/groups/7103083/ABD-The-Way-of-the-Sword https://discord.gg/kDmZuHw
The Holy Grail https://www.roblox.com/groups/7107639/The-Holy-Grail https://discord.gg/mGPDgAH
Oni Legion https://www.roblox.com/groups/7096778/Oni-Legion https://discord.gg/scCgXwt
The Honeycomb https://www.roblox.com/groups/7100723/ABD-The-Honeycomb#!/about https://discord.gg/4HjSbhu
[ABD] Avalanche https://www.roblox.com/groups/7343770/ABD-Avalanche https://discord.gg/Nx9HYK7
Froggy Paradise https://roblox.com/groups/7402901/Froggy-Paradise#!/about https://discord.gg/TKHe2nK
seal.io https://www.roblox.com/groups/6172192/seal-io#!/about https://discord.gg/dkNadnW
The Results Community https://www.roblox.com/groups/6269374/The-Results-Community#!/about https://discord.gg/pVJUbGf
The Fallen Kings https://www.roblox.com/groups/7800891/ABD-The-Fallen-Kings#!/about https://discord.gg/G6PhGje