"My heart and actions are utterly unclouded... They are all those of 'Justice'." - Funny Valentine (Fani Varentainファeー・ヴァレンタイン)


Funny Valentine is the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run (Part 7). As of May 25th, 2020, he is now a boss in the game.  

He has the stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap or D4C which has the ability to travel to different dimensions.  He spawns in the middle of the 1v1 arena (Soccer Field)

Valentine consistently appears with long, blonde hair, curling at its ends into a number of thick, well-defined rings most of us know, it mostly looks like Giorno's "rings" also.

He also normally dons a smooth, uniform outfit, including an overcoat closed to the end of his torso. under which he wears frilled garments and a pair of gloves with a net pattern on the upper half.


Name Description Effects
Dojyaan Barrage Does a barrage of around 5 damage per hit. Damages the inflicted with 5 damage
Roundhouse Kick Does a heavy kick of probably 40 damage per hit (This move ragdolls). Damages the inflicted with 40


Summon Clones Summon clones of himself, similar to a move in D4C's moveset. Summon clones, can be to 1 - 3 clones.
Merely Self Defense Funny Valentine uses a revolver, shooting it and doing damage to the player that was shot. If the bullet hits, it will deal good damage
Love Train Orange rays will surround Valentine when his health turns red. Protects Valentine for 10 seconds once very low

Spawn Rates:

Note: Spawn times are not exact, they might be off by a minute, two or three.

Press the "expand" button to see Funny Valentine's spawn rates.



1 44.8
2 92
3 139
4 186
5 233
6 280
7 327
8 374
9 421
10 468
11 515
12 562
13 609
14 656
15 703
16 750
17 797
18 851
19 891
20 938
21 985
22 1032
23 1079
24 1126
25 1173
26 1220
27 1267
28 1314
29 1361
30 1408
31 1455
32 1502
33 1549
34 1596
35 1643
36 1690
37 1737
38 1784
39 1831
40 1878
41 1925
42 1972
43 2019
44 2066
45 2113
46 2160
47 2207
48 2254
49 2301
50 2348
51 2395


  • Spawns every 45 minutes with 2 minutes of the delay every time. Also, the delay can be 4,5,6 or 7 minutes.
  • Spawns in the middle of the soccer field (1v1 arena).
  • Despawns every 1 minutes, and that time increases (supposedly) by 5s by every player in the server.
  • Cannot move in Time Stop, unlike DIO.
  • Drops Holy Corpse with a 15% chance.
  • Drops anywhere from 3 to 10 Banknotes with an 85% chance.

(Note: If you use a beatdown on him when he's moving, there will be a 95% chance of flinging him.)

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can solo FV with Gold Experience, Gold Experience Requiem, The World: Over HeavenHierophant Green, Sticky Fingers, Spin, D4C, Tusk ACT 4, Star Platinum, Star Platinum: Over Heaven, Kars, Emperor, Santana ,Purple Haze ,Vampiric The World, and The World (Alternate Universe).
  • To solo FV using Hierophant Green, you can trap him in one of the nets or stand on top of one of the lamps then spam E and F (Make sure you use v move to let Funny Valentine chase you instead of the stand)
  • If your are using a short ranged stand with low durability DONT try to attack d4c while hes barraging since he can kill you pretty much instantly (This includes Tusk ACT 4 )
  • Soloing FV using Spin you need to basically just trap FV behind a net or stand on top of a lamp like HG then basically spam Q, E, and use F to increase damage.
  • To solo FV using STW you just need to trap FV in one of the net and spam Q and T.
  • To solo FV using D4C you need to press use LT while in D4C's dimension, and then FV will ignore you. After that, spam E, R, T, and Y.
  • Spamming bear traps with TWAU can immobilize Valentine's movements, creating an opening for opponents to damage.
  • When using Gold Experience's beatdown and quickly resetting you can freeze Funny Valentine In the air making it easier to kill him. Other beatdowns do not work.
  • Bait him into the net and he becomes stuck. This allows you to spam him with ranged moves.
  • Unlike DIO, Funny Valentine's stand goes out further in front of him when he barrages, allowing you to get up close to him without taking damage. This is very helpful when using Kars, as he barrages with his fists rather than a stand. However, be aware of his heavy punch that usually follows up after his barrage that can ragdoll you and leave you vulnerable.
  • When Funny Valentine uses his barrage, make sure to hit his D4C with your Stand.
  • If you want to collect drops make sure you are full health because Over Heavens might start blasting you with their Overwrite (accidentally).
  • A private server is highly recommended (or an empty server) if you're having issues with the above tip.
  • While fighting Funny Valentine, make sure to barrage while circling around him. This makes it so you get hit less often to even dodging a whole barrage if you're skilled enough you won't even be hit by Funny Valentine at all. (Beware of Funny Valentine's kick, you can dodge a barrage but not a kick from Funny Valentine).
  • It is possible to trick Valentine into attacking a D4C Bomb, which is created by pressing H on him, although it does not become a clone of Valentine, merely a meatshield. The D4C Bomb will have no clothes and no face, it has no attacks and doesn't move. It is best to lure Valentine into a D4C Bomb so you can get the drop on him.
  • It is recommended to stand on the lamp posts where people with HG, Emperor, and Spin can snipe Valentine.
  • Remember to use the golden spin which deals extra damage to Funny Valentine.
  • There's a glitch, that happens when you use HG's F move on Funny Valentine while he's moving. It will sometimes glitch and deal TONS of damage.
  • Get an ALT or a friend camp in a lampost. This can distract Funny Valentine on to attacking him and you can have time to heal yourself (If you have a Stand that can heal you) or Return to Zero and barrage him. (ONLY if you have enough HP and GER).
  • Whitesnake's Disc move works on him, however, he will still use his gun (which is broken and shoots nothing).
  • Surprisingly, PH can also solo FV, you have to use  F + H + R + E + T while he is in a soccer net.
  • Once Funny Valentine is low on health, he will activate Love Train. Don't attack him unless your a tusk user.


  • FV's spawn time was changed to 45 minutes for a day (May 26th, 2020), then it was changed back to 75 min. On May 27th, 2020 they changed it back to 45 minutes.
  • Funny Valentine is the main antagonist of Steel Ball Run.
  • He's the only boss that has a move capable of ragdoll (Roundhouse Kick).
  • Unlike other Offensive NPCs, Funny Valentine doesn't come closer to you as possible, he keeps a little distance so his attacks can hit.
  • When FV spawns, after you kill him, get ready for DIO. Because he spawns 15 minutes before DIO (Not always) Also sometimes he can spawn at the same moment DIO does, so be careful.
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