A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki


The Gang Lounge, previously called the Lounge Room, is a small room accessed through a door in the Waterfall Room.

The Gang Lounge was created for the purpose of being a place to relax. Just like Joestar Mansion, this place has no impact on the game.


Gang Lounge is a wide room with sets of comfortable chairs and tables followed by a red carpet in the middle. On one of the walls, there is a gallery of nostalgic pictures from A Bizarre Day, next to it there is a table with Gang owners, such as Speartaro and POT_DOG.

The Gang Lounge also contains some Japanese decoratives. Such as Katanas from the A Bizarre Dojo and paintings.


  • By sitting in a chair and teleporting, it is possible to move the seat to wherever you teleport. Because sitting keeps you in place until you jump or get ragdolled, this can be easily exploited. As well as this, the seats' locations are stored locally, meaning that while you can hit other players in the glitched seat, they can't hit you. This can be exploited further to farm for bosses or item spawns, or to travel to D4C's Dimension without D4C.
  • It was added in an incomplete state on December 29th, 2020, and finished a few hours later. Before it was finished, the door was covered up by a wall and the room could only be accessed via Stands that can teleport.