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"My heart and actions are utterly unclouded... They are all those of 'Justice'." - Funny Valentine (Fani Varentain, ファー・ヴァレンタイン)


Funny Valentine is the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run. As of May 25th, 2020, he is also now a boss in the game.

He uses the Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap or referred to as D4C which has the ability to travel through different dimensions. Similar to the Stand in-game, Funny Valentine will use most of the movesets and abilities of the Stand.

He spawns on the American Flag on the hill, next to the Gang Base.


Valentine consistently appears with long, blonde hair, curling at its ends into several thick, well-defined rings.

He also normally dons a smooth, uniform outfit, including an overcoat closed to the end of his torso, under which he wears frilled garments and a pair of gloves with a net design on the upper half.


Name Description Effects
Dojyaan Barrage Funny Valentine uses his stand to unleash a barrage of punches which inflicts 5 damage per punch. Damages the inflicted with 5 damage
Roundhouse Kick Does a heavy kick of probably 40 damage per hit (This move ragdolls). Damages the inflicted with 40 damage
Summon Clones Summon clones of himself, similar to a move in D4C's moveset. Summon clones, can be 1 - 3 clones.
Merely Self Defense Funny Valentine uses a revolver, shooting it and doing damage to the player that was shot. Also bypasses block (This move is currently broken). If the bullet hits, it will deal good damage
Love Train Orange rays will surround Valentine when his health turns red

(under 300 Health). Can only be countered by Tusk ACT4, Killer Queen's Bombs and Soft & Wet's Bubbles.

Protects Valentine for 10 seconds once very low


Note: Spawn times are not exact, they probably might be off by one or few minutes. HOWEVER, spawntimes are NOT affected by time-stop. During 2x events, the spawntime will be halved.

Press the "expand" button to see Funny Valentine's spawn rates.


Server Time

1 00:45:00
2 01:30:00
3 2:15:00
4 3:00:00
5 3:45:00
6 4:30:00
7 5:15:00
8 6:00:00
9 6:45:00
10 7:30:00
11 8:15:00
12 9:00:00
13 9:45:00
14 10:30:00
15 11:15:00
16 12:00:00
17 12:45:00
18 13:30:00
19 14:15:00
20 15:00:00


  • Spawns every 45 minutes with 2 minutes of the delay every time. Also, the delay can be 4,5,6 or 7 minutes.
  • Spawns on the American flag next to the "The Ancient Trio" sign.
  • Despawns after 2 minutes, and that time increases (supposedly) by 5s per player in the server. However.
  • Cannot move in Time Stop.
  • Drops Holy Corpse with a 15% chance. You can use it on Spin, Tusk ACTs 1-3, to get Tusk ACTs 1-4 or use it on D4C to get D4C: Love Train.
  • Drops anywhere from 1 to 16 Banknotes with an 85% chance.

