A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

Main GUI of A Bizarre Day.


Buttons for the GUI, located on the bottom-left of the user's screen.

The Game GUI (Graphical User Interface) acts as a type of display or HUD for the game.

In A Bizarre Day, the GUI contains different buttons that have different functions, all of which play a role for how the game works.

From changing your settings to what is the server's current game version is, everything listed below will tell you an in-depth explanation on what each one does.


Text on the bottom-right of the screen that shows whether or not the user has obtained Requiem and Samurai.

Requiem Obtained: [True/False]

This will tell you if you have obtained the requiem arrow. If you have obtained one, then it will be always true no matter what stand you have. If this is set as true with GE then you can transform to GER. If this is set as true with KQ it will automatically be KQBTD.

Samurai Obtained: [True/False]

This will tell you whether or not you have completed the samurai quest. If you have completed this, then it will set to true. When true, it you can get the samurai spec once again without redoing the quest if you ever replace it with something else.

Server Age: XX:XX:XX

Text on the top of the screen that shows the gamne version and server time.

This will show you how long the server has been up for. This is used to tell you when specific things will spawn like a Stand Arrow or when DIO will spawn. When it reaches a specific amount of time, the server will shutdown.

v.X.X.XX (Version)

This will show you what version this server has. It will tell you if your in an outdated server or inside a new one.


This button will open up a small menu box telling you of a recent update, be it small or big it will inform you of the current changes. This usually won't be that much detailed in terms of what has changed, added or removed.


Clicking in these button will show up a store with the game's Gamepasses that you can purchase with robux.


The settings GUI for the game.

This button will open up another menu to change the settings of the game. The only things this will change is

how the game will look like from its blur or particles to make it less irritating to your eyes. If the font is color red, that means the feature is disabled and vice versa with green.


This will show you the game's ambience. The default setting is 255 - 255 - 255. If you want to customize it to become darker, brighter or maybe more green then you can change it little bit. Click ambience when your done with customizing it.


Pressing this will toggle the blur on your screen.


Pressing this will toggle the shine and bright lights on your screen.

Trade Requests:

Pressing this will toggle trade requests, people won't be able to make a trade with you if this setting is turned on.

Buffed Effects [ALPHA]:

Pressing this will prompt another smaller box, stating that it's in ALPHA and may be prone to causing lag on lower-end computers. Proceeding in this will buff will currently and only buff Tusk ACT 4's effects.

Depth of Field:

Enables or disables the blur that focuses on the user when he or she zooms in or zooms out.

Low-End Graphics

This setting is for players with PCs that just don't offer a good performance. If enabled, the lighting will change resulting in a increase on performance. As mentioned previously, it is recommended to enable this when your FPS is low. Alternatively, the lighting changes can be used to have a better vision during night.

Pose Music:

Pressing this button will toggle on/off Pose Music (music that plays for certain abilities when posing), a recently mechanic that was added back into the game. The white box beside it adjusts the volume of Pose Music.

Chat Color (Gamepass Exclusive):

This setting will adjust the color of your chat bubble in game. The color of the user's bubble can be changed by inputting the Red Green and Blue (RGB) value (default is 255-255-255/white chat bubble) into the 3 boxes accordingly. After inputting the 3 digits, pressing the Grey Chat Color button will change the color of the bubble.

The black box next to the 3 number inputs will change the color of your text to either white or black, depending on what color the box is.


Opens a menu that shows the the egg cosmetics that the user received during the Easter Event.


Enables or Disables Quotes for all Stands/Specs.

Display Gang

Having this option enabled, makes the gang that you are currently in appear above your head. However, if this option is turned off, your gang will be hidden. This option does not act on the gangs of other players.


The Menu for the Bank.

This button will open up another menu which will show your own storage. As what the menu says, click to store and click to claim. However, you are currently only able to store 3 items at a time.

Items you can store in the bank vary, from Arrows to Vampire Masks etc. Overall, you can store any item that is currently included in the game.

The new GUI for the Stand Storage located in the Bank.

Stand Storage:

In update 2.0.7a, the ABD development team included the new mechanic of the Stand Storage, in which it allows the user to store multiple stands on different accounts. After storing a stand, there will be a cooldown of 2 minutes before you can switch stands again.

One account is allowed to store a maximum of 2 stands, with the 1st storage slot costing the player 15000 lires to unlock, followed by the 2nd one, which costs 25000 lires.

Note: You cannot be Standless when you want to retrieve a stand from the Stand Storage.