Tips and Tricks

  • To solo FV using Hierophant Green, you can trap him in one of the nets or stand on top of one of the lamps then spam E and F (Make sure you use V to make Funny Valentine chase you instead of the stand)
  • If you are using a short-ranged stand with low durability, don't try to attack him while he's barraging since he can kill you pretty much instantly.
  • To solo FV using Spin you need to trap FV behind a net or stand on top of a lamp like HG then spam Q, E, and use F to increase damage.
  • To solo FV using MIH, you need to use Time Acceleration and run around while spamming moves (preferably knives). When it ends, continue spamming moves, as F does a great deal of damage.
  • Spamming bear traps with TWAU can immobilize Valentine's movements, creating an opening for allies to damage.
  • You can solo FV using Joseph Hamon, you can spam Clacker Boomerang/Volley, Tommy Gun, and the heavy punch when he is down. You can also bypass LT by using the Hermit Purple Block.
  • To solo FV using Crazy Diamond is to get him behind the fence. Barrage after he finishes his barrage. Your passive comes in handy. Crazy Diamond can also heal teammates, allowing them to have a better chance of killing FV.
  • Unlike DIO, FV's stand goes out further in front of him when he barrages, allowing you to get up close to him without taking damage. This is very helpful when using specs, as they barrage with their fists rather than a stand.
  • If you've got a close range stand with very few ranged moves such as TWOH, trap him behind the fence, get into his range and get him to start barraging, after he ends barraging you can use your close-ranged moves due to him having a cooldown.
  • While fighting FV, make sure to barrage while circling around him. This makes it so you get hit a lot less often. (Beware of Funny Valentine's kick, you can dodge a barrage but not a kick from Funny Valentine)
  • It is possible to trick FV into attacking a D4C Bomb, which is created by pressing H on him, although it does not become a clone of Valentine, merely a meat shield. The D4C Bomb will have no clothes and no face, it has no attacks and doesn't move. It is best to lure Valentine into a D4C Bomb so you can get the drop on him.
  • To solo FV with Tusk Acts 1-3, Stand on a lamp post and spam moves, specifically the Dark Determination + 10 R shots, and Everything with TA2 and TA3. If you fall down, jump back up and drink tea.
  • It is recommended to stand on the lamp post where people with HG, The Emperor, and Spin can snipe Valentine.
  • Having someone camp on a lamppost can distract Funny Valentine and leave an opening for moves like HG's F or GER's H.
  • Whitesnake's Disc move works on him.
  • D4C: Love Train can beat Funny Valentine by exploiting the combo, H + R + E + Y.
  • Once Funny Valentine is low on health, he will activate Love Train. Don't attack him unless you have Tusk ACT4, however, by using Killer Queen's ability to turn Funny Valentine into a bomb you can bypass the Love Train and damage Funny Valentine. Sidenote: When you turn Funny Valentine into a bomb, the starting punch will still be reflected.
  • To be able to solo Funny Valentine with Kars, you should barrage Funny Valentine when he's doing a barrage. When he does his "Roundhouse Kick" roll out of it and use H, R, J, and T.
  • Using Gold Experience and D4C:LT you can glitch Funny Valentine by going requiem or using love train while he is barraging you, and he won't be able to damage you. You can also do this glitch with DIO.
  • When fighting, stay behind the fences, this way, he can't reach you.
  • Tusk ACT4's Infinite Rotation Bullet is very effective with Funny Valentine since it takes away 70% of his health.
  • If you try and use a beatdown on him when he's moving, there is a chance of flinging him.
  • In order to solo Funny Valentine with Samurai you can spam F, R, E, and G while pinching some damage with LMB. You have to be really close to FV before using LMB.
  • Using Soft & Wet's F will immobilize Funny Valentine (even with Love Train Activated), giving a small time frame for your allies to attack.


  • FV's spawn time was changed to 45 minutes for a day (May 26th, 2020), then it was changed back to 75 min. On May 27th, 2020 they changed it back to 45 minutes.
  • He's supposed to be the only boss capable of ragdolling a player (with Roundhouse kick) however after the DIO rework, DIO got this feature.
  • Unlike other Offensive NPCs, Funny Valentine doesn't come as close to you as possible, he keeps a little distance so his attacks can hit.
  • Funny Valentine cannot bypass Love Train, unlike other NPCs.
  • Funny Valentine used to spawn at the 1v1 Arena ever since he was added, but as in v2.0.7b, he spawns near the tunnel, at the flag.
  • Funny Valentine's name is derived from the song My Funny Valentine, by Frank Sinatra.
  • Wamuu's G move (Wedding Ring of Death) used to one-shot FV. Now it will only take away 15% of his health. (412.5 HP)
  • When the player is near Funny Valentine as he spawns, a message box attributed to him will appear at the bottom of your screen and will say "Dojyaan!"
  • Shadow The World was able to solo Funny Valentine by trapping him in the nets on the 1v1 arena and spamming knives and lasers, this doesn't work anymore because of the knives and lasers having their cooldowns buffed